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Patsy Kensit accepts marriage proposal in Spain

British actress Patsy Kensit was left in floods of tears when her boyfriend popped the question during a holiday in Spain last month.

According to reports, the Holby City actress was left speechless when her DJ fiance Jeremy Healy jumped into their hotel swimming pool and proposed.

The 40-year-old mother of two told the Daily Mail that although she was in tears, she couldn't help being concerned about the state of her hair.

Commenting on the engagement, Healy told OK! Magazine: "It was all very spur of the moment.

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British couples 'want to marry abroad'

An increasing number of British couples are choosing to get married overseas, it has been claimed.

Thea Darricotte, executive retail editor at Conde Nast Brides Magazine, suggested that couples were shunning traditional weddings and travelling to European destinations such as Spain in an effort to beat the credit crunch.

She rejected claims by the government that weddings were in decline and said that statistics often did not reflect the number of people who get married abroad.

"There has been so much flooding, and it's a wet September, the wettest on record for a long time.

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Britons 'still prepared to take holidays'

British consumers are as keen as ever to spend money on holidays, despite the gloomy economic climate.

In a new survey by Holiday Extras, 35 per cent of Britons said they spend between £500 and £1,000 on their annual holiday.

Furthermore, 20 per cent of respondents claim they spend around £1,500 on their annual break in the sun.

Mike Whiting, managing editor of Holiday Extras, claimed that people were unwilling to sacrifice their holidays and saw them as an investment.

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Flights to Spain 'still popular'

New traffic figures released by Ryanair suggest that more Britons than ever are enjoying European holidays to destinations such as Spain.

Speaking earlier this week, the airline stated that its August 2008 figures were up 19 per cent on the previous year, despite the recent talk of people cutting back.

Ryanair said it would continue to offer its passengers value for money and added that it did not intend to introduce fuel surcharges.

The airline's head of communication, Stephen McNamara, commented: "Ryanair's latest passenger figures show that we continue to grow passenger numbers every month this year.

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'Soaring demand' for holidays to Spain

Fed up with the constant rain and bad weather, British holidaymakers are heading for warmer climes.

According to the Majorca Daily Bulletin, bookings for Mediterranean holidays have increased significantly since the start of the year, with some tour operators seeing growth of 150 per cent.

Jonathan White, managing director of VFB Holidays told the publication that despite the credit crunch, Britons were as keen as ever to escape the miserable weather and holiday in Spain.

"We've spoken to lots of people who have sat through the wet weather here.

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Weddings in Spain offer 'value for money'

Getting married abroad is much more economical than tying the knot in the UK, it has been suggested.

Shona Swain, long-haul manager for Thomson and First Choice, said that while getting married abroad may have seemed extravagant in the past, it is very often a cheaper option.

"Couples who marry overseas tend to have fewer guests so receptions tend to be smaller. Another advantage of getting married abroad is that couples then don't have to fork out again for their honeymoon as they are already away," she explained.

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Spanish dream for golf team

Golf holidays in Spain are a great way to unwind, but some prefer a more competitive edge to their escapades.

One such group is the golf team from Birstall, who are just one game away from sealing their place in the Mail on Sunday National Golf Club Classic in Spain.

The club has not managed to reach the final since 2004, when it finished in third place, and so is itching for the opportunity to return to Spanish fairways.

Having recently defeated Woodhall Hills in a home tie, Birstall's players now have that dream within touching distance.

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Car hire in La Manga - how to drive economically

One of the best ways to see southern Spain is by renting a car in Murcia. One insurance company has offered tips on how best to get the most out of your travel from a financial point of view.

To make fuel go further, motorists ought to drive in a more efficient way. This can include more easeful use of the accelerator and break pedal and changing gears at around half the rev limit.

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Cameras are 'essential' for holidays to Spain

Cameras are a 'must-have' for Britons enjoying a holiday in Spain, a new survey has revealed.

Research carried out by Holiday Extras has found that cameras are the item that holidaymakers "dread forgetting" the most.

Of those polled, almost 40 per cent said it would be a "disaster" if they left their camera at home and could not capture any holiday memories.

Other items deemed as holiday essentials include mobile phones and swimming suits, with 17 per cent of people claiming it would have a negative impact on their holiday if they forgot their favourite bikini.

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Holidaymakers 'want clean and quiet hotels'

A new study has revealed what holidaymakers find the most and least appealing about hotels.

Research carried out by online travel community TripAdvisor revealed that 30 per of people believe that location is the most important factor when it comes to hotels, while 24 per cent of people claimed that good customer service was important to them.

Overall, it seems that the 'ideal' hotel is one similar to La Manga Club, where guests can expect high levels of customer service and cleanliness.

Commenting on the findings, Michele Perry, vice president of global communications at TripAdvisor, said: "Your hotel experience can make or break your vacation and we've found that travelers don't ask for much.

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