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Luxury airport goods 'still popular'

Holidaymakers still enjoy treating themselves to luxury items bought from airport shops, according to one retail expert.

Nick Gladding, lead analyst at Verdict Research, said that despite the credit crunch, Britons taking flights to Spain and other destinations, still enjoyed treating themselves before travelling.

"In general, luxury goods are holding up well. In the luxury sector, people are treating themselves," he commented.

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Puppeteers perform in Alicante

Britons travelling to Alicante next month will have the chance to see some of the world's finest puppeteers in action when Festititeres takes place.

A festival dedicated to the art of puppetry, Festiteres features impressive acts from all over the world, with performers from as far away as Russia.

According to events website, the festival takes place throughout November and December and promises to be an event that the whole family can enjoy.

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Holidays are 'essential'

The economic climate may be less than rosy; however, a majority of consumers still consider holidays in Spain and other foreign destinations as essential, one organisation has claimed.

Dermot Blastland, managing director of TUI Travel UK, suggested that despite the credit crunch, Britons were unwilling to sacrifice their hard-earned holidays, with many consumers vowing to continue travelling abroad

"Over half of our customers agree that even if they had to cut back on spending, their main holiday abroad would be the last thing they would give up," he explained.

A recent survey commissioned by the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) revealed that 83 per cent of people that took a holiday this year intend to travel abroad again in 2009.

Mr Blastland added that for many people holidays are simply viewed as a "necessity", rather than a luxury.

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Spain is 'ideal' for golf holiday

Holidaymakers wanting to take in a few rounds on their trips have been advised that Spain is an ideal location for a golfing holiday.

PGA Tour claims the golfing delights of the Iberian Peninsula are "in a class entirely of its own".

It noted that while this may seem like an exaggeration, it must be remembered the British first introduced the sport to the region in the 1800s.

"It's the British with their great appreciation for quality golf, who still list Spain and Portugal as their favourite golf holiday destinations of all," the tour said.

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A new face at La Manga's academy?

Should one of Europe's premier golfers decide to take a golf holiday to La Manga Club in the coming years, it is likely that he will be bringing a new face with him.

Justin Rose is expecting to be a father, according to the Daily Mail, as his partner Kate Phillips is pregnant with his child.

While Rose would be in his element on La Manga Club's three world class courses, his little one could also hone the skills that made a 17-year-old boy the talk of the golf world 11 years ago.

Juniors are expertly catered for on golf holidays to La Manga Club, with academy classes running for beginners of all ages from 09:00 to 12:00, Monday to Friday.

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British weather 'forces people abroad'

The UK may boast some of the world's finest golf courses, but as long as the rain falls, people might prefer to head abroad.

Such is the outlook of figures released by VisitBritain, which found that last year's summer - thought to be the wettest on record - has made a dent in the number of visitors heading to British towns.

A spokesman told TravelMole: "Last year was a mixed picture for England's towns and cities with many seeing declines after one of the warmest summers on record in 2006."

Courses the match of any in the UK and weather that far outshines that found there awaits those heading to La Manga Club.

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Credit crunch 'will not halt 2009 holidays'

Sports lovers planning tennis holidays in Spain next year are unlikely to change the plans in light of economic problems.

That is the suggestion of Malcolm Preston, partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, who told the audience at the Association of British Travel Agents convention that people will be reluctant to forgo a holiday, regardless of the financial climate.

According to TravelMole, Mr Preston referred to statistics which showed that only ten per cent of people answered 'travel' when asked what their first cutback would be in an economic downturn.

"There are many things that will go before that, which backs up our feeling that the [holiday] industry is pretty resilient," he said.

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Online booking growth for holidays

The majority of people in the UK book their holidays online, it has been found.

According to figures compiled by the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta), 57 per cent of Britons booked their last trip abroad via the internet.

It was also discovered that many people no longer approach travel agents to book their villa rentals in Spain and other breaks, with only 35 per cent choosing this method, TravelMole reported.

Abta also asked holiday bookers what their main considerations were when choosing their time away.

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Holidays more important than ever, say cash-strapped Brits

An economic slowdown will not be enough to stop British people taking tennis and golf holidays in Spain, a survey has revealed.

A quarter of people in the UK would be willing to tighten the purse strings on a week-to-week basis in order to secure their break abroad, according to

Furthermore, 35 per cent of respondents see their holiday not only as a necessity but also as a motivation to help them get through the current financial difficulties, TravelMole reports.

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In-flight calls 'could be expensive'

Tennis players booking flights to Spain might have read with interest the news that a leading budget airline is equipping its planes with masts to enable its passengers to use their mobile phones.

One industry commentator, however, has warned passengers not to be too excited by the development, claiming that such calls will not be cheap.

Those en route to tennis holidays to La Manga Club might be tempted to dial their friends, but Lawrence Price, director of aviation strategy at Mott MacDonald, said that the calls will be treated as a "potential revenue stream" by airlines.

"Remember many airlines, particularly larger airlines, have had phones in seatbacks for years […] but they do charge premium and there will be a premium on you using your mobile phone on an airplane," he argued.

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