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Holidaymakers 'enjoy Spain in their own way'

Britons heading out for luxury holidays in Spain are increasingly doing so in a manner of their own choosing, it has been reported.

According to Think Spain, thanks to the internet and low cost airlines, DIY trips in which the flights, transfers and accommodation are booked separately are becoming more popular.

Earlier this year, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) reported that traditional package holidays were in decline as Britons looked to enjoy luxury holidays in places like Spain of their own construct.

According to Sean Tipton, a spokesperson for the ABTA, Spain is a popular location for people who look to enjoy holidays before occasionally buying property there and travelling out on luxury holidays regularly.

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More airports using self check-in

Britons enjoying luxury holidays in Spain are doing so while enjoying a quicker and easier check-in prior to departure, it has been revealed.

A new survey from travel technology supplier SITA revealed that half of 100 airlines questioned now use self check-in services over the internet.

The study revealed that 89 per cent hope to offer the service within the coming two years in order to help passengers travelling on luxury family holidays to Spain avoid busy airport terminals.

"Airlines are increasingly using web check-in because they want to make travel easier for their passengers.

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Green issue 'not deterring travellers to Spain'

An increase in environmental awareness is not deterring people from booking luxury holidays in Spain, it has been revealed.

Travel Weekly reports that during a debate on global warming at the Elite Travel Conference in Jerez, Spain, it was reported that holidays to locations such as Spain would be unlikely to be adversely affected by concerns about carbon emissions.

"I have a client who is a pheasant farmer and has had his crops ruined by climate change. He is still willing to fly, though.

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Spanish tourist numbers "up"

There has been an increase in the number of people travelling abroad to enjoy luxury holidays in Spain, it has been revealed.

According to AFX News figures from the Spanish ministry of industry, commerce and tourism show an increase in the number of tourists heading for luxury family holidays in Spain.

The figures show that 6.1 million tourists travelled to Spain, perhaps to enjoy luxury holidays in La Manga, in September.

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Celebrate Saint Sebastian in Spain

Travellers this January may wish to book luxury holidays in Spain to join in celebrations for Saint Sebastian - which take place on January 20th.

Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of Mallorca and those enjoying Spain holidays on this island in January will be able to enjoy the Aiguafoc fireworks celebrations which commemorate his martyrdom.

Another saint to be celebrated during this period is Saint Anthony - one of the founders of Christian monasticism.

Celebrations honouring this saint include parades outside Menorca Cathedral, What's On When reports, when the statue of Saint Anthony is paraded around Ciutadella.

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Male holidaymakers 'spend more at airports ' than women

A new study by Abbey has revealed that men spend more than women at airport lounges on their return from trips abroad such as luxury holidays in Spain.

The research shows that roughly £1 billion is spent by Britons in departure lounges on the way back from family holidays in Spain and other overseas vacations.

Furthermore, according to the study, men spend £68 at airports after leaving their Spanish villas with pools for example, whereas women spend an average £58.

"With little else to do in the departure lounge, shopping helps kill the dead time between checking-in and boarding a flight," commented Steve Shore, head of banking at Abbey.

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25 million fly to Spain

Over the last five years, a total 25 million travellers have jetted off to enjoy luxury holidays in Spain with Ryanair, it has been announced.

According to the airline, it expects to transport an additional 11 million passengers on 174 routes from 18 airports in Spain - including flights to Alicante and flights to Murcia - in 2008.

Ryanair first began carrying travellers to and from luxury holidays in Spain in 2002 with its flight between Frankfurt and Barcelona.

"A big thank you to the 25 million passengers who have made our Spanish flights such a success," commented Ryanair's chief executive officer Michael O'Leary.

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Where to eat in Murcia

Spain is well known for its many tasty contributions to the global cookbook.

Among the traditional epicurean delights available to those enjoying luxury holidays in Spain are paella, chorizo, Manchego cheese, olives, empanadas, turron, paprika, patatas bravas, rioja wine and of course lots of seafood.

Those who have been on family holidays to Murcia will already be aware that the cuisine in this region of Spain is second to none - however, they may not be aware that much of what they have eaten in Murcia has strong associations with the south-eastern region of Spain.

Paprika, capers, cheese, rice and apricots all have a distinct link with Murcia - Market Uno notes that capers have been a crucial part of Murcian cooking since the 16th century.

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Plan ahead for springtime in Murcia

Britons looking ahead past the winter months and into the new year may already be considering booking spring family holidays in Murcia.

For those taking flights to Murcia in April, there will be the added bonus of the Murcia Spring Festival, which takes place each year during this month.

According to events website What's On When, celebrations begin shortly after Easter at which time squares, parks and gardens in Murcia are transformed into markets, where those on Spanish holidays can sample traditional regional dishes served by locals in costume.

"For the next few days the city is a wash of colour and sound as thousands of people take to the streets, dressed in outfits unique to their villages, to partake in the festivities and folk dancing," the site continues.

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Wet summer 'could drive Brits on Spanish holidays'

Many Britons could opt for luxury holidays in Spain this October half-term, in a bid to make up for a miserable UK summer, it has been suggested.

According to Alliance & Leicester, "more families than ever" may choose to take a week in the sun, perhaps travelling to Spanish villas with pools as they make up for a lack of British sunshine.

Meanwhile, many people may have already been planning family holidays in Spain as research by the company reveals that 11 per cent of Brits treat themselves to a minimum of five holidays each year.

"It's becoming increasingly common for Britons to take at least two or three trips a year," commented Ross Dalzell, manager for savings at Alliance & Leicester.

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