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Music and dancing at the Alicante Carnival

The colourful, vibrant carnival in the city of Alicante takes place at the end of January each year and could be a great way to spend a Spanish holiday.

Running from January 21st to February 10th 2008, the event lasts for three weeks, with costume parades, dancing and music filling La Rambla and El Barrio on Sabado Ramblero.

The Sabado Ramblero celebrations will be held next year on February 2nd, while the festival begins with traditional plays and ends with a unique ritual entitled Funeral Wake and Burial of the Sardine.

Masks and makeup from the carnival are buried each year at the end of the festivities to prepare for Lent and the period of fasting and praying that follow the celebrations.

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Learning and leisure at La Manga Club

Among the delights of a Spanish family holiday is the chance for everyone to enjoy leisure activities and soak up the sunshine at the same time. And one of the best things about jetting off to La Manga Club is the chance to get children excited about sport and physical activities, which provide both fun and fitness.

In fact, Cancer Research has found that people's attitudes towards body weight can stem from their habits at a very young age - meaning exercise and healthy living may be more important than ever. The charity suggests engaging in activities and sports as a family can really encourage children to be healthier in later life.

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Spanish holiday? Get insurance, warns Amex

Those preparing to go on a Spanish holiday should make sure that they have adequate travel insurance according to American Express (Amex) Insurance Services.

Amex Insurance Services has indicated that holidaymakers planning trips to locations in Spain like La Manga Club should not depend on the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as a worthy substitute for insurance.

While the EHIC entitles EU residents to free or reduced healthcare costs abroad, the financial services provider highlights that carrying the card will not cover holiday cancellation, curtailment or repatriation.

Amex Insurance Services also indicates that Brits on Spanish holidays are only likely to save up to 20 per cent of medical bills in Spanish hospitals if all they have is their EHIC.

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Brits 'spend big' on hotels abroad

UK holidaymakers are bigger spenders than many of their European counterparts when it comes to staying in hotels, a new survey has discovered.

According to research by, Brits spend an average of £93 per night - following Russians, who are the highest spenders at £99, reports the Times.

The news could be reassuring for those thinking about booking luxury holidays in Spain or maybe jetting off to La Manga Club for a five-star break.

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Cover gadgets while on holiday

Amid the excitement of jetting off on a Spanish holiday, it important not to forget the essentials which could lessen the financial load should anything go missing.

According to recent research by SafeNet, an IT security firm, 8,500 mobile devices such as laptops and phones are mislaid in airports each year, meaning many holidaymakers are losing important information as well as a potentially costly item.

Gary Clark, vice-president of SafeNet for the Middle East and Africa, said people were being careless when it came to losing valuable gadgets.

"As mobile working continues to grow across the UK and the globe, security for laptops and mobile devices is more critical than ever," he added.

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New home for the famous Spike's Bar

The world famous Spike's Bar in La Manga has been fully refurbished and is back better than ever! However, don't go to Hyatt Hotel if you're looking for some top entertainment, as Spike's Bar has moved and is now enjoying its new home in La Plaza (to the right of Mulligans).

The bar has been offering the best live music for almost ten years but faced an uncertain future in December 2006. The old management of Spike's decided to close the establishment, but knowing its popularity with holidaymakers at La Manga Club, a new management team took the opportunity to move the iconic establishment to its new refurbished home.

In its new location at La Plaza the venue now offers two bars and the entertainment has gone from strength to strength.

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Survey: Family holidays in Spain are favourite

Spain continues to be the favourite holiday destination for British families, it has been claimed.

According to, a Spanish holiday is still one of the most popular breaks for families, with more and more people flocking to locations like La Manga Club.

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Plans delivered for new Murcia airport

Those looking to take a holiday in Spain will be pleased to know that Murcia's proposed new international airport in nearby Corvera is one step closer to approval.

Jose Ballesta, Murcia government's public works chief, has confirmed that plans for the new airport have been delivered to the regional government and are set to be passed on to the development ministry by December, reports Typically Spanish

By 2010, Britons could book flights to Murcia and experience the renovations.

Ballesta indicated that construction could start by early 2008, with flights landing at the airport only two years later.

Reports suggest that it will not just be a small minority travelling to Murcia on their Spanish holidays.

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Spanish holidays off the beaten track

Holidaying in Spain presents a wealth of choice, but for those looking for somewhere a bit quieter, Costa Azahar could be the place.

Recently recommended by the Mirror, Costa Azahar is the name of the coast bordering two provinces - Castellon and Valenicia - as well as being situated in an area of Alicante.

Sandy beaches and beautiful scenery are everywhere in the region, which is much calmer and with less bars and shops than some more well-known regions of the Mediterranean country.

It could be ideal for family holidays in Spain, as the tranquil setting provides a place for some serious relaxation and leisure time.

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Shopping in Spain just got sassier

Shopping in Spain is about to get more exciting and less expensive as Primark revealed it is to expand in the country.

Primark, which is widely popular in the UK and sells clothes, home furnishings and shoes, is to open five new stores following its launch of a trial outlet near Madrid, the Telegraph reported.

And while a Spanish holiday is usually full of the traditional leisure activities such as sunbathing and swimming, shopping is also a must-do for many holidaymakers.

On the forthcoming announcement, human resources director at Primark Breege O'Donoghue said the shop's prices went down well at the Madrid opening.

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