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Book flights to Alicante for 'extended' Christmas

In modern Britain Christmas can start as early as October with retail outlets piping in festive music and supermarkets stocking shelves with mince pies, however, the celebrations usually end by New Year's Eve.

Not so for those who book flights to Alicante this. According to What's On When the Three Kings Procession is a highlight of the Alicante Christmas season - event though it takes place on January 5th.

Those enjoying family holidays in Spain can watch as the three kings dressed in regal festive clothing parade down the streets from Plaza de Toros to the town hall, distributing sweets to children along the route.

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'Wait for passport' before booking flights to La Manga

Britons looking forward to jetting off to luxury holiday in Spain have been advised to hold off booking their flights to La Manga until they have received their passport.

The advice comes from the Identity and Passport Service and follows a report by the Post Office that revealed 22 per cent of Brits do not know when their passport is due to expire.

Meanwhile, according to the Post Office this means that one in five consumers risks having their holiday spoiled by not having their passport before they are due to go on holiday.

"The Identity and Passport Service constantly reminds customers that they should never book travel before they have their passport," an Identity and Passport Service spokesperson commented.

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Over 50s 'look forward to Spanish holidays'

A significant proportion of Britain's over-50-year-olds are making provisions to take Spanish holidays upon their retirement, it has been revealed.

Research from Alliance & Leicester reveals that 11 million people in this age group intend to travel more regularly in the next five-to-ten years.

Meanwhile, many could be looking to book flights to La Manga with the news that 21 per cent of those approaching pension age would like to visit countries in Europe.

Furthermore, many are looking forward to engaging in exciting activities during their holidays, with seven per cent wishing to participate in scuba diving on their arrival.

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Archaeological find for Spain

Spain could become a hotbed of activity for dinosaur enthusiasts after the discovery of over 8,000 fossils from the upper Cretaceous period.

According to Expatica, the remains, which are thought to be around 80 million years old, are a significant discovery for the region and could convince large numbers of dinosaur fans to converge on the area while on holiday in Spain.

The website reports that the find was stumbled upon by excavators operating on the new high-speed rail link between Madrid and Valencia and that the area could be one of the largest fossil sites from the period in Europe.

A number of palaeontologists, archaeologist and experts have already arrived at the scene and are said to be working hard to retrieve the findings, which so far include three nearly complete dinosaur skulls, so that work on the rail link may continue.

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Baggage tips for Spanish holidaymakers

The number of people experiencing lost luggage problems when travelling abroad is a problem but should not deter those considering a holiday in Spain, one expert has suggested.

A spokesman for InsureandGo said today that the current situation with lost baggage was unacceptable but added that this would not affect the number of people opting for a family holiday in Spain or elsewhere.

Perry Wilson, managing director of the company said: "I think people will be more cautious. Let's be honest there have been baggage stories [in the press] since January this year.

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Luxury holidays in Spain 'popular'

Luxury holidays in Spain are becoming ever more popular, it has been suggested.

According to a spokesperson for the Association of British Travel Agents, there has been a "boom" in the demand for luxury travel.

Moreover, Frances Tuke added that travel companies which specialise in specific destinations such as flights to La Manga are enjoying good custom.

"There is a real boom at the moment for luxury travel.

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King opens cultural centre

Royal couple King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain opened a new cultural centre in Madrid last week.

The king and his wife inaugurated the new modern wing of the Prado Museum in Madrid which is cube-shaped and designed by Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, according to the AFP.

Now those enjoying luxury holidays in Spain can view works by artists including Velazquez, Goya, El Greco and Rubens in the restored 17th century cloister of the San Jeronimo church.

"The Prado helps to identify ourselves as a great nation," commented King Juan Carlos.

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Eurostar 'could transform travel habits'

The re-opening of St Pancras International station could "transform" travelling to the continent and open up a range of opportunities for those wanting to visit Europe, the Daily Mail has suggested.

The Eurostar train's top speed of 186 mph is just one of the ways families can make getting away a swifter and less frustrating experience, while it may also encourage people to travel to destinations a bit further away.

Places in Europe will be easier to reach than some in the UK, the newspaper continued.

"No more two-hour check-ins and infuriating luggage delays," it said.

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Fly but don't wrap over Christmas

Lucky families heading off for a blissful Spanish holiday this Christmas should remember not to wrap any presents they carry in their hand luggage.

According to a spokesperson from Stansted Airport, this is a "key point" to be aware of when flying off over the festive period.

Wrapping presents in carry-on luggage is not allowed because all items should be accessible in the event of any security inspection.

Moreover, Christmas also sees people taking crackers in their baggage - another forbidden item in hold and cargo bags.

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Ryanair launches new flights to Alicante

Budget airline Ryanair has announced a new range of flights to Alicante, a destination which often proves popular for Spanish family holidays.

The route will connect passengers from Doncaster Sheffield Airport to the Mediterranean city and will operate three times a week, the company announced, according to

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