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Brits 'should make medical preparations before travelling'

There are a number of actions Britons can take to prepare themselves for illness on a Spanish holiday, it has been reported.

According to NHS Direct, preparation prior to travel is crucial and packing a first aid kit is recommended as an alternative to searching for a pharmacy once abroad.

People with medical conditions, it was advised, should ensure they take abroad a written note with details of any ailments with them when they travel.

"It is better to go prepared rather than trying to find a pharmacy open especially if you are going abroad and don’t speak the language of the country you are visiting," Jacqui Jedrzejewski, of NHS Direct National Mental Health Children's Services and Caldicott Lead, commented.

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Don’t "shun" insurance when taking flights to Spain

Brits looking to swap the July rain for a holiday in Spain are being urged to avoid travelling without insurance.

According to, although a holiday to Spain is a mere "hop over the channel" insurance for such holidays should be considered as important of getting cover for around the world.

The comment comes as the organisation reveals that 14 per cent of British holidaymakers claim to "never" take out travel insurance.

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Brits 'panic purchase' for holidays

Following the recent report by Post Office that the majority of Brits overpack for holidays in a disorganised manner, it has now been revealed that most holidaymakers wait until ten days prior to their flights to Spain and other destinations before they start their holiday shopping.

According to M&S Money, the majority of British travellers leave their holiday purchases until ten days before they go abroad.

Moreover, the commentator claims that due to the majority of families taking summer holidays on July 26th, today is expected to be a busy shopping day for parents who want to buy travel essentials for their Spanish holidays.

Top purchases for holidaymakers include holiday clothes, sunscreen and currency.

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Spanish holidays attract politicians and Aussies

After it was revealed recently that Tory leader David Cameron enjoyed a Spanish holiday with this family, Liberal Democratic Party leader Nick Clegg has announced his intention to holiday in the Spanish sun.

According to the BBC, the Lib Dem front man will visit central Spain with his wife Miriam and her family in a small village.

Cameron enjoyed a family holiday in southern Spain earlier this year where he and his wife and children enjoyed walking in the hills.

This year both David Cameron and Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown are said to be opting for - separate - holidays in the UK.

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"Vagaries of the weather" add to allure of Spanish holidays

The poor weather experienced so far by dwellers in the UK could make people more likely to consider a Spanish holiday, it has been suggested.

According to Luxury Travel Magazine, while in the past up until ten years ago, people would have chosen to cancel their holiday due to financial constraints, and stayed at home, nowadays people are reluctant to give up their holidays.

The news echoes comments made by the Association of British Travel Agents' Sean Tipton last week, when he noted that Brits are likely to make cutbacks in other areas of their lives rather than forgo their summer break.

"I think particularly with the vagaries of the weather the holiday is becoming more sacrosanct in their budget.

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Disorganised Brits pack heavy

UK travellers do not pack light for their holidays in Spain, it has been claimed.

According to a study by Post Office, 37 per cent of holidaymakers are "messy, disorganised or over-packers".

And, a total 24 per cent of Brits claim to pack too much, so that they have an outfit for every occasion.

Meanwhile, seven per cent simply throw their clothes into a suitcase and "hope for the best".

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"Responsible" Brits book summer holidays with savings

UK consumers eager to take summer holidays in Spain to escape the July rain are behaving in a "responsible" manner when it comes to financing their breaks, it has been reported.

According to, rather than turning to loans and credit cards when booking their flights to Alicante and Murcia, Britons are using their savings or current accounts to fund their adventures.

And those who do opt to pay on credit card are then paying the balance of the holiday off in full, the commentator claims.

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Amy Winehouse's dad to take Spanish holiday

The father of troubled singer Amy Winehouse is looking to take a Spanish holiday in order to recover after a recent health scare.

According to reports, cab driver Mitch Winehouse collapsed last week and was taken to hospital.

Newspapers have recently reported on Mitch's efforts to take care of the Back to Black singer who was recently diagnosed with the lung disease emphysema.

"Mitch isn't well.

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Avoid stomach upsets on Spanish holidays

Whether on holiday in Spain or on the other side of the world, travelling away from home and eating and drinking unfamiliar consumables can often cause the most iron stomached Brits some form of tummy troubles.

And according to Halifax, Spain being one of the most popular holiday destinations can often see more than its fair share of stomach upsets.

A survey by the company revealed that a quarter of Brits on Spanish holidays dealt with rumbling tums while abroad.

"Spain has long been a favourite holiday destination for Brits and it's most likely down to its sheer popularity that over the years many people have suffered from tummy trouble while visiting the country," Vicky Watson, spokesperson for Halifax Travel Insurance, said.

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Holidays in Spain - La Manga Club

Whether it is Spanish villas, luxury resorts in Spain or even Spain travel as a concept - there is something undeniably alluring about holidays in Spain.

"If we look at the sheer number of people going, Spain is still the number one top seller," a spokesperson for the Association of British Travel Agents told the Edinburgh Evening News.

And this really says it all. Holidays in Spain have always been and will always be, it seems, popular with British holidaymakers.

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