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Holidays in Spain are "number one" for summer

Britons still can't get enough of holidays in Spain according to information from the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta).

Describing holidays in Spain as "still the number one" choice for Britons, Abta reported that more than two million Brits would be going on holidays abroad this July.

Research undertaken on behalf of Abta by Ascent-MI revealed that the credit crunch has yet to affect people's holiday plans.

The study showed that summer holiday bookings made by UK consumers actually grew by a total of one per cent at the end of June in comparison to 2007.

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James Blunt holidays in Spain

Singer James Blunt has been spotted enjoying a holiday off the coast of Spain close to the island of Formentera.

The Daily Mail reports that Blunt, who penned such numbers as You're Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover, was spotted cavorting on a yacht with a number of friends including actor Gary Dourdan.

The holiday in Spain is part of a break for singer Blunt who has been touring to promote the album All the Lost Souls, which he worked on in Ibiza.

"I have had a party almost every single night," the publication quoted Blunt as saying in regards to his life since he became famous.

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Protect your skin on Spanish holiday, expert warns

British families looking forward to holidays in Spain this summer have been warned to take care when out in the sun.

Dermatology expert from Caner Research UK Dr Lesley Rhodes has been keen to stress that skin cancer is a real danger for people who go out in the sun relatively infrequently but for long periods, as is often the case for those on a Spanish holiday.

She told the Western Mail that holidaymakers from the UK should be aware of the dangers of skin cancer and particularly in hot climates they are not accustomed to.

"Rates of melanoma are set to treble in the next 30 years unless there is a radical change of behaviour among holidaymakers addicted to sunbathing," said Dr Rhodes.

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CO2 offsetting 'not priority' for passengers

Offsetting carbon emissions are not a priority for passengers flying out of airports around the UK, it has been claimed.

According to James Fremantle, industry affairs manager at the Air Transport Users Council (ATUC), there are relatively few people taking up the option to offset the emissions resulting from their flights to La Manga or any other holiday destination.

Mr Freemantle made clear that the airlines he had been in contact with felt that while the popularity of carbon offsetting is increasing it had yet to become a commonly used way to show concern for the environment.

"We certainly supported the scheme as a way passengers can marry up their environmental concerns and still be able to fly," said Mr Freemantle.

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Caution urged with daredevil pursuits abroad

British holidaymakers have been urged to exercise a degree of caution when they set off overseas this summer in order to avoid incurring considerable costs.

According to research by, more one-third of holidaymakers form the UK indulge in some sort of "daredevil" activity while overseas and in one-eighth of these instances the individual involved has no travel insurance cover.

The findings from the price comparison firm could encourage more Britons to take up the relatively low-risk option of enjoying tennis holidays in Spain or golf holidays on the Mediterranean coast.

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Multi-trip insurance advised for frequent Spanish holiday makers

Anyone planning to take a number of Spanish holidays this year has been advised to take out multi-trip insurance to cover themselves in the event of unforeseen difficulties.

Taking out a series of single-trip insurance policies can end up costing considerably more than for people making a series of visits to Spain, American Express has made clear.

The financial services firm has aimed to highlight the fact that while single-trip insurance could help Britons setting off on a Spanish holiday to save money in the short term, it is more prudent to opt for multi-trip travel cover if you are planning more than one holiday in Spain this year.

Chris Rolland, head of insurance services at American Express, said: "With so many cheap flights and last minute holiday deals available to Britons, taking a mini-break is all the more appealing.

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High temperatures 'to continue' for those on Spanish holidays

Anyone planning to enjoy a Spanish luxury holiday over the next few days has been warned to expect high temperatures as the country's heat wave continues.

Spanish holidays tend to bathed in glorious sunshine but the temperatures have been up over 40 degrees Celsius in recent days in various parts of the country.

The latest forecasts suggest that the next four or five days, up until July 25th, will see temperatures remain consistently sweltering and well over 35 degrees.

In light of the excessively high temperatures and baking heat, locals and anyone enjoying their holidays in Spain has been advised to take on plenty of fluids and to take particular care with children and elderly people.

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La Manga - the perfect camp for Gaelic sports teams

Wondering where to take your team for that perfect pre-season break? Or thinking of where to sign off the campaign in style? For either, La Manga Club is the answer.

La Manga is a name synonymous with golf and tennis, with its championship-standard courses and state-of-the-art courts. It is also a well-respected destination for soccer teams.

However, it is also becoming the destination of choice for Gaelic football clubs.

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Smoking restrictions in Murcia

Smokers heading to La Manga might like to take note of a new regulation that has been passed in the region.

It is now illegal for people to smoke in the bar area of any establishment where the drinking area is larger than 100 square metres.

According to Typically Spanish, the law, which was published in the Murcia regional bulletin, has been introduced to bring bar areas in line with office and kitchen areas.

Around 200 bars are expected to be affected.

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Lib Dem leader to holiday in Spain

Do not be surprised to see one of the country's premier politicians on the golf courses of Spain while on holiday there this year.

Nick Clegg is apparently heading on a Spanish holiday in order to visit his in-laws, the BBC reports.

Should the leader of the Liberal Democrat party choose to pack his clubs, a trip to La Manga might be a good choice. The championship-standard courses are as testing to golfers as an election campaign is to an opposition minister.

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