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Golfers attracted to holidays in Murcia

Golf enthusiasts often choose to take a holiday in Spain, particularly in the region of Murcia, because of the number of golf courses on offer in the area.

Murcia, which is also appealing to those seeking the perfect family holiday in Spain, is host to some of the world's best golf courses, including Polaris World's Condad de Alhama development, featuring three championship courses designed by pro golfer Jack Nicklaus.

"It's like a little community of its own, so even if you don't play golf, there's loads to do," Elaine Wallace of Scotland told the Sun. "It's going to be a great place for our family.

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Confusion potential over new bag rules

With a number of airports given permission to lift their restrictions on hand baggage this week, a travel writer has warned that holidaymakers could be adversely affected by differing security measures at various hubs.

Speaking to BBC News 24, Simon Calder gave the example of a travellers flying from Edinburgh to Exeter, who would be able to take two pieces of hand luggage on their outward journey, but only one on their return.

"It is going to be a recipe, I'm afraid, for chaos and confusion," he said.

Travellers, such as those on a Spanish family holiday, could be affected by these changes, with 22 airports being given permission to lift their restrictions by the Department for Transport.

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Baggage restriction revisions welcomed

The British Air Transport Association (BATA) has welcomed the new rules on hand luggage that have come into place at a number of airports in the UK this week.

In news that will affect those taking flights to Spain, 22 airports nationwide are to relax their restrictions on cabin baggage, it has emerged, though Gatwick will retain these measures.

Roger Wiltshire, secretary general of the association, told the Wake Up To Money programme on BBC Radio 5 Live that such moves are a welcome beginning to the eventual full removal of previous limitations.

"I think we're reverting now to the rules for cabin baggage that apply to individual airlines and have applied for many years, so we're just going back to where we were in July 2006," he said.

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Festival of fire

Fans of luxury holidays in Spain may be tempted to a trip to the Catalan capital of Barcelona this month to enjoy the festival of Sa Pobla held in the Majorcan district of Gracia.

Travellers looking for something exciting during their holiday in Spain can gather and watch on as a procession of singers in costumes, drummers and red devils takes to the street in recognition of San Antoni, the patron saint of animals, events website What's On When reports.

"Peculiarly no animals feature in this fiesta which once served as an agricultural celebration when Gracia was no more than a remote village on the outskirts of Barcelona," the site said.

"Devils, however, do.

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Book flights to Alicante in December for ‘best deals’

Holidaymakers looking to book flights to Alicante for summer sojourns have been advised that the best time to snare cheap deals is in December.

According to an easyJet spokesperson, the first two to three weeks of December are the best time for these deals.

She added that after this point, the prices begin to rise.

The comment comes as Travel Mole notes that today – January 7th – is set to become the most popular day of the year in which to book a summer holiday.

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Why the train to Spain could be ideal

Consumers can enjoy an easy and relaxing commute during their Spanish holiday by choosing rail travel over flying, it has been suggested.

Railway-based family holidays in Spain are now possible with a range of connections to resorts through connections linked to the Eurostar service from London's St Pancras International, reports Easier Travel.

Boasting speeds of up to 186 miles per hour, the Eurostar now offers improved connections to the French-based TGV service, bringing a traveller's seemingly distant luxury holiday resort in Spain much more accessible.

Keycamp marketing manager Dave McKenna noted to the news provider that rail travel offers a more eco-friendly approach for holidaymakers.

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Art loving in Alicante

Family holidays in Spain could be boosted by a new cultural experience available to visitors at the Institut Valencià d'Art Modern (IVAM) in Valencia

The art museum is exhibiting the work of Italian artist Giorgio De Chirico until February 17th and offers around 300 pieces of his work for the enjoyment of tourists enjoying a holiday in Spain, reports Communitat Valanecia, the tourist information website for the region.

Focussing on the relationship between De Chirico's work and 20th century architecture, the display explores the artistic ideology behind the man associated as being the founder of surrealism.

Additional artists including Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte and Philip Guston have all acknowledged the influence of De Chirico' surrealist painting style on their work.

"Visit the IVAM and discover the work of Giorgio De Chirico and his very special way of understanding the relationship of art with metaphysics and architecture.

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Travel expert explains new baggage rules

Commuters planning a holiday in Spain should check their airline to avoid falling foul to confusing new baggage procedures, it has emerged.

A relaxation in baggage restriction procedures has been unveiled this week by the government following the introduction of new, improved security checks at many UK airports.

Travellers need to check their airline to ensure that they meet the new rules on hand luggage and can enjoy a stress-free journey to their holiday, Jamie Bowden, travel expert and journalist, told BBC One's Breakfast programme.

Not all airports are affected by the rule change and commuters who may be planning to visit their Spanish holiday villas in the new year could be blocked if they attempt they attempt to take two items of hand luggage.

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Brits pay "cheap" prices for holidays

Britons are paying some of the "cheapest" prices in Europe for holidays through UK tour operators, according to a leading industry expert.

Sean Tipton of the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) claims that the average cost paid by British travellers is the second cheapest in Europe, after Portugal, with Swiss customers paying around twice as much for the same holidays.

British tour operators have witnessed a sharp rise in the number of people choosing to go away during the winter months, fuelled by the poor weather last summer and recent cold snaps.

Mr Tipton estimates that around two thirds of those opting for winter breaks are opting for sun, with a Spanish holiday proving enduringly popular, while the remaining third are choosing guaranteed snow.

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Murcia - tranquil shorelines and more

As one of Spain's 17 autonomous communities, Murcia is different to other self-governing districts in the country.

Unlike the majority of autonomous Spanish communities which have several provinces located in the same region, Murcia is wholly contained - however it is the region's magnificent mountain ranges and spectacular coastlines that make it really stand out.

Bordered by Andalucia, Almeria, Granada and Alicante, Murcia is a producer of olive oil, wine, fruits and vegetables and other crops.

Murcia is also recognised to be a major tourist destinations for visitors from the UK, Europe and around the globe.

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