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Civil War memorial tree planted in Alicante

An almond tree has been planted in a region of Alicante in memory of prisoners of the country's Civil War, it has been reported.

Typically Spanish reveals that 300 people attended a memorial ceremony in La Goteta at the weekend to witness the planting of the tree.

A former prisoner of the Campo de Los Almendros, 94-year-old Angel Rubio Nieto attended the ceremony and was quoted by the publication as saying that the prison "must be remembered so that it never happens again".

The Spanish Civil War was a major conflict which began after an attempted coup by parts of the army against the Second Spanish Republic government.

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Marina de Cop is Murcia's "biggest single tourism project"

Murcia's "biggest single tourism project" is the Marina de Cop, it has been asserted.

According to Round Town News, information about the future pleasure beach is scarce, however it looks likely to be a major tourist attraction in the coming years.

Tourists take flights to Murcia in order to enjoy Spanish villa holidays on the popular coastline and at nearby La Manga Club which lies on the Menor Sea.

Currently, other tourist attractions in Murcia include the Cathedral de Santa Maria which was completed during the 15th century and is generally held to be the "most impressive" monument of Murcia.

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Germans say "ja" to Spanish holidays

Spanish holidays have won out in a list of most popular tourist destinations among German travellers, it has been revealed.

According to a study in German tourism magazine Urlaub Perfekt, information from over 1,200 German tourists found Spain to be the top location for great holidays, Dnevnik News reported.

The publication reported that German tourists favoured Spain for its beaches, naming it number one seaside destination.

Also included in the top five destination list were Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Egypt.

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Spanish holidays 'may be good for your heart'

A lack of exposure to sunshine has long been associated with the medical condition of rickets - a bone-softening disease caused by vitamin D deficiency - however new research suggests that lack of this vitamin could increase the risk of heart disease.

Science Daily reports research from the American Heart Association which suggests that patients with low vitamin D levels had an increased rate of cardiovascular "events" over a five-year follow-up period.

"Low levels of vitamin D are highly prevalent in the United States, especially in areas without much sunshine," commented Thomas J Wang, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

He added that between 20 and 30 per cent of the US population suffers from moderate to severe vitamin D deficiency - attributed mostly to a lack of sun exposure.

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Extended Spanish holidays in Alicante

Children at a high school in Alicante are enjoying elongated Spanish holidays after a ceiling in the building partially collapsed.

While noone was injured following the detachment of some plaster slabs in the Rojales school building, it is the fourth time the ceiling has caved in since the school was opened in 1999 according to EFE, Typically Spanish reports.

Children attending the secondary school however are likely to be rejoicing at the lack of structural integrity as classes have been suspended until the repairs have been completed to the ceiling, affording them an extra-long holiday.

Following repairs, builders and technicians from the education department and will have to confirm that the area is safe for the children to continue their studies.

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Book flights to Alicante for short film fest

Britons looking to take Spanish holidays this spring should book their flights to Alicante for the month of April if they want to travel in time for the region's famous short film festival.

The Alicante Short Film Festival aims to promote film and other arts while also providing activities for those on family holidays in Spain during the fiesta, What's on When reports.

During April, holidaymakers in Alicante can expect to enjoy exhibitions, poetry readings and concerts as well as the mandatory sunbathing sessions on the region's nearby golden beaches.

Over the course of the festival there will be four different prize-winning competitions - including a category for documentary making.

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Spain is "easier to explore"

Increased flights to Spain and improved rail services have made the country easier to explore than ever before, it has been reported.

According to the Telegraph, flights to Malaga Airport mean that Spain can be reached from the UK in two and a half hours.

There has also been an "increased" interest in Spanish food and wine leading tourists to take holidays which incorporate routes highlighting local specialities and vineyards.

A new film about Salvador Dali starring Al Pacino is being made in the northern Costa Brava and there are a number of cliff paths and "tiny" coves which can be explored by those on Spanish holidays in the region, the publication notes.

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Canary Island to host travel conference

Gran Canaria is to host the 2008 Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) Travel Convention, it has been announced.

According to Abta, the Travel Convention 2008 will be held in the Maspalomas Conference Centre in Gran Canaria between October 7th 2008 and October 9th 2008.

Chief executive of Abta, Mark Tanzer noted that the conference centre was another "stunning" setting which perfectly suits the "premier travel event of the year" for the UK.

"Gran Canaria is looking forward to hosting the Travel Convention in 2008 as we believe it is an excellent opportunity to present our destination to the best of the UK travel industry," Roberto Moreno Diaz, president of the Gran Canaria tourism board stated.

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Celebs 'select Spanish holiday island'

The Spanish holiday island of Majorca is popular among celebrities, it has been reported by one commentator.

According to the Times, famous faces such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Andrew Lloyd Webber frequent the Balearic island on Spanish holidays.

"On Mallorca, these days, you can't move for double-barrelled celebs and the paparazzi set up camp for the season at Palma airport," the newspaper reports.

Additionally, the newspaper notes that those who enjoy holidays in Spain can experience an "authentic" Spanish holiday if they travel to Conil de la Frontera, where the majority of holidaymakers are Spanish.

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History of La Manga Club

La Manga Club has functioned as a top quality holiday resort since its initiation more than thirty years ago.

The resort was born out of the hard work and vision of US entrepreneur Gregory Peters in the 1960s.

La Manga had already begun development as a resort during this time when Mr Peters saw its potential and began to make a number of property purchases on the Mar Menor coastline.

His initial project concerned developing a high-level tourist attraction golf course in the region and before long, 450 hectares of land became the La Manga Golf Course.

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