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Flights from Southend Airport to Alicante Airport

After months of waiting, The airport has risen to prominence recently due to the 2012 Olympic Games in London, with Southend providing the an additional travel option for those attending the sporting event. Southend Airport is now being used by the company Easyjet for flights out to many locations within Europe. Southend Airports owners, the Stobart haulage company, have spent £100million renovating the site to what it is now. Southend Airport is well-connected with central London, and with its relaxed atmosphere and speedy check in, it wont be long until people start using this airport rather than its other busier and more stressful rivals.

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Does the Euro effect your holiday to La Manga

The rate of exchange of the Euro does have a direct impact on the amount of money you have to spend on your holiday to Spain, if you are travelling from a country that does not use the Euro as its currency, such as the United Kingdom. Over the past few years the rate of exchange for the Euros to pound has fluctuated from a high of 1.6 Euros to the pound, to a low of almost 1 Euro to 1 pound.

Depending on which angle you are coming from, these wild fluctuations can be a good or bad thing.

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Staying on site at La Manga Club

Dont you just hate it when you go somewhere on holidays and seem to spend all your time in the car. The great thing about La Manga Club is once you arrive, there really is no reason to go offsite, unless you really want to. With its abundance of sport and leisure facilities, extensive range of restaurants and bars and even a supermarket and petrol station, there really is nothing to go offsite for, apart from the beauty of the Murcian countryside of course.

No matter whether you’re holidaying alone, as a couple, as a family or as a big group, you’ll be able to pitch up at La Manga and find something for everyone to do, every single day of your stay.

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A Walking Tour of Murcia

When visiting Murcia, walking tours are a very popular attraction to tourists as everything of interest is within walking distance. There are many different walking routes within Murcia and each and every one has beautiful historical buildings and a great deal of culture on the way. Along some of the walking routes, you will visit some of Murcias most historic places, such as the Cathedral de Santa María which is known as Murcia s most important monument and the Plaza de Santo Domingo which houses the handsome twin-towered church of Santo Domingo.

Common routes through Murcia can take you to some of the most stunning architectural buildings, showing tourists from all over the charms of Murcia.

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Flirting with flamenco at La Manga Club

Flamenco and Spain go hand in hand and La Manga Club is not missing out on this trend. So much so, that they are playing host to one part of the 52nd festival of the Cante de las Minas flamenco foundation. The Cante de las Minas flamenco foundation final takes place in August and the final contestants are in the process of being judged. One of the qualifying galas is scheduled to take place at La Manga Club.

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Car Hire or Taxi Transfer to La Manga Club

Cost is a big factor when considering whether to hire a car or to grab a taxi when you are visiting La Manga Club, as there are two airports that guests can fly into, namely Murcia Airport and Alicante Airport. Murcia Airport is 20 minutes away and Alicante Airport is about 60 minutes away.

If you are flying into Alicante Airport we would definitely recommend a car hire, as the cost of a return taxi transfer will probable cost more than a weekly car hire from Alicante Airport. If you are travelling for 2 weeks, then many clients will consider picking up a car hire from the airport for a period of 3 days, then dropping it at La Manga Club and doing the same and the other end of the holiday.

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Fine dining at La Manga Club

If you are a fan of fine dining, you will be completely spoilt for choice during your break at La Manga Club, when you come to La Manga, you dont only get a great choice of outdoor activities, stunning accommodation and a spa, you get a food experience you will not forget in a long time. With a whole host of restaurant options, offering choices to suit even the fussiest eater, La Manga Club truly is a gastronomic heaven. With eight restaurants on site, even if you are taking a two-week break, there is no risk of getting bored. Fine dining or bistro, everything is catered for.

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Introduction to Murcia in Spain

Murcia is in the southeast of Spain, in the region of the same name Murcia is one of Spains least known regions, even among the Spaniards themselves, and first-time visitors are often surprised by the variety in this small region. The region of Murcia is in a privileged position right at the centre of the Mediterranean Peninsular. It is a region where tourists can enjoy the Nature - be it sea, sand, land or air, local sport facilities, sunbathing almost all year round thanks to its warm Mediterranean climate and swimming off the many beaches which welcome thousands of tourists year after year.

Due to the warm climate and rich soil, Murcia has ideal conditions for growing all types of fruit and vegetables, aswell as nuts and rice.

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Your very own X Factor at La Manga Club

If you found yourself sitting on the edge of your seat at the last X-Factor final, you will love the X-Pat Factor at La Manga Club. No matter whether you imagine yourself being judged by Gary Barlow, Cheryl or good old Simon, the X-Pat Factor will give you the opportunity to strut your stuff in front of an appreciative and enthusiastic audience. Girl band or boy star, you will be sure to find a song to suit.

The great thing about the X-Pat Factor at La Manga Club is that, although it’s clearly a serious business for some serious participants, it’s just great fun, whether you want to join in or just sit back and enjoy the performances, great and not so great! To make it that bit more X-citing (exciting) there’s even roving paparazzi and videographers to capture every minute, so you can enjoy the memories for years to come.

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Staying in touch while at La Manga Club

While your holiday at La Manga Club is absolutely certain to help make you forget all about the real world, there are times when it is important that you can stay in touch, if you feel the need. While many people are happy to rely on their international mobile phone contract to do this while on holiday, others worry that using their mobile phone to either receive calls, emails or surf the web while abroad could result in huge bills. Although there are tons of great mobile contracts out there, which allow you to surf and call with confidence while you are abroad, if you have chosen not to, or do not want to set up an international roaming arrangement before your holiday, you will be happy to hear there is WIFI at La Manga Club which you can use to stay in touch.

At La Manga Club, many guests run their own successful businesses or have high-flying careers that require them to be in some way contactable, even while they’re on holidays.

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