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Brits 'want to get away for less'

With the credit crunch continuing to bite, it will come as little surprise that an increasing number of people are planning to take budget breaks this year.

A new survey has revealed that Brits will be looking at price above everything else this year.

In the poll, which was conducted by

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Flights to Spain 'could get cheaper'

Some British travellers could soon be paying less for their flights to Spain, it has been suggested.

According to the Daily Mail, the Competition Commission's decision to force BAA to sell three of its airports could mean that fares go down in the future.

Following a two-year investigation, it was ruled that BAA must sell Gatwick and Stansted Airport, as well as one of its Scottish airports.

Christopher Clarke, who chaired the inquiry, said the sale of the airports would lead to cheaper prices and improved levels of service.

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A wedding in Spain offers 'great value'

Weddings in Spain and other sunny destinations are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with couples tying the knot for the second time.

According to figures from wedding specialists Marry Abroad, the cost of getting hitched in the UK comes in at a whopping £20,000, compared to £5,000 for a wedding overseas.

"Second time marriages are popular abroad too so people who have done the big church wedding first time round and don't want to do it again, then choose to get married abroad," she commented.

Getting married in a country such as Spain also means there is less chance of rain.

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Holidays in Spain 'broaden the mind'

By taking their children to destinations such as Spain, parents can help to broaden their horizons, it has been claimed.

Speaking earlier this week, Ignacio vasallo, director of the Spanish Tourist Office, said that although some families may be planning to holiday in the UK this year, there are still some excellent deals on offer for holidays in Spain.

"Taking your children to a different country, and showing them a new culture, people, food, way of life and environment, is a fantastic opportunity for them and an unforgettable experience," he commented.

A holiday in Spain also guarantees great weather and plenty of time at the beach and by the pool, Mr Vasallo added.

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Costa Blanca is 'perfect' for Easter

The Costa Blanca has been named as one of the best places to take a family holiday this Easter.

According to Thomas Cook, the area is ideal for a holiday during the school break, with endless activities on offer to keep the children entertained.

The company described the Costa Blanca as a "playground of Easter treats" and claimed there is something there to suit holidaymakers of all tastes and ages.

"From tennis and golf, to watersports and thrilling rides at the legendary Terra Mitica theme park, Costa Blanca will ensure your Easter chicks are in a chirpy mood," the travel provider said.

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Hire car is 'best way to travel'

Travelling by hire car is the best way for those taking holidays in Spain to get around, it has been claimed.

According to, there are plenty of options available to Brits travelling to the Murcia and Alicante areas, with hire cars available at the airport and in resort centres.

The news provider advises holidaymakers to ensure they hire a car with air conditioning and take out extra insurance cover in order to avoid any nasty surprises when the vehicle is returned.

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Travelling without insurance is a 'false economy'

Those who take holidays to Spain and other destinations without travel insurance could end up facing a hefty bill if something goes wrong.

Andy Leadbetter, managing director for insurance at, said that whether holidaymakers are heading to the beach or the ski slopes, they should be very wary about travelling without cover.

"Whether you buy your cover on an annual basis or even at the airport before travelling, it’s an important addition for any holiday," he commented.

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Travel agents give the 'confidence factor'

British holidaymakers are looking to their travel agents for the "confidence factor", it has been suggested.

Casia Zajac, head of communications at Abta – The Travel Association, claimed that more holidaymakers are turning to agents for advice during the recession.

People are keen to ensure that they are protected if their airline goes bust and they get stranded abroad.

"We've seen that more and more people are asking if someone they are dealing with, whether it is a travel agent or a tour operator, is a member of Abta," she commented.

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Using a prepaid currency card is 'more secure'

Those taking holidays in Spain this year have been advised to opt for a prepaid currency card, rather than changing large amounts of cash.

Stephen Heath, chief executive of foreign exchange specialist FairFX, said that ordering currency online can be a much more cost-effective option than buying money at the airport.

In addition, he pointed out that prepaid cards have a secure chip and pin system which holidaymakers can cancel in the event of a theft.

"So it can be used to pay in many different situations and it is also more secure because if you lose the card you haven't lost your cash," he commented.

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Holidaymakers 'hate extra charges'

Brits taking flights to Spain and other destinations say they hate nothing more than being lumbered with hidden airline charges.

A new survey by flight search site Skyscanner found that for 24 per cent of people, hidden charges are the most annoying aspect of air travel.

Rob Innes, marketing manager at the site, said it can be incredibly disappointing to spot a good deal, only to find out that there are extras to pay for.

"A transparent pricing system would win more favour with air travellers and avoid them feeling ripped off when they arrive at the checkout page," he commented.

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