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Brits plan Easter escapes

Millions of Brits are planning to escape the doom and gloom with holidays to Spain and other destinations.

According to travel site, holiday sales for this Easter are up 40 per cent compared to the previous year, suggesting that despite the downturn, Brits are not planning to sacrifice their holidays.

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Alhambra writings translated

Writings on the walls of Spain's Alhambra Palace have been translated.

After five years of work, researchers from the Upper Council for Scientific Investigation have created a DVD featuring translations of more than 3,000 Arabic inscriptions, Typically Spanish reports.

"The writing is part of the beauty of the building and now we also know what is being said. Some of the inscriptions come from poems and others are individual words such as 'greeting' or 'blessing'," the news source said.

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Generation Y set to 'travel more'

Today's young people – Generation Y – will travel abroad more than previous generations, it has been claimed.

Speaking recently at a travel expo in London, Avinash Lalwani, director of global financial services at airports for American Express, suggested that the younger generation are keen to stay connected and will begin to travel more within the next two years.

"This is a very technologically savvy generation who are very educated, knowledgeable about things that are happening around the world. This generation is always online and always stay connected," he commented.

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Blackpool Airport is 'flying high'

It may be one of the country's smallest hubs, but Blackpool Airport is punching above its weight where customer care is concerned.

The airport recently beat off stiff competition to be named as the UK's best airport in a poll carried out by consumer magazine Which? Holiday.

Blackpool achieved a customer satisfaction score of 80 per cent, with those taking flights to Spain and other destinations clearly impressed about the service on offer.

This compares with Heathrow's Terminal 1, which was named as the county's worst, with a dismal score of 31 per cent.

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Brits 'saving for holidays'

British consumers are setting money aside to pay for holidays to Spain and other destinations, it has been revealed.

A recent survey carried out by financial services provider NS&I found that the average Brit saved £86.35 per month over the last year.

Of those polled, 46 per cent said they were saving up for a relaxing holiday.

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Travelling with no insurance is 'not worth the risk'

Taking a holiday in Spain without travel insurance is not worth the risk, it has been claimed.

Insurance specialist RIAS also urged holidaymakers not to make their decisions based on price alone and to consider the level of cover they are buying.

Although cheap quotes often seem attractive, they may not provide an adequate level of cover.

Janet Connor, managing director of the company, said that travel insurance should be seen as an essential purchase and is as important as arranging visas and vaccines.

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Malaga Film Festival

Brits taking holidays in Spain next month will have the opportunity to soak up some culture at the Malaga Film Festival.

Now in its seventh year, the 2009 event is set to be bigger than ever, Typically Spanish reports.

The festival takes place from April 17th to 25th and will include the premiers of six feature films.

"A new ZonaZine will be dedicated to 32 shorts, 11 from Latin America and 20 documentaries, and a large marquee will be erected in the Plaza de la Constitution to generate more interest in the growing festival," the news provider stated.

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Don't travel without insurance, says Ryanair

Budget airline Ryanair is urging passengers taking flights to Spain and other destinations to take out a travel insurance policy before leaving.

Speaking last week, the carrier said that passengers should buy insurance for peace of mind and to avoid any unpleasant mishaps.

Sinead Finn, a spokesperson for Ryanair, pointed out that travel insurance covers everything from medical treatment to lost luggage.

"By purchasing the right level of cover, holidaymakers can enjoy their holiday and can count on insurance experts to take care of the rest," she added.

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Grown-up children turn to parents for holidays

Grown-up children are turning to their parents to pay for their holidays in Spain and other destinations, it has been suggested.

Research carried out by Travelsupermarket revealed that almost half of people aged 18 to 34 have been on holiday at their parents' expense, the Daily Mail reports.

Around 25 per cent of those polled admitted that they didn't contribute at all to their trip.

Further results show that people in Northern Ireland are the most likely to take a holiday subsidised by the Bank of Mum and Dad.

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Costa Blanca offers 'perfect Easter getaway'

Those considering a holiday in Spain this Easter should opt for a trip to the sunny Costa Blanca, it has been claimed.

Writing in the Daily Star, Christ McHugh said there is more to resorts such as Benidorm than egg and chips.

"Benidorm has three stunning beaches and is overlooked by the Puig Campana, one of the most impressive mountains in the Costa Blanca," he commented.

With temperatures of 26 degrees C in the summer and 15 degrees C in the winter, the Costa Blanca is a year-round destination and could be the ideal place to escape the doom and gloom this winter.

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