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Flybe celebrates Newcastle appointment of Alan Shearer

Budget airline Flybe has celebrated the appointment of Alan Shearer as Newcastle's new manager by removing the black nose cone from its Kevin Keegan aircraft.

Back in 2008 the airline had celebrated the coming of Keegan by painting a life-size image of the man on one of its planes.

However, following his departure from the club the plane had its nose painted black in mourning.

Mike Rutter, chief commercial officer of Flybe, explained: "Only two events could have ever persuaded us to remove the black nose cone on our Kevin Keegan aircraft: either the return of Kevin as manager, or an acceptable replacement such as Alan Shearer.

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Airline prepares for 'bumper Easter'

With thousands of Brits preparing to take flights to Spain and other destinations, budget airline Flybe says it is looking forward to a busy Easter.

Despite the economic downturn, large numbers of Brits are still planning to jet abroad, the airline said.

Sales on Flybe's routes are said to be up eight per cent on last year, with load factors at 90 per cent for some services.

"With just days to go, we're forecasting a bumper Easter weekend and also experiencing a higher than average rate of last minute bookings," said Mike Rutter, the airline's chief commercial officer.

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Travellers want 'child-free zones'

Adults taking flights to Spain and other destinations would like to see child-free zones on planes.

A recent survey carried out by TripAdvisor revealed that 88 per cent of travellers without children would like to fly in peace and sit in a child-free section.

Around 76 per cent of British families are hoping to take a holiday to Spain and other destinations this year.

However, one in five parents admitted that travelling with kids causes them a headache, while 20 per cent said they would love to fly in a different section to their offspring.

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Demand for flights to Spain 'still strong'

Despite the recession, demand for flights to Spain is still strong.

That is according to low fare airline Monarch, which claims that demand for flights to mind-haul destinations such as Spain rose significantly during the month of March.

Liz Savage, managing director of Monarch Flights and Holidays, said that the airline's average load factor of 82.3 per cent was encouraging considering the current market conditions.

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Holidaymakers warned over 'currency commission myths'

Those taking holidays in Spain and other overseas destinations have been advised that currency providers offering zero per cent commission may not necessarily offer the cheapest services.

According to online currency provider, consumers are regularly being misled by these claims and often end up paying over the odds.

The true cost to consumers can often range between three and five per cent with high street providers and up to 15 per cent at some regional airports.

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Leonard Cohen to tour Spain

Those taking holidays in Spain this year will have the opportunity to see legendary singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen live.

According to Typically Spanish, the Canadian star is set to complete a tour of Spain.

Dates have already been confirmed for gigs in Vigo, Gerona, Madrid, Granada, Bilbao and Barcelona and several more concerts are expected to be scheduled.

The prices of tickets have yet to be confirmed and it is expected that they will go on sale online in the coming months.

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Bmibaby unveils winter flight programme

In news which many be of interest to those booking flights to Spain, budget airline bmibaby has launched its 2009/10 winter flight programme.

The airline will fly to 19 European destinations during winter, including Spanish hotspots such as Malaga and Murcia.

Crawford Rix, managing director of the carrier, indicated that despite the economic downturn, bookings are still looking healthy.

"We have seen strong early bookings for summer 2009 as people are keen to save money by booking early.

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Brits 'reluctant to sacrifice holidays'

Brits are reluctant to sacrifice their holidays to Spain and other destinations, it has been suggested.

According to Skyscanner, the number of people searching for flights during the first quarter of his year is up 54 per cent on the same period in 2008.

Gareth Willims, chief executive at the flight search engine, said that people may be feeling the need to escape the doom and gloom.

"They are determined to find the very best deals possible and they are less keen on sites that charge commission, or sites which expect them to trawl through different dates and destinations one by one to find the best offers," he commented.

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New exhibition to open in Alicante

A new historical exhibition will be opened this week by Queen Sofia at the Alicante Archaelogical Museum.

Those taking holidays in Spain will be able to view Greek artefacts on loan from the British Museum.

According to Think Spain, the exhibition will be open to the public until October, meaning that Brits jetting to Spain this summer will have ample opportunity to have a look around.

Items on show include letters, coins, sculptures, marble artefacts and bronze statues.

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Andalucia's first metro is opened

A new metro system has been opened in the Spanish region of Andalucia.

According to Typically Spanish, the first train to use the new line departed from the San Bernardo station at lunchtime today.

"It was Line 1 of the new system which opened this week which, when complete, will service 22 stations along an 18-kilometre route," the news provider said.

The new system is expected to carry around 14.

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