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British couple spends diamond wedding on Spanish holiday

For one UK couple there was only one place that they wanted to be on their 60th wedding anniversary – on a luxury holiday in Spain.

The Mansfield Chad reports that Elsie and Ken Organ took flights to Spain to celebrate their diamond wedding.

Elsie and Ken, from Edwinstowe, took flights to Spain along with seven other members of their family on a special Spanish holiday arranged by their daughters.

"We used to go every year but we've both been ill.

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Spain to hold major international event

Make sure to pack your wallet if you are booking flights to Spain in May 2008, as it has been announced that a major poker event is to take place in Barcelona next month.

Casino Barcelona is to host the World Poker Tour Event for the second time from May 21st until May 27th.

More than 400 players and hundreds more fans are set to take flights to Spain next month to be a part of the World Poker Tour.

The Spanish Championship, as it is known, will accommodate unlimited entry on May 21st and 22nd before the main event commences between the 400 players on May 24th 2008.

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Golf tuition breaks for armchair golfers

While Britain is a nation of golf lovers, new research suggests that the clubs of many are gathering dust in cupboards as opposed to being taken out on to the fairway.

According to a new study by LV=, although one in five households has at least one set of golf clubs, 50 per cent of these have not been played with in the past six months.

Research by the company also shows that more than £10.4 billion worth of tennis, squash and badminton racquets and bicycles are also lying dormant in Britain's households.

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Spain's golf courses benefit from rare shower

An unusual wave of refreshing rain has fallen across parts of Spain this week.

The golf courses of Spain are set to benefit as the uncommon showers continue into the weekend, meaning springy surfaces for those taking flights to Spain for golfing breaks later this month.

According to the Meteorology Institute, there has been 40 per cent less rain than usual in Spain since October 1st 2007, the Times reports.

While the rain falls this week, those planning holidays in Spain this summer can look forward to sunny skies.

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'Spread clothes about' on flights to Spain

Following the recent troubles at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5, one innovative tip has been offered to Brits packing their bags ahead of taking flights to Spain in the coming weeks.

According to the Association of Independent Tour Operators (Aito) a good way to avoid arriving at your Spanish villa with a pool without your swimming costume or bikini is by spreading your clothes out between the cases of fellow travellers.

Spokesperson for Aito Ian Bradley added that most trouble with baggage comes from bags failing to reach their intended destination, rather than being lost "forever".

"I believe the number of bags being lost is actually very low, it's just a case of them being mishandled more than anything else, so you will probably be reunited with your bag at some point but it might take a while," he noted.

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Spain 'leads the way' for golf holidays

Turkey has "some catching up to do" if it intends to rival Spain in the golfing holiday stakes, it has been reported.

According to Easier, the Turkish Golf Federation is hoping to add 100 new golf courses to its country's current total of fewer than 20 golf greens.

However, Spain's European golfing monopoly does not look under threat as yet.

The Costa Del Sol is one of Spain's most popular golf regions, boasting 45 golf courses.

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"Facelift" for Spanish holiday spot

The Spanish holiday resort of Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife is due to receive a "facelift", it has been reported.

According to asap news, the overhaul will cost €12 million (£9 million) and the move has been described as "essential".

Tourism is the primary industry in this region, it has been claimed.

"We are keen to develop and boost tourism in Puerto de la Cruz and now have a dedicated team in the local council focused on promoting the best we have to offer in both the Spanish and international markets," mayor of Puerto de la Cruz Dolores Padron Rodriguez commented.

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Brits 'should see the sights' on Spanish holidays

UK holidaymakers should make more of an effort to get out and about and involve themselves in local culture when on holiday in Spain, it has been suggested.

According to Halifax, Brits spend less than seven hours in total on average away from their hotel when on holiday.

Research also showed that three quarters of Britons on package holidays in Spain and other countries fail to attempt to speak the local language.

Paul Birkhead, senior underwriting manager at Halifax Travel Insurance, said: "Our research strongly suggests that the idea of a holiday, to most, is a room with pool and somewhere to eat.

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Cold weather sees Brits flee on Spanish holidays

Britons are escaping the cold interior of the UK for family holidays in Spain, it has been reported.

According to, freezing conditions in the UK this Easter have resulted in hundreds of families booking flights to Spain to defrost in the warmth and comfort offered by Spanish holiday villas.

High bookings for flights to Spain are anticipated over the coming weeks during April as families take holidays to Spain.

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Spain is 'still favourite'

Spain is still a favourite holiday destination for many travellers, despite competition from European rivals.

According to the Telegraph, Spanish holidays have faced pressure from rival destinations but has retained its crown as a popular destination for Britons.

And while inland areas have seen an increase in tourism, it is the country's dazzling coastal areas, such as La Manga, that continue to "draw" crowds.

Ready2Invest notes that according to the newspaper: "[Spain] remains a hugely popular, tried-and-tested destination for buyers of all sorts.

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