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Flights to Spain 'to recommence' from Norwich

UK consumers will once more be able to take flights to Spain from Norwich for their family holidays in Spain this summer.

Flights to Spain from Norwich will be available through LTE International after Flybe stopped operating the service last summer.

In time for the summer holiday season, LTE International will offer flights to Alicante and Barcelona on a weekly basis from July.

Flying out each Saturday, the new routes will operate year-round.

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Flights to Alicante for regatta season

The port of Alicante is abuzz with excitement as the countdown begins to the Audi MedCup Circuit taking place this May. reports that the 2008 Audi MedCup Circuit sailing event consists of six events in four countries.

Next month, Britons taking Spanish holidays in Alicante can watch the 20 teams from 12 countries prepare for the opening event of the 2008 Audi MedCup Circuit taking place in Alicante between May 12th and May 17th.

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Annual holidays in Spain 'top parents shopping list this summer'

Children in the UK look set to benefit from a total of 72 different excursions this year with foreign holidays to Spain and other foreign countries being the excursion that tops the shopping list for parents.

According to research by the Cooperative Bank, parents spend money on local attractions, the cinema, swimming, fast-food restaurants as well as holidays - with two annual holidays costing an average £2,190.

The Co-operative Bank Savings research shows that the average British family spends a minimum of £37 more each week during the summer holidays.

"Many parents can vastly underestimate the cost of keeping their children entertained during school breaks over the course of a year.

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Britain's young say no to Punch and Judy

The British youth has spoken and it has said a resounding "no" to the traditional British seaside holiday.

According to research from TeleText, younger UK holidaymakers find traditional UK beach resorts "decidedly uncool".

A total of 60 per cent of those aged under 30 found traditional resorts to be unfashionable, while two per cent were unimpressed by Punch and Judy shows and three per cent disliked donkey rides.

However, a hefty 45 per cent said they would be enjoying a minimum of one foreign holidays each year.

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New flights to Alicante offered from Manchester

Britons wishing to enjoy holidays in Spain on flights to Alicante from Manchester Airport now have even more choice, after one airline added an extra route to its itinerary.

The new easyJet route will launch in September and operate flights to Alicante four times per week throughout the winter months.

Budget airline easyJet anticipates that the new destination will be "particularly popular" for those taking family holidays to Spain and as a mini-break destination, with 60,000 passengers expected to take flights to Spain on the route in its first 12 months.

"Alicante has proven to be a popular destination from other easyJet bases in the UK and now independent travellers from the north-west can take advantage of this new service from our Manchester base, to one of Spain's most popular tourist destinations," Carly Brear, UK commercial manager, said.

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Restaurants to choose from in La Manga Club

A recent study by Ciao Surveys revealed that food is high on the agenda for UK holidaymakers.

Britons taking flights to Murcia are sure to find that this prerequisite is sated if they visit La Manga Club.

With more than 20 bars and restaurants to choose from in total, your dining experience is unlikely to get repetitive.

Themed dining evenings take place during the summer months, such as the Lebanese Week due to take place this May.

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Dining delights at La Manga Club

This May for a gourmet break consider taking flights to Murcia for a Spanish holiday at La Manga Club.

Lebanese Week takes place between May 14th and May 25th at La Manga Club and holidaymakers will be able to enjoy an array of Middle Eastern delights.

Venues participating in Lebanese Week include Amapola restaurant, Sol y Sombra and the Piano Bar.

"Experience the delights of authentic Lebanese cuisine with our guest chef Mahmoud Shalam from Hyatt Regency Dubai," La Manga Club invites on its May calendar of events.

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May at La Manga Club

Britons taking Spanish holidays in La Manga Club this May will have a host of activities and special events to choose from.

Between May 2nd and 3rd, a Weekend Yoga Retreat is taking place at Spa La Manga Club which includes a combination of Ashtanga yoga, Pranayama, meditation, chanting and mantras, dietary advice and relaxation.

As the food we consume has an effect on our wellbeing, it is advised that natural food and fresh juices can help to rebalance the body.

"The word Pranayama comes from the Sanskrit words, Prana, life force, or vital energy, particularly, the breath, and "ayama", to lengthen or extend.

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Futuristic facial scans for flights to Spain

A new facial screening technology is to be piloted in airports across the UK in a bid to reduce waiting times for those taking flights to Spain and other countries.

Passengers will be screened with facial recognition technology instead of the usual passport officer checks in a move that is hoped will both improve security and ease congestion.

The scheme will be phased in from this summer and will utilise unmanned clearance gates which scan and match passengers' faces to the record on computer chips in their biometric passports.

Home Office Minister Liam Byrne said: "Britain's border security is now among the toughest in the world and tougher checks do take time, but we don't want long waits.

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British weather to drive Brits on flights to Spain this May

This May a number of Britons could choose to make the most of the extra bank holidays by taking flights to Spain, research from one commentator suggests.

According to Trip Advisor, 74 per cent of UK holidaymakers would prefer to have our bank holidays more evenly spread throughout the year.

Nonetheless, 46 per cent of survey respondents claimed to be planning a holiday abroad in May, with Spanish holidays in the top two most popular destinations for May holiday travel.

Almost half of UK survey respondents revealed that the British weather will drive them to take a break overseas this May.

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