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Emergency number promoted for Spanish holidays

Travellers heading off on Spanish holidays this summer should be aware that the telephone number for the emergency services in the country is 112, the European commission has said.

In fact, 112 is a usable emergency services number in 26 of the 27 EU countries. Bulgaria, rather than the UK, is the exception as 112 works in exactly the same way as 999 here.

However, a recent survey showed that more than one-fifth of people were unaware of 112's existence, reports the Press Association, prompting the commission to launch a publicity campaign and new website to promote the service.

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New spa offers at La Manga Club Spa

People who choose La Manga Club for their Spanish holiday this summer will be able to take advantage of a range of new treatments at its spa.

They include a 30-minute scalp massage, which is designed to calm and relax the mind, reports Easier Travel.

The treatment involves the use of aromatherapy oils, which are massaged into the scalp, shoulders, neck and facial pressure points.

Also available to those seeking even more relaxation than simply sitting in the sun is a magnetic energetic ritual.

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Spain seeks international recognition for national cuisine

While many on their Spanish holidays enjoy the country's cuisine, the government is aiming to improve the profile of its food.

The country is working in partnership with Italy, Greece and Morocco to place the Mediterranean diet on the Unesco world heritage list, the Majorca Daily Bulletin reports.

Commenting on the move, the country's agricultural ministry said: "Spain took the initiative ..

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Spanish holidays 'driving Brit's property dreams'

New research has suggested that Spanish holidays continue to be popular with British holidaymakers.

According to an online study by UK Wordtracker, ten per cent of people looking for information about overseas destinations are interested in Spain, the Majorca Daily Bulletin reports.

This was more than twice the number (4.48 per cent) of internet users who were interested in finding information about the other traditional favourite France.

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Travel insurance tips before heading out on Spanish tennis holidays

People about to embark upon a Spanish tennis holiday or other short break ought to consider taking out adequate travel insurance, according to one expert.

Sally Leeman, media relations manager with Norwich Union, said that it is just as important to take out travel insurance for short breaks as it is for longer holidays.

Those considering taking a Spanish holiday may be interested to know that medical emergencies are the "biggest single cause" of travel insurance claims.

According to Ms Leeman, 2006 saw the average travel insurance claim reach £716 – a figure that has been rising by approximately six per cent each year.

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Tips to heed before driving on Spanish holiday

Holidaymakers in the UK who are planning on driving to Europe should ensure that they are covered with a sufficient insurance policy, RIAS has claimed.

The company claims that a large amount of drivers who are heading over to the mainland in their vehicles are not clear on what is covered in the event that they have an accident.

The managing director of RIAS, Janet Connor, commented: "Getting the correct insurance in place should be as essential a part of a pre-holiday to-do list as remembering to pack your toothbrush."

Tourists have been advised by the insurance specialists to check their policy before they set off on their travels, those heading off on a Spanish holiday may like to note.

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Spanish holiday hunters advised to change currency early

Holidaymakers who are heading off abroad should change their money into foreign currency as early as possible to avoid losing out, according to Sainsbury's Travel Money.

Around five per cent of British tourists change their currency only on arrival at the airport, which is making the commission that they pay more expensive - putting some out of pocket even before they arrive on their Spanish holiday.

Steve Johnson, head of Travel Money at Sainsbury's Finance, commented: "It seems crazy to fall at the final hurdle and pay over the odds for your foreign currency by not taking advantage of better exchange rates and commission free offers at a local supermarket."

Almost one in three people in London were planning on visiting the bureau de change at the airport rather than organising their finances beforehand.

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A golfing Spanish holiday for Father's Day

With Father's Day approaching, might like to consider booking Dad a golf holiday in Spain for the weekend.

Those who are interested in booking a Spanish holiday could look to the immense golfing resort in La Manga to celebrate Father's Day which falls on June 15th.

The resort in the south of the country was voted best European resort at the prestigious World Travel Awards.

La Manga boasts three 18-hole golf courses of championship standard which would be a treat for any father celebrating his special day in the resort.

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easyJet launches Newcastle-Murcia link

A new flight route from Newcastle to Murcia has been launched by easyJet.

The new link will run three days per week allowing travellers in the Northern city to head off on Spanish holidays.

Budget operator easyJet is to run these flights every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and it is the 17th destination to which the airline is running flights.

Return tickets to Murcia start at £46.

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Lights out in Murcia?

New legislation which may be passed in Murcia in Spain means that there may be less light in the town's streets at night, according to a report at

Murcia will fall under regional laws which are trying to cut the expenditure on night time illumination by 50 per cent.

The draft legislation is currently being finalised, according to Le Verdad.

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