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Go easy on the drink, sporty holidaymakers warned

Tourists who enjoy a little sports on holiday have been warned not to indulge their passions after having a few drinks.

In the hot summer sun of La Manga, a refreshing alcoholic drink might be perfect for a leisurely lunchtime - but it is not the best preparation for a game of tennis, Mature Enjoyment of Alcohol in Society (Meas) has suggested.

The group warned that playing any sports while under the influence of alcohol can heighten the risk of injury.

"When people head off on holidays they often do not consider the possible affects a cocktail of sun and alcohol can have on them," said Fionnuala Sheehan, chief executive of Meas.

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What to check before heading abroad

A large part of enjoying a great holiday is in the preparation - and it is perhaps even more important for those planning on driving while away.

Typical preparations that can go wrong for a family heading out of the country can range from leaving a passport at home to forgetting to pack swimming trunks. But if car hire in La Manga is on the agenda, then there are a few more items to add to the checklist.

One crucial aspect is the driving licence.

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French 'to spend less' while on Spanish holidays

French people taking holidays in Spain this summer are set to spend marginally less than they did last year, new figures suggest.

Ipsos-Europ Assistance spoke to 3,500 people across Europe and found that the average family holiday budget is 2,206 euros (£1,748).

However, holiday spending among French households is down four per cent on 2007, the Connexion reports.

Nevertheless, the percentage of French people who are planning summer breaks remains higher than the European average.

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Temper tantrums on Spanish holidays?

Only 40 per cent of couples from the UK who go on holiday together do not have arguments, according to a survey by

Around 17 per cent of tiffs which take place are because of the jealousy of one of the partners, while simple issues such as the weather result in 16 per cent of squabbles.

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Spanish holidays 'cheapest for road-trippers'

Tourists who are interested in taking a road trip can find the lowest costs for this kind of holiday in Spain it has been revealed.

The European country has the cheapest costs for driving on the continent according to findings in the Motoring on the Continent report, those considering car hire in La Manga might like to know.

Prices of both petrol and diesel are at the lowest in the eurozone. Petrol currently costs around £1 for a litre while diesel is priced at 94p, according to thisisbristol.

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Golfers prepare for corporate cup in La Manga

Golfers are getting ready to participate in the Diners Club World Corporate Golf Challenge in La Manga it has been reported by the Khaleej Times.

The team who will be representing the United Arab Emirates in the golf competition will include Martin Lambert, Robert Holtkamp, Sheena Holtkamp and Jacqui Allinson, those tourists who are planning a Spanish holiday in La Manga might like to know.

Mr Lambert, a golf veteran with much experience of playing in La Manga, commented: "Sheena and Jacqui are two of the best lady players in the UAE and we’ve got Rob who’s pretty good as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to support them in any way I can.

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Top five fears for driving abroad revealed

The most prominent fears that plague motorists when they dive abroad have been revealed in new research by the insurance firm Sheila's Wheels.

The most common concern that worries the UK driver overseas is the thought of having an accident, with 67 per cent of motorists being worried about this occurring.

Around 49 per cent of people who drive abroad are frightened at the prospect of driving on the other side of the road, while 46 per cent of Britons were faced with the fear of ending up lost because they are not able to enquire about directions in a foreign language.

The other two concerns in the top five are simply losing their way and variations on the rules of the road which are not familiar.

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Sainsbury's offers warnings for those driving abroad

Motorists who are planning on driving when they visit foreign shores should make sure that they have the correct insurance, Sainsbury's has advised.

It has been revealed that 17 per cent of people in the UK are planning to take their cars abroad during the forthcoming year.

Sainsbury’s car insurance manager, Joanne Mallon, commented: "When going on holiday, most people will remember to take travel insurance but we are concerned that some motorists are overlooking the need to ensure that their car journey is fully covered."

Ms Mallon also described how in Spain it is compulsory for drivers to carry a spare wheel and fan belt, which might be good advice for motorists planning Spanish holidays.

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Tips before taking a hire car in La Manga

Car hire in La Manga offers one of the best ways to explore the beauties of the Murcia region - but British drivers ought to check the rules of the road first.

According to insurance company Sheilas' Wheels, one-third of British holidaymakers are unaware that regulations for driving on the continent are different than those in force in the UK.

The insurer also estimates that 3.6 million drivers in Britain do not know what the speed limit is on foreign roads.

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Spanish holidays lead the way for Europeans

Spanish holidays appear to be the number one choice for Europeans looking to get some summer sun this year.

Analysis of travel insurance bookings on airline websites by Mondial Assistance revealed that just over one-quarter (25.3 per cent) of travellers from the continent are planning a break in Spain.

The Spanish know exactly what their fellow Europeans see in their country and, as such, are unwilling to leave.

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