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Rail holiday bookings on the rise

An increasing number of British consumers are planning to travel by train to their holiday destinations, new research suggests.

The desire to save money and to travel in a more environmentally friendly manner than flying is believed to be behind the growing trend towards rail travel.

According to tour operator Travelsphere, next year will see a dramatic increase in the number of Britons getting to their holiday homes or hotel rooms by train.

As with the British population as a whole, holidays in Spain are notably popular with people who choose to make rail rather than plane journeys.

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Eco worries 'not affecting travel plans'

Concerns about the environment are not having an effect on the travel plans of most people from the UK, according to a recent poll.

Thousands of Britons enjoy their holidays in Spain each year and their travel habits are not being adjusted as a result of concerns about the contributions their journeys could be making to carbon emissions.

Most people are worried by the prospect of climate change but even so-called green taxes designed to deter travellers would be unlikely to deter Britons from taking their families on Spanish holidays.

The reason is that such trips are a major priority for consumers across the country, according to Savillis the firm behind the research.

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Brits need to 'learn how to relax'

British holidaymakers need to learn how to relax, according to a recent study.

Figures compiled by the mobile home supplier Keycamp have suggested that many people from the UK find it very difficult to unwind on holiday in Spain or elsewhere in Europe.

For many British holidaymakers the lack of relaxation stems from financial problems back in the UK and close to one-quarter of people find it impossible to switch off while taking a break.

Taking a relaxing break in a Spanish villa is enough for many Britons to unwind and forget their troubles but work-related issues tend to play on the mind of thousands of stressed out professionals.

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Short breaks becoming more popular

British tourists are increasingly taking short breaks to Spain and to other parts of Europe and the world, it has been suggested.

More and more people are looking to "squeeze in" holidays that do not require them to spend lengthy periods away from their workplaces, according to Ian Bradley from the Association of Independent Travel Operators (AITO).

Given the relatively proximity, European destinations are proving popular for these purposes and the popularity of adventure and activity holidays in Spain is growing, Mr Bradley suggests.

Explaining why short breaks are becoming more common among British consumers, he said: "You don't have to take three weeks off to do an adventure holiday or an activity holiday you can do it pretty quickly without taking too much time off work.

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British kids 'more likely to holiday in Spain than UK'

British children are more likely to have been on holiday in Spain than anywhere along the coast of the UK, it has been claimed.

According to figures compiled by Travelodge, children aged between five and 12 are more familiar with coastal areas of Spain and France than their own country.

Close to 2,000 youngsters from the UK were quizzed as part of the research and 57 per cent said they had been on a holiday in Spain, which was more than for any other part of the world.

Travelodge is keen to recommend the various holiday destinations in the UK but the study shows just how popular Spain is for British families when it comes to taking a break.

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Holidaymakers are 'keen to get active'

British holidaymakers are keen to get active while they are taking a break, one expert has asserted.

Ian Bradley, a spokesperson for the Association of Independent Travel Operators (AITO), insists that people on holiday in Spain or any other sunny location want to do more than simply relax on the beach.

Beach holidays will always remain popular but people are increasingly keen to be active and to involve themselves in a variety of activities while on holiday, Mr Bradley maintains.

"People work very hard at the moment and when they are away on holidays they want to feel that they are being active as well," he said.

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Great deals available on Spanish villas

There are a number of great deals available on Spanish villas for prospective British holidaymakers who are yet to book their trips, it has been suggested.

A report from the Telegraph maintains that despite the fact that the summer season is well under way, holiday providers are still looking to attract visitors with good deals on Spanish villas.

For holiday firms and rental property providers in Europe, the relative strength of the euro has seen some of the usual demand from the UK dip a little and so make such trips more affordable many are cutting their prices.

"The downturn in the Spanish property market has also had an impact, which means that great deals are available on villas," writes Deborah Reddihough.

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Nadal wins another title

Spanish tennis hero Rafael Nadal has won another tournament and another trophy to add to his sizable collection.

The Majorcan came out on top in the Rogers Cup in Toronto this week to pick up his fifth straight tournament trophy, with this year's Wimbledon and French Open titles already bagged in recent weeks.

Unbeaten on any surface for several months, Nadal is close to becoming the official world number one player for the first time in his short but illustrious career.

Tennis in Spain has been in good shape since Nadal rose to prominence but this summer has also been one to remember for the football team, which won the European Championships and cyclist Carlos Sastre, who won the Tour de France last week.

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Summer holidays 'will not be sacrificed'

Summer holidays to sun-drenched destinations will not be sacrificed by British consumers in the name of financial management, it has been claimed.

According to Bob Atkinson, travel expert for, people from the UK are unwilling to forego their summer get away to places like Spain and the La Manga Club even if their finances are being stretched.

However, short breaks to cities across Europe as have become popular in recent years could be taken less often by Britons who are struggling for money, Mr Atkinson maintains.

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Check your insurance policy, holiday drivers urged

People planning to drive a hire car while on holiday in Spain have been urged to check their insurance policy.

When it comes to making sure that your insurance policy is the right one for you, taking up the cheapest option is not always the best course of action, according to

The price comparison firm maintains that some insurers offer holiday driving cover that only lasts for a few days and is only third party, which could prove costly in the long term for people enjoying their family holidays in Spain.

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