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Thursdays for family golf at La Manga Club

This August, visitors to La Manga Club, a luxury holiday resort in Spain, can enjoy family orientated sports every Thursday afternoon.

From 17:45 local time each Thursday throughout the month of August, a parents and children golf tournament will be held at La Manga Club.

This brand new Stableford tournament will focus entirely on families and will include nine holes.

Parents and children can compete as a family for prizes which will include plaques for the winners.

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Cheeky duo visit luxury holiday resort in Spain

Romanian twin sisters Gabriela and Monica Irimia, better known as reality TV stars the Cheeky Girls, have been pictured catching the rays in a luxury holiday resort in Spain.

The Cheeky Girls were photographed by the Daily Mail in colourful bikinis in Marbella, a popular luxury holiday resort in Spain.

Monica sported a vibrant orange two piece while Gabriela wore an attractive yellow and black number.

According to the publication, Gabriela and Monica spent their time sunbathing and playing beach bat in the sunshine.

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Keep the kids entertained - Car Hire Murcia tips

Simple car games can turn a journey from hell with moaning kids into a fun activity for the family, according to

The Name Game involves picking a town and then choosing another beginning with its last letter, while in the Guessing Game, one person thinks of a favourite person and everybody else asks questions to be answered with a yes or a no.

Who's Next Door? is a fun and imaginative activity where youngsters make up stories about the people in the car next to them, while Spot the Car competition requires them to count a given number of a particular brand or vehicle colour.

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Motor insurance tips for holiday drivers

Over a third of motorists (39 per cent) are unaware that their car insurance may be downgraded automatically when they drive in Europe.

Research by found that there is a lack of knowledge among holidaymakers about what they are covered for when renting a car in Murcia or other popular destinations.

Peter Gerrard, head of insurance research at the price comparison site, said the news that many insurers automatically downgrade cover from fully comprehensive to third party may "come as a shock" to some Brits abroad.

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Brits 'heading abroad without insurance'

Over a quarter of Brits (27 per cent) are heading abroad this summer without any travel insurance, it has been revealed.

Research by Sainsbury's Travel Insurance found that the worst culprits were in the 55 to 64-year-old category, with 32 per cent admitting to neglecting purchasing cover.

Steve Johnson, head of insurance at Sainsbury's Finance, said the study results were "extremely concerning" and that it should be regarded as equally important as packing passports.

"Although in the current climate people are understandably looking at ways to reduce their outgoings, insurance is one thing that should not be omitted," he said.

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Wet weather pushes weddings to Spain

More and more people who are about to get married are likely to combine their special days with holidays in luxury holiday resorts in Spain and beyond, it has been claimed.

The British Insurance Brokers' Association (Biba) has suggested that British engaged couples are looking abroad for their wedding ceremonies - partly because "they cannot guarantee good British weather".

Peter Staddon, spokesperson for Biba, also said that the increased affordability and accessibility of many locations are also having a bearing on many people's choice of wedding destination.

Couples might like to consider holidaying to La Manga Club for their wedding, as the resort has a host of wonderful settings for the big day.

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Spain has Europe's lowest petrol bills

Spanish motorists pay less for their petrol than their counterparts in any of the other major European nations, it has been revealed.

In the UK, a litre of petrol costs an average of around £1.19, while in Spain the figure is almost 20 per cent lower at around 96p per litre.

Britons pay the most at the pump on average but Spaniards and people on holiday in Spain face the lowest tariffs on the continent, according to recent research from uSwitch.

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Leave the laptop at home, holidaymakers urged

Holidaymakers have been urged to leave their laptops at home when they set off to their chosen destination this year.

A growing number of Britons are finding it impossible to switch off from their professional lives even when they hit the beach and soak up the sun.

With this in mind, Cary Cooper, a psychology professor from the University of Lancaster, has told the Telegraph that anyone heading on holiday to Spain should do all that they can to leave their work behind.

"The rise in mobile phone and internet technology has already effected our weekends and now it is invading annual holidays," said Professor Cooper.

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Brits list their holiday irritations

British consumers have made clear their biggest irritations when it comes to going on holiday to Spain or to another of the most popular places in Europe.

The number one reason why British holidaymakers get annoyed is the extra charges they often face for using their credit and debit cards, the Post Office reports.

Second and third respectively in the list of top irritations was bumping into other tourists from the UK and having to pay more for goods and services than local inhabitants.

While for around one in 20 of the people polled, a phone call from the office back in the UK is the greatest annoyance they anticipate.

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Popularity of southern Spain explained

The popularity of parts of southern Spain has been explained from the perspective of a property investment expert.

Apart from the near-constant summer sun, the region can offer visitors a taste of the history and culture of Spain, suggests the Easier Property website.

In addition to holidays in Spain, the area of Jerez in Andalusia attracts Britons to buy up luxury apartments and houses and its property sector is said to out-performing most others in the country.

"With a thriving rental market and undervalued prices, Jerez is still very much a shrewd mid- to long-term investment proposition," says Chris Mercer, from the property specialists Mercers.

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