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Wet weather pushes weddings to Spain

More and more people who are about to get married are likely to combine their special days with holidays in luxury holiday resorts in Spain and beyond, it has been claimed.

The British Insurance Brokers' Association (Biba) has suggested that British engaged couples are looking abroad for their wedding ceremonies - partly because "they cannot guarantee good British weather".

Peter Staddon, spokesperson for Biba, also said that the increased affordability and accessibility of many locations are also having a bearing on many people's choice of wedding destination.

Couples might like to consider holidaying to La Manga Club for their wedding, as the resort has a host of wonderful settings for the big day.

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Spain has Europe's lowest petrol bills

Spanish motorists pay less for their petrol than their counterparts in any of the other major European nations, it has been revealed.

In the UK, a litre of petrol costs an average of around £1.19, while in Spain the figure is almost 20 per cent lower at around 96p per litre.

Britons pay the most at the pump on average but Spaniards and people on holiday in Spain face the lowest tariffs on the continent, according to recent research from uSwitch.

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Leave the laptop at home, holidaymakers urged

Holidaymakers have been urged to leave their laptops at home when they set off to their chosen destination this year.

A growing number of Britons are finding it impossible to switch off from their professional lives even when they hit the beach and soak up the sun.

With this in mind, Cary Cooper, a psychology professor from the University of Lancaster, has told the Telegraph that anyone heading on holiday to Spain should do all that they can to leave their work behind.

"The rise in mobile phone and internet technology has already effected our weekends and now it is invading annual holidays," said Professor Cooper.

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Brits list their holiday irritations

British consumers have made clear their biggest irritations when it comes to going on holiday to Spain or to another of the most popular places in Europe.

The number one reason why British holidaymakers get annoyed is the extra charges they often face for using their credit and debit cards, the Post Office reports.

Second and third respectively in the list of top irritations was bumping into other tourists from the UK and having to pay more for goods and services than local inhabitants.

While for around one in 20 of the people polled, a phone call from the office back in the UK is the greatest annoyance they anticipate.

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Popularity of southern Spain explained

The popularity of parts of southern Spain has been explained from the perspective of a property investment expert.

Apart from the near-constant summer sun, the region can offer visitors a taste of the history and culture of Spain, suggests the Easier Property website.

In addition to holidays in Spain, the area of Jerez in Andalusia attracts Britons to buy up luxury apartments and houses and its property sector is said to out-performing most others in the country.

"With a thriving rental market and undervalued prices, Jerez is still very much a shrewd mid- to long-term investment proposition," says Chris Mercer, from the property specialists Mercers.

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Holidaymakers issued EHIC warning

Holidaymakers from the UK have been warned that they should not confuse their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with travel insurance.

According to American Express Insurance Services company, there is a chance that some people travelling for a holiday in Spain will set off with the mistaken belief that they are fully insured.

An EHIC entitles Britons to cut price healthcare while on holiday in Spain or in another European Union member state but cancellations and curtailments are not covered, the insurance firm has made clear.

"With so many Brits planning a summer holiday in Europe this month, travellers should be careful not to rely on EHIC," said Chris Rolland, head of American Express.

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Golf and sun means Spain remains popular

The high quality golf courses and reliable sunshine means Spain remains popular with foreigners even as the credit crunch continues to bite, it has been claimed.

According to Paul Rossiter of the Carrington Estates company, people who can afford luxury accommodation and golf course memberships are still travelling to the south-east of Spain.

For many people, a luxury holiday in Spain is enough for them to enjoy on an annual basis but some are so keen on the country that they invest choose to invest in property there.

And while some aspects of the Spanish property markets are struggling, those at the higher end of the market, where access to golf courses can be crucial, business remains strong, Mr Rossiter told Property Wire.

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Sun-seekers offered health tips

Sun-seekers who might be heading off on holiday to Spain this summer have been advised to take care and avoid unnecessary health problems.

Dr Prasanna Kerur has explained to the Telegraph that failing to use protection against the sun's raise can leave British tourists feeling seriously unwell when they should be enjoying themselves most.

The doctor advises that sun-cream be used when out in the sun, ideally of a high factor and avoiding the midday sun altogether when in a famously hot climate like the one travellers find when on holiday in Spain.

It is also important for holidaymakers to avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water and to take insect repellents to places they might be needed, Dr Kerur maintains.

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Report highlights 'holiday envy'

A recent report has suggested that there are millions of British children suffering from what might be described as holiday envy.

Figures compiled by the cruise company Ocean Village have shown that close to one in three children from the UK feel that their friends enjoy their holidays more than they do.

The research could impress on parents the importance of making sure their children have plenty to do while on holiday in Spain or another part of the Mediterranean.

There are a wide range of activities for children to do at the La Manga Club, which could help parents make sure that their sons and daughters are not among the 28 per cent who describe their holidays as boring.

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Don't get caught out, holidaymakers warned

Holidaymakers have been warned to plan ahead before setting off to their chosen destinations.

According to the information firm Defaqto, it is very important for travellers to familiarise themselves with the details of any relevant insurance policies they may have and to only take as much foreign currency as they are likely to need.

Travel insurance policies tend only to cover loss of cash up to a certain value so it is advisable not to carry any extra above this limit, the company maintains.

Thousands of families will be looking forward to their holiday in Spain this summer and anyone leaving the UK should make sure their credit card payment situations are in order.

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