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Shark excites tourists near La Manga

A shark seen by several excited holidaymakers was captured by a team of biologists and veterinarians at San Javier's Villamorena beach in La Manga on Thursday.

Spanish guards had been concerned for the shark's welfare and noted that the creature's appearance so close to the shore was far from typical.

"It's very rare to see a shark so close to the beach, now we're trying to find out if he's ill," Luis Gestoso, the head of civil protection in Murcia said, shortly before the shark was apprehended.

If the shark, now safely captured, is found to be in good health, it will be released further away from the coastline into deeper waters.

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More people choose Spain for their wedding

The number of foreign visitors choosing Spain as the venue for the happiest day of their lives has gone up by almost two-thirds over the past four years, according to Expatica, a website for expatriates living overseas.

More than one in ten couples - 16 per cent - are now choosing to tie the knot in a foreign country - a number which rises as high as 60 per cent of all weddings when second marriages are taken into consideration, statistics from Rush PR report.

With convenient flights making it ever easier to travel abroad, destination is no longer a major issue when planning a wedding, Ron Cropper, spokesperson for said.

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Number of travellers without insurance "extremely alarming": Post Office

For many heading out on Spanish holidays, travel insurance is "forgotten" or considered "non-essential" - something the Post Office finds "extremely alarming".

Nearly half of all holidaymakers do not take out any travel insurance when they go abroad, according to a Post Office Travel Services survey.

"The amount of people who have admitted to going on holiday without any cover at all is extremely alarming," said John Howells, head of travel at Post Office.

Of those holidaymakers who took out no travel insurance, 46 per cent said they considered it a waste of money and didn't think they'd need it.

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Budget airlines provide better service than BA: IAPA

Passengers paying for the "full service" offered by established airlines such as BA often receive a "worse service" than those flying with budget airlines such as easyJet or Ryanair, according to a spokesman for the International Airline Passengers Association (IAPA).

Holidaymakers booking flights to Spain might pay more in the expectation of a better service from larger airlines such as BA.

But when it comes to handling baggage, smaller budget airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet come out on top, said Jonathan French, spokesperson for the IAPA.

"The irony of course is that the main culprit in losing baggage…happens to be British Airways," Mr French said.

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ICC under-15 cricket championships heat up at La Manga

The action is heating up at the European under-15 division two cricket championships currently underway at the five-star La Manga resort, with Spain, Jersey and Guernsey all in with a shot at the title in Saturday's final.

Home side Spain continued in their unbeaten record yesterday, while group B rivals Guernsey also recorded another win, taking their tally to the maximum six points and setting things up for a top of the table clash between the two sides later today.

Although no Spanish batsman was able to reach 20 runs against Cyprus yesterday, most made a contribution to the total of 162-8. The Cypriots looked in with a shot at 105-1, but eventually Spanish bowling proved too much for the islanders, leaving Spain the jubilant winners by 32 runs.

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Holiday money costs us £244 million in fees

Tourists enjoying holidays in Spain and other popular destinations will withdraw up to £6.4 billion of holiday money from foreign ATMs this year - but doing so will cost them more than £244 million in fees, according to research.

On average, holidaymakers take out £96 every time they visit a cash point abroad. But these withdrawals cost the tourist an average of £3.

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Tomato-throwing festival makes a messy Spanish holiday

Spanish holidays can often turn a careless sunbather bright pink - but if you're staying near the little town of Bunol this week, you could end up a little redder than anticipated.

La Tomatina, the world-famous tomato-flinging tussle, gets underway in Bunol, near Valencia today (August 29th).

The annual festival, held on the last Wednesday of every August, paints the town a very particular shade of red, as 35,000 participants in the week-long food fight fling more than 100 tons of tomatoes at anyone and anything that moves.

Festivities begin with a contest to reach a ham at the top of a greasy poll, before tomato-bearing trucks arrive and a harmless war begins.

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Barcelona beats Blackpool: NCC

A week-long Spanish holiday in the vibrant city of Barcelona is cheaper than seven days in Britain's Blackpool, according to a consumer group.

One week in Barcelona, a city famous for its cuisine, culture and cutting-edge architecture has been priced at £518 by the National Consumer Council (NCC), based on flights and accommodation in mid-August.

This compares against some £554 for seven days in Blackpool, now largely renowned for its fish and chips, its nineteenth-century tower and a roller-coaster theme park.

Neil Smillie, head of Holidays-Direct said that a Spanish holiday in Barcelona had a great deal to offer visitors.

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"Low-cost" airline will charge to check in

Ryanair, the "low-cost" Irish airline which operates flights to Alicante, will now charge its passengers £2 to check in.

Holidaymakers jetting off with Europe's largest budget airline to Spain and other popular holiday destinations will be made to pay a £2 check in fee from September 20th 2007.

Measures introduced in March 2006 mean that passengers already face a charge of £5 to put luggage in the hold, with a surcharge of £5.50 in force for each kilogram above a 15 kilo limit.

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Yachtsmen on the Mar Menor may face breath tests

Sailors on the Mar Menor lagoon near the five-star resort of La Manga are being warned by police not to mix drinking with sailing, the Times reports.

Murcia's civil protection agency has proposed breath checks for excessive levels of alcohol for yachtsmen tying up their craft at harbours on the lagoon, which has seen a growing number of boating accidents over the summer.

Holidaymakers living the high life at the world-class holiday complex of La Manga sometimes choose to continue the party by visiting bars and nightclubs on the opposite side of 45-mile long lagoon.

But with more police making breath checks on the roads around the resort, growing numbers are taking to their yachts to reach the opposite coast, according to Nicola Coleman (25), a British holidaymaker at La Manga.

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