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Plan ahead for Spanish holidays

Brits planning on taking several Spanish holidays in a year have been advised to plan ahead.

According to the Motley Fool, organising travel insurance can be "much easier" once people know how many holidays they are going to take in a year.

Annual travel insurance could be a cheaper option for those taking several flights to Spain in a year, while those only intending to take one luxury holiday in Spain could be better opting for single-trip cover.

"Similarly, it helps to know where you'll be travelling in advance.

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Day out to Denia Castle

This summer, those taking flights to Alicante for a Spanish holiday at La Manga Club, should consider taking a trip to Denia for the day to visit its famous castle.

Denia is located on the Costa Blanca between Alicante and Valencia and its origins date back to the third century BC.

Over the years it has acquired influences from other cultures including Iberians and Romans among others and the city is full of fascinating monuments to explore on a Spanish holiday.

Denia Castle itself was built around the 12th century and provides exquisite views of the city.

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Flights to Murcia: Tourism plan moves ahead

A tourism plan that could benefit people taking flights to Murcia for villa holidays in Spain has taken a major step forward, it has been reported.

According to Costa Blanca newspaper Round Town News, the important tourism scheme was granted approvals last week.

The development, called the Marina de Cope, covers a coastal area in Murcia measuring 21 million square metres and costs are estimated to be roughly €4 billion.

The Murcia regional government claims that the development will be "environmentally-friendly" as construction density will be "very low".

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Spanish holiday 'is not golf break'

Sunderland football club manager Roy Keane has laid down the law and insisted that when his team boarded their flights to Spain on Sunday (March 31st 2008) it was not for a Spanish holiday.

Keane said that the trip was strictly for football training purposes as the club continues its fight to stay clear of the Premier League relegation zone.

And despite the popularity of golf in Spain, Keane insisted that the trip was no golfing holiday.

"Some people mentioned golf clubs to me but the fact is it's a training camp.

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Football hero heads on Spanish holiday

A Welsh football team intends to cheer Cardiff City on from a beach on a Spanish holiday when Cardiff take part in their FA Cup semi-final against Barnsley at the weekend, it has been reported.

Newport County goal-scorer Craig Hughes told the South Wales Echo that following his winning goal in the FAW Premier Cup final against Llanelli last month, himself and his team intend to take a luxury holiday in Spain to watch their fellow Welsh side perform in the cup semi-final.

"All the Newport players are going away for a holiday in Marbella - and that's where we will be when Cardiff City are at Wembley," he noted.

The striker added that he "won't miss" the match, although it will cut into his time relaxing on holiday in Spain.

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Passing of Spanish holiday king

The man credited with creating Spanish holiday packages and inviting Britons to take flights to Alicante for family holidays in Spain has passed away in the popular Spanish holiday resort of Benidorm that he made famous, at the age of 85.

Former mayor of the city Pedro Zaragoza Orts held the position between 1950 and 1967 and saw potential for the then village to become a global hotspot for sunbathers.

Under threat of excommunication from the Roman Catholic church for promoting bikini bathing, Mr Zaragoza travelled by Vespa scooter to Madrid to convince General Francisco Franco to permit the region to be developed into a tourist resort.

"People had to feel free to be able to wear what they wanted, within reason, if it helped them to enjoy themselves as they would come back and tell their friends about the place," Mr Zaragoza said, according to the Guardian.

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Villa holidays in Spain 'will not be affected by crunch'

Britons will not stop booking flights to Murcia for villa holidays in Spain because of economic concerns, it has been reported.

According to research from technology company Multicom, holiday bookings so far in the UK have not been impacted upon by monetary concerns, as an increase of 40 per cent in the first three months of 2008 has been reported.

The company added that the travel industry was "not as susceptible" as was previously thought.

"Years ago, holidays abroad were seen as a luxury for the few who could afford them.

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Good sleep is "important" for a Spanish holiday

Having access to a good bed and sleeping environment are crucial factors for enjoying a holiday in Spain, it has been suggested.

According to The Sleep Council, hotels are now more aware of the importance of a good night's sleep - or even a day time siesta - and are now offering better quality beds than in the past.

Among the aims of The Sleep Council is to provide consumers with tips on sleeping.

"Some people adapt better to 'sleeping around' than others.

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Costa Blanca is 'most popular Spanish holiday destination'

Britons looking to purchase Spanish holiday homes would prefer most of all to live on the Costa Blanca, it has been revealed., a Spanish property portal, reports that the Costa Blanca is most the popular Spanish coast as it receives 26.6 per cent of all coastal property enquiries from potential foreign property buyers.

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Bonfire night in summer on Spanish holiday

For Alicante's main fiesta, take flights to Spain this summer for a Spanish holiday you are likely to remember.

Each year the Fogueres de Sant Juan, or Saint John's Bonfires festival, takes place in Alicante.

The Costa Blanca comes to life on June 24th in a celebration which has its roots in pagan rituals. In modern times the festival has become part of the Christian calendar.

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