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'Don't gamble' when taking holidays in Spain

Britons taking holidays in Spain this summer have been advised not to gamble with their finances by failing to take out travel insurance.

The warning comes from reviewcentre, after research conducted by J Sainsbury showed that ten per cent of Brits neglect to obtain any cover before travelling abroad.

According to reviewcentre, consumers are split over their preferences for price, brand credibility and the convenience of shopping for cover online.

"Some people don't consider taking out travel insurance as mandatory and then suffer the consequences when they have a bad experience abroad," managing director of www.

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La Manga-based tennis player wins 'crucial' match

A British tennis player living in La Manga has made the headlines - for narrowly avoiding breaking the world record for the longest run of consecutive defeats.

Dubbed the worst player in the world, 21-year-old Robert Dee finally won his first ever professional match after three years and 55 games in Spain this week.

Dee now remains joint world record holder with Diego Beltranena of Guatemala.

"Obviously it was great to get my first win but I can't believe that people don't have anything better to write about.

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Advice for those taking frequent flights to Spain

Families taking flights to Spain for two or more holidays a year may wish to consider saving money by taking out annual travel insurance, it has been reported.

According to, annual policies could be "more beneficial" as for those taking family holidays in Spain, the cost per individual could be as low as £30.

The comment comes as many younger Brits may be preparing to take flights to Spain for the Benicassim Festival in July.

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Family holidays in Spain are "sacrosanct"

Family holidays in Spain and other European destinations have been described as "sacrosanct" by one commentator.

A survey by revealed that although Britain is in the midst of a credit crisis, UK parents will not be deterred from booking their family holidays - with 95 per cent of Britons still intending to do so.

Of all the parents surveyed 60 per cent claimed to have already chosen a holiday destination outside of the UK this summer - with Spain favoured above other destinations for the majority of respondents.

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Film star Farrell slims down in Alicante

Britons enjoying holidays in Spain may be sharing a restaurant with Irish actor Colin Farrell without realising it.

According to ShowBiz Ireland, the In Bruges actor has been photographed outside a restaurant in Alicante looking far thinner than in recent months, as he prepares to begin filming new movie Triage in Alicante in the coming weeks.

Farrell was compared to fellow actors Daniel Day-Lewis and Christian Bale, both of whom have dieted for certain films.

It is believed that the Irish heartthrob is attempting to get in character for the "war weary" photojournalist he is set to play in his latest film.

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Travel insurance 'needed for tennis holidays'

If you are planning on taking a tennis break in Spain this year, travel insurance is mandatory it has been claimed.

According to, such a policy is essential for anyone intending on taking part in sporting activities while on holiday.

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Flights to Spain for beach holidays

Seaside resorts are the most sought after destination among those taking flights to Spain and other holiday locations, it has been reported.

Research from Ciao Surveys shows that over a fifth of Britons would enjoy a dream holiday by the sea, with 18.3 per cent citing Europe - for instance holidays in Spain - as their preferred location for a break.

Once on holiday in Spain, the study revealed that relaxation is the order of the day for 68 per cent of Brits while more than half claimed that sunbathing was their top priority.

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Spanish holidays 'will not be touched by credit crunch'

Britons will not be put off taking flights to Spain for Spanish holidays in 2008, despite the looming credit crunch, it has been claimed.

According to the Majorca Daily Bulletin, the director of the Turespana Spanish Tourist Board in London, Ignacio Vasallo, claimed that tourist numbers for 2008 would, if anything, rise slightly on last year's figures.

Stating that sales of summer holidays to Spain performed well during the first three months of 2008 in the UK, Mr Vasallo said that the market forecast is "good" for this summer.

"However, while the credit crunch may persuade British consumers to put off selling the house or buying a new car, it will not deter them from going on holiday this year," he added.

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Holidaymakers advised to check cover on valuable items

UK residents who indulge in a spot of shopping on their Spanish holidays have been advised to check their levels of insurance cover.

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), travel insurance covers policyholders for a "limited amount" only.

The comment comes after Sainsbury's Travel Insurance estimated that up to ten per cent of people travelling overseas may be travelling without cover, with an approximate 4.2 million people failing to take out travel insurance the last time they travelled abroad.

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Travellers 'would sacrifice snacks for cheaper prices' on flights to Spain

Holidaymakers are more concerned with cheaper airfares than small luxuries once onboard flights to Spain and other destinations, it has been reported.

According to a study by SeatGuru, while 26 per cent of holidaymakers surveyed said that they most valued a full meal onboard aircraft, if it meant they could have a cheaper fare, 36 per cent of flyers would go without their complimentary snack.

Research by the company also revealed that the snack that most travellers prefer is cheese and crackers, while most popular drink for holidaymakers is bottled water, followed by soda and wine.

"At the end of the day, a TV dinner is all flyers are really asking for," Matt Daimler, founder of SeatGuru, commented.

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