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Thomson Airways 'launches more flights to Spain'

People planning to book flights to Spain now have more options than ever open to them.

Low-cost carrier Thomson Airways has announced plans to introduce more services between Durham Tees Valley Airport and Alicante, the Northern Echo reports.

New flights will also be launched connecting the north-east to Sharm el-Sheikh and Tenerife.

Emma Ormerod, a spokesperson for the airport, said the news is an endorsement of the newlook twin terminal scheme that was announced by the hub last week.

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Holidays in Spain 'are a great choice for 2010'

Holidays in Spain are an excellent option for Brits hoping to escape the UK and take a break overseas in 2010.

Writing for the Telegraph, Annie Bennett noted that the country still has a great deal to tempt British holidaymakers with.

"Cities apart, driving is an excellent way to explore the country. There is a good motorway network, with tolls on some stretches, but the best drives are usually on smaller roads, where you often hardly see another vehicle," she noted.

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Ryanair announces £5 seat sale

Brits planning to book flights to Spain may be interested to learn that budget airline Ryanair has launched a new seat sale.

The carrier is releasing 500,000 £5 seats at midnight tonight (January 14th).

Discounts will apply to passengers travelling on selected flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in February and March.

Holidaymakers hoping to book a cheap flight to Spain have been advised that they must do so before midnight on January 18th.

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Majority of passengers 'in favour of body scanners'

The majority of people taking flights to Spain and other destinations are in favour of the introduction of airport body scanners, according to new research.

A poll carried out by flight search site Skyscanner found that 66 per cent of travellers think the machines are a good idea.

However, 30 per cent of those surveyed said they disapprove of scanners, largely for privacy and health reasons.

Commenting on the findings, Barry Smith, Skyscanner's co-founder and business director, said: "As long as the machines are safe and any potential privacy issues can be solved, travellers are in favour of anything which will make flying safer and security checks faster.

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Holidaymakers offered luggage tips

Holidaymakers planning to take flights to Spain have been offered some tips on how to save money and stick to luggage restrictions.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Sarah Gordon noted that it can be hard to remember what items are permitted to be carried in hand luggage and what must be stored in hold bags.

"Airlines tend to allow around 20kg of luggage per passenger to be checked in for a flight, but there are differences so it is always worth checking with the airline before travel," she commented.

For those taking flights to Spain with Ryanair, she noted that it currently costs £15 to check an item of hold luggage in online.

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Brits offered top tips for cheap holidays in Spain

Brits planning to take holidays in Spain over the coming year have been advised that there are a number of ways they can cut the cost of their trip.

According to Thomson and First Choice, travellers can save money by booking their break early, especially if they have young children and travel times are confined to school holidays.

"There will be less chance to grab a last-minute deal nearer the summer so if you want to get yourself a bargain and ensure you have the best choice in holiday, now is the best time to book," said Dermot Blastland, managing director of TUI UK and Ireland.

Other top tips include opting for a ten-day break rather than staying away for a fortnight, booking an all-inclusive package and shopping around for a good currency deal.

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Top tips to avoid flu on flights to Spain

Brits booking flights to Spain have been offered some tips on how to stay flu free.

Writing for the Mirror, Nigel Thompson said there are a number of steps travellers can take to avoid catching colds and flu.

"Carry a pack of hand sanitiser. All you need is 100 ml or less and to apply it liberally, keeping your hands away from your mouth, eyes and nose," he noted.

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Holidays in Spain 'are the highlight of the year'

Most people consider holidays to Spain and other destinations as the highlight of their year, it has been suggested.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at, said Brits would rather sacrifice luxuries such as new clothes and meals out than give up on their hard-earned breaks abroad.

"It gives us the opportunity to rest, relax, party or indulge in our interests, with more and more of us taking activity breaks, whether they are cultural, sporty or family-orientated," he commented.

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Ryanair publishes customer service statistics

Budget airline Ryanair has revealed its customer service statistics for the month of November.

Over 89 per cent of its flights to Spain and other destinations were on time, with 33,000 services leaving during their scheduled departure slot.

Furthermore, the carrier said it received less than one complaint per thousand customers over the course of the month.

"These statistics confirm that Ryanair delivers Europe's number one customer service to airline passengers," the airline claimed.

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Cheap flights to Spain 'more widely available than before'

Cheap flights to Spain and other destinations are more widely available than ever before.

This is according to David Henderson, a spokesperson for the Association of European Airlines, who noted that budget airlines have helped to increase customer choice and put a premium on efficiency, with traditional airlines forced to face up to the competition.

"What the no-frills airlines are doing is offering 'a la carte' travel, where you pay for the basic trip and select your own add-ons, like baggage services, food, seat selection, in-flight entertainment et cetera," he commented.

Mr Henderson noted that a number of major airlines have also started to charge for on-board refreshments on flights to Spain and elsewhere, although most have "drawn the line" at charging for baggage.

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