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Airports prepare for busy weekend

Britain's airports are preparing for one of the busiest times of the year as millions of people jet off abroad to take holidays to Spain and other popular places.

It seems that despite the economic doom and gloom, many people are still reluctant to sacrifice their hard-earned breaks.

Nick Barton, commercial and development director at Stansted Airport, said that huge numbers of people will be travelling over the coming days.

"We may be in times of economic difficulty, but with nearly quarter of a million people already booked to travel through Stansted this Easter weekend, there can be no doubt that people still want to take time to get away," he added.

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Holidays in Spain have 'youth appeal'

Young holidaymakers are heading to Spain in droves, it has been claimed.

While the number of Brits taking holidays this year may be down on previous times, the credit crunch has not deterred young people from jetting abroad.

According to a recent study by the Co-operative Travel, there has been an increase in the number of people under the age of 30 booking holidays in Spain.

The Costa Blanca is the fifth most popular destination for young holidaymakers, TravelMole reports.

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Pet Shop Boys to perform in Spain

British duo the Pet Shop Boys are set to perform in Spain later this year.

According to Typically Spanish, tickets for the concerts have now gone on sale and cost around 38 euros each.

They will be performing concerts in Madrid and Barcelona to promote their latest album, with gigs taking place on July 7th and July 8th.

In related news, Canadian singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen is also set to perform in the country this year.

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Clean-up operation launched for Costa del Sol

A new initiative has been launched to ensure that the beaches of the Costa del Sol remain as clean as possible for holidaymakers.

Over the next three years, 25 "clean-up boats" will patrol the Spanish coast and make sure that the sea remains pristine for bathers, Typically Spanish reports.

"The operation will be split into three regions, Axarquia with 11 boats, Western Costa del Sol with 12 boats, and Malaga City with four boats," the news provider said.

Almost six million euros has been set aside to pay for the clean-up plan, with the majority being contributed by local authorities.

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'Excellent deals' available on European holidays

There are still good deals to be had on holidays to Spain and other European destinations, it has been claimed.

Although the pound has lost strength against the euro over the last year, there are still some great value options, according to travel portal trivago.

Sian Williams, a spokesperson for the company, said that many people do not realise how much they can save by shopping around and comparing the price of flights.

Holidaymakers are also advised to consider the time of year they want to travel and to remember that prices are usually higher during the school holidays.

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Airport currency exchange is 'more expensive'

Those taking holidays in Spain this Easter have been advised against changing money at the airport.

Currency provider HiFX said that those changing their money at the last minute could end up paying over the odds.

Mark Bodega, director of the company, said holidaymakers should be looking to save as much money as possible during the current economic climate.

"If you wait until you're in the airport to buy currency then you won't know if you are being offered a good rate or a bad rate because you'll have nothing to compare it with," he explained.

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Airports should 'improve without charging more'

British airport operators should make improvements without charging passengers more, it has been suggested.

According to consumer publication Which? Holiday, airports should not be introducing priority security lanes and charging passengers even more.

Jonathan Mitcham, a researcher at the magazine, said that passengers already pay for airport services when they buy their ticket and by introducing priority lanes for those taking flights to Spain and other destinations, travellers are being charged twice.

"With that particular thing, if it becomes popular it will just create a new long queue anyway and it shouldn't be necessary," he commented.

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Brits urged to get EHICs and travel insurance

Those taking holidays in Spain and other destinations should apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as well as taking out a travel insurance policy, it has been claimed.

According to insurance specialist, many Brits simply forget to apply for EHICs or to renew them.

EHICs provide Britons with basic emergency medical cover when travelling within the European Economic Area.

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Flybe celebrates Newcastle appointment of Alan Shearer

Budget airline Flybe has celebrated the appointment of Alan Shearer as Newcastle's new manager by removing the black nose cone from its Kevin Keegan aircraft.

Back in 2008 the airline had celebrated the coming of Keegan by painting a life-size image of the man on one of its planes.

However, following his departure from the club the plane had its nose painted black in mourning.

Mike Rutter, chief commercial officer of Flybe, explained: "Only two events could have ever persuaded us to remove the black nose cone on our Kevin Keegan aircraft: either the return of Kevin as manager, or an acceptable replacement such as Alan Shearer.

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Travellers want 'child-free zones'

Adults taking flights to Spain and other destinations would like to see child-free zones on planes.

A recent survey carried out by TripAdvisor revealed that 88 per cent of travellers without children would like to fly in peace and sit in a child-free section.

Around 76 per cent of British families are hoping to take a holiday to Spain and other destinations this year.

However, one in five parents admitted that travelling with kids causes them a headache, while 20 per cent said they would love to fly in a different section to their offspring.

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