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'Shape up' on holiday in Spain

People who overindulge during the festive period could consider holidaying at La Manga Club in January and using its exceptional facilities to get back in shape.

The resort basks in sunshine for most of the year and is the ideal place to burn off those excess mince pies and chocolates.

What is more, there are dozens of exciting activities on offer, which means that getting fit does not have to feel like a chore.

Swimming is an excellent way to tone up and those staying at La Manga Club will find several pools to choose from, including the 25-metre indoor swimming pool at the resort's spa.

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Holidaymakers 'want opportunity to learn new skills'

Holidaymakers are increasingly keen to travel to destinations where they have the opportunity to learn new skills, it has been asserted.

Kate Kenward, executive director of the Association of Independent Tour Operators, suggested that people want "extra vocational value" from their trips.

She noted that holidays to Spain and other destinations that offer "deeper learning opportunities" are proving popular.

"People want value for money and also there's something that is coming through about justifying self-indulgent trips," Ms Kenward added.

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Prepaid currency cards 'can help holidaymakers save'

The pound may have lost strength against the euro over the last year, but there are still a number of steps Brits can take to make their money stretch further.

This is according to Peter Harrison, travel money expert at, who claimed that with a little research, those taking holidays in Spain can get more bang for their buck.

"If you are prepared, you can get the most competitive exchange rates by looking at Travelex online and then picking up at the airport.

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Term-time holidays to Spain 'should be allowed'

Children should be allowed to take time off school to enjoy holidays to Spain and other destinations, it has been claimed.

Travel site Take The Family has launched a campaign calling for all pupils to be given a legal ten-day holiday allocation – a move which the company claims will help to tackle truancy.

At the moment days off can only be granted at the discretion of individual headteachers. Those who travel without permission risk being fined up to £100.

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Holidays in Spain 'will always be popular'

Spain will always be a popular destination for British families, it has been claimed.

Paco Gutierrez, promotions executive at the Spanish Tourist Office, said that the most popular destinations for UK travellers include sunshine hotspots such as Malaga and Andalusia.

"The thing about Spain is that most people know and love it because they have been there before and [as a result it will] suffer less than other eurozone countries. It is less of a gamble for Brits to travel to Spain," he commented.

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Holidaymakers 'are keen to learn new skills'

Those taking holidays to Spain and other popular destinations are keen to try new activities and develop their skills, it has been claimed.

Sharron Livingston, editor at, suggested that since the culture for regular travel emerged, people are no longer satisfied with simply lying on the beach and topping up their tan.

"Travellers look for something a little different.

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Brits urged to 'check insurance policies'

Brits taking holidays to Spain and other overseas destinations should ensure they have adequate travel insurance cover, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

The organisation is urging holidaymakers to check their policies before leaving and make sure they are covered for the essentials such as lost luggage and medical expenses.

ABI spokesman Malcolm Tarling commented: "They should ensure, before they sign on the dotted line or click 'I accept' with their mouse online, that they should actually understand what they are covered for."

Finding an affordable policy which offers protection for "everything under the sun" will be difficult, so travellers should focus the areas they want cover for, he added.

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Sunshine is 'most important holiday factor'

Warm weather is the most important factor for tourists when choosing a holiday destination, it has been revealed.

In a recent survey carried out by flight search engine Skyscanner, 20 per cent of people said the weather influenced their decisions.

A further 17 per cent said that price is important, while 13 per cent said they like to travel to destinations where they can experience interesting and exotic cultures.

Barry Smith, Skyscanner co-founder and director, said the poll demonstrates that Brits are as keen as ever to escape the gloomy weather and jet abroad to sunny destinations such as Spain.

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Overweight people 'unpopular travel companions'

Brits would rather sit beside a banker or politician on a flight than an overweight person, a new survey has revealed.

In a recent poll carried out by Essential Travel, 41 per cent of people said they would not like to sit beside a large person, while 17 per cent said that a crying baby is their worst travel nightmare.

A further 11 per cent said they would be unhappy if seated beside a work colleague, with eight per cent afraid to sit next to chatterboxes.

Commenting on the findings, Philip Jordan, marketing director at the company, said: "At a time when everyone is worrying about the economy, we were surprised that British travellers seem to loathe fat people even more than bankers and politicians.

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Improve your golf skills at La Manga Club

Holidaymakers keen to improve their golf skills may wish to consider a stay at La Manga Club in Spain.

Situated on the Costa Calida, the resort boasts an exceptional range of facilities and basks in sunshine for over 300 days a year.

The La Manga Club Academy of Golf offers tuition and courses for players of all abilities, with a large team of professional instructors on hand.

Facilities at the academy include two indoor teaching studios and the latest video analysis technology is available to help players improve their game.

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