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Try a speciality dish at La Manga's Andale Mexican Restaurant

People who enjoy unique blends of flavours when on holidays in Spain will no doubt be keen to try inimitable dishes when on holiday - and, thanks to La Manga's Andale Mexican Restaurant, this is no issue at all.

Located at the Spanish resort's tennis centre, the eatery is a lively place to enjoy a meal and offers original specialities as well as friendly service.

In addition, people who would rather dine privately - perhaps for special occasion such as a wedding reception, anniversary party or birthday meal - are able to take advantage of the facility's capacity to serve up to 40 people privately.

There are a total of three private dining rooms, meaning that most types of function should be able to be catered for.

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Why not try a veggie dish in La Manga's Asia Restaurant?

Variety is the spice of life - and spice is one thing that La Manga's Asia Restaurant is certainly not short on.

The innovative eatery is able to cater to a wide array of different tastes and will allow guests to enjoy fresh new flavours from the south-east of the continent in a unique and stylish setting.

Located at Las Sabinas, Asia Restaurant has an extensive veggie selection that will not only cater to people who do not eat meat, but also those who are keen to try world-class vegetarian cuisine in order to shake up their existing range of favourite dishes.

Open from Thursdays to Mondays, the restaurant has a terrace on which people on holidays in Spain can enjoy a cigarette, cigar or pipe during the summer months of the year.

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Tantalise your tastebuds at La Manga's restaurants

For many people, eating and drinking is as much a part of the holiday experience as sitting back and relaxing on the beach.

As such, people planning to book holidays in Spain need look no further than La Manga, which is home to more than 20 different bars and restaurants, each of which has its own unique character and dishes.

With cuisine from the Mediterranean, as well as dishes more commonly associated with the Orient, gastronomic delights are a huge part of the La Manga experience and guests should be able to find something that they enjoy, regardless of their tastes.

The club explains: "Regular culinary promotions and seasonal celebrations add to the already extensive gastronomic variety.

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Holidays in Spain 'are the highlight of the year'

Most people consider holidays to Spain and other destinations as the highlight of their year, it has been suggested.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at, said Brits would rather sacrifice luxuries such as new clothes and meals out than give up on their hard-earned breaks abroad.

"It gives us the opportunity to rest, relax, party or indulge in our interests, with more and more of us taking activity breaks, whether they are cultural, sporty or family-orientated," he commented.

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'Arrange airport car parking in advance' to save money

Brits booking flights to Spain have been advised to book their airport car parking online, rather than paying when they arrive.

Writing for, Charlotte Key noted that the cost of parking is significantly higher for people who do not arrange it in advance.

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Holidaymakers 'are optimistic about 2010'

Holidaymakers are optimistic about 2010, despite the current economic climate, it has been revealed.

A survey of European travellers carried out by TravelZoo revealed that 42 per cent of people plan to take more holidays next year than they did in 2009, while 25 per cent expect to enjoy the same number of breaks.

Respondents in the UK were the most optimistic about their travel plans, with 55 per cent planning to take more holidays to Spain and elsewhere in 2010 than the previous year.

The study also revealed that breaks abroad are extremely important to Brits, with many people willing to cut back on other luxuries in order to afford them.

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Holidays in Spain 'are a great time for families to reconnect'

Christmas and holidays are the key times for fathers to spend quality time with their children, it has been revealed.

Research carried out by found that 40 per cent of dads do not get home from work until their children have gone to bed.

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Brits 'wasting billions with leftover holiday money'

British holdiaymakers are wasting around £2.4 billion a year by failing to convert their foreign currency once they get back to the UK, it has been revealed.

According to money technology provider IMX Software, almost half (48 per cent) of adults will leave their leftover notes and coins in a drawer until they return to the country again.

The company noted that the majority of people bring home an average of £35 in foreign currency.

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Top travel insurance tips revealed

Brits jetting off on holiday to Spain over the festive season have been offered some tips on how to cut the cost of their travel insurance.

According to comparison site, savvy shoppers can slash a considerable amount off the cost of their premium with a little knowledge.

Steve Sweeney, an insurance expert at the website, commented: "While insurance is essential for financial security and peace of mind, it is important Brits only opt for a level of cover relevant to their needs, and at the best available price.

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Majority of Brits 'planning winter holidays'

Despite the economic downturn, Brits are still keen to take holidays to Spain and other destinations, it has been revealed.

In a recent poll carried out by Monarch, 86 per cent of respondents said they are planning to escape to warmer climes this winter.

The airline revealed that between December 18th and January 4th it expects to transport around 140,000 British holidaymakers to hotspots such as Murcia, Alicante and Malaga.

"If you haven't yet booked and fancy enjoying the festivities away from home or seeing the new year in overseas it's not too late to grab a great deal to the sun with Monarch," the carrier noted.

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