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Millions of Brits 'planning holidays in Spain'

Millions of Britons are planning to take holidays in Spain and other sun-soaked destinations this year, according to new research.

A poll carried out by Lloyds TSB revealed that an estimated 35.6 million people will be jetting overseas for their main break in 2010, with many encouraged by the recent bout of cold weather in the UK.

Of those surveyed, 60 per cent intend to stay within Europe, while 12 per cent will be travelling to the US.

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'Pack early' for holidays in Spain

People preparing to take a holiday in Spain have been advised not to leave all of their packing until the last minute.

Travel expert Jasmine Harman said the secret to clever packing is to do it in advance and to spend time thinking out outfit combinations so that the same thing can be worn more than once.

"A pretty summer frock can be dressed down with flip-flops and a bandana, or dressed up with big jewellery and heels," she explained.

Ms Harman said she once travelled to Thailand for three weeks and managed to cram all of her clothing into a cabin-sized case.

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Holidays in Spain 'proving popular with Brits'

Holidays in Spain are proving popular with British families this year, it has been revealed.

According to flight search site Skyscanner, Malaga is the most searched for destination for UK travellers.

Other popular Spanish hotspots include Alicante, Tenerife, Palma and Lanzarote.

Skyscanner director and co-founder Barry Smith said Spain is looking strong for the year ahead.

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Brits urged to avoid credit card spending while on holiday in Spain

Those planning to take holidays in Spain this year have been advised to avoid using their credit cards when making purchases.

According to foreign exchange provider Caxton FX, one in five Britons paid on plastic while abroad in 2009, spending an average of £600.

However, the company warned that with high interest rates and transaction fees, holidaymakers could end up facing a large bill once they return to Blighty.

Caxton FX managing director James Hickman commented: "In this credit adverse climate, it's advisable that people heading overseas this Easter plan their travel money in advance.

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Book holidays in Spain 'as early as possible'

Brits have been advised to book their holidays in Spain as early as possible in order to secure the best deals.

Sharron Livingston, editor at, said flights tend to increase in price the closer it gets to the departure date.

"Prices start lower and as capacity fills the prices rise, so it's always best to book well in advance," she explained.

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Tall travellers 'defend overweight holidaymakers'

Flight search site Skyscanner said it has been inundated with emails following a recent survey revealing that 76 per cent of passengers are in favour of the introduction of a so-called fat tax by airlines.

The company said it has been contacted by tall travellers who have "expressed solidarity with overweight passengers".

Skyscanner co-founder and development director Barry Smith said there is a fine line between discriminating against people and ensuring economic viability.

"The danger is that airlines will continue to squeeze us into ever-shrinking seats and charge all but the shortest, thinnest passengers a premium for extra room," he commented.

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Holidaymakers 'save billions by booking direct'

Brits saved an estimated £4.92 billion collectively last year by booking their holidays to Spain and other destinations direct, it has been revealed.

Research carried out by Santander found that the average traveller saved £423 by cutting out the middleman and booking their flights and accommodation separately.

A savvy 3.

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Brits 'use holidays in Spain to relax'

The majority of Brits use their holidays in Spain and elsewhere as an opportunity to relax and de-stress, it has been claimed.

Frances Tuke, a spokesperson for ABTA – The Travel Association, said one of the main reasons people jet abroad is to get away from work.

"In terms of what we are looking for on holiday, people are also using their holidays to discuss important matters and to change their lives as well," she commented.

However, she added that people are becoming more demanding of their holidays and want to learn new skills and enjoy fresh cultural experiences while abroad.

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Escape the chilly weather with a holiday in Spain

Brits planning to escape the gloomy weather and take a holiday in sunny Spain this year may wish to consider taking a break at the stunning Mar Menor Resort.

Located in Murcia, it is close to Europe's largest saltwater lagoon and is a popular destination for water sports and golf enthusiasts.

A great option for holidaymakers planning to stay at the complex is to rent one of the spacious apartments.

Available with between one and three bedrooms, these are ideal for groups and families.

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Book car hire in Spain early 'to avoid disappointment'

Brits taking holidays in Spain over Easter have been advised to book their car hire as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

According to price comparison site, there is likely to be high demand in popular destinations such as Alicante and Murcia.

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