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Workers want to 'quit' after holidays

Nearly half of British holidaymakers consider quitting their jobs when they return from their summer break, according to a new study.

In a poll of 1,500 people, 46 per cent said they had toyed with the idea of handing in their notice when they returned from their holidays.

Andrew Gibson, the website's director, said: "Holidays are a vital way to recharge the batteries and reflect on your life and career.

"But it's only natural that, as they return to the daily grind, many people will suffer from post-holiday blues.

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Hydrotherapy at La Manga del Mar Menor

Holidays in Spain don't come much better than holidays to La Manga for swimmers, marine sports fans and admirers of all things aquatic.

The luxury holiday resort in Spain benefits from not one but two seas: the Mar Menor - also known as the Minor Sea, the Little Sea and the Great Pool - and the Mediterranean.

La Manga del Mar Menor is perfect for families who want to introduce smaller children to the seaside as the coastal lagoon - which is the largest saltwater lagoon in Europe - boasts shallow warm waters and a gently sloping beach.

It is also ideal for those wishing to try their hand at water sports such as sailing, canoeing, swimming, waterskiing, jet-skiing and wind surfing.

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Keep the kids entertained - Car Hire Murcia tips

Simple car games can turn a journey from hell with moaning kids into a fun activity for the family, according to

The Name Game involves picking a town and then choosing another beginning with its last letter, while in the Guessing Game, one person thinks of a favourite person and everybody else asks questions to be answered with a yes or a no.

Who's Next Door? is a fun and imaginative activity where youngsters make up stories about the people in the car next to them, while Spot the Car competition requires them to count a given number of a particular brand or vehicle colour.

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Brits 'heading abroad without insurance'

Over a quarter of Brits (27 per cent) are heading abroad this summer without any travel insurance, it has been revealed.

Research by Sainsbury's Travel Insurance found that the worst culprits were in the 55 to 64-year-old category, with 32 per cent admitting to neglecting purchasing cover.

Steve Johnson, head of insurance at Sainsbury's Finance, said the study results were "extremely concerning" and that it should be regarded as equally important as packing passports.

"Although in the current climate people are understandably looking at ways to reduce their outgoings, insurance is one thing that should not be omitted," he said.

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Wet weather pushes weddings to Spain

More and more people who are about to get married are likely to combine their special days with holidays in luxury holiday resorts in Spain and beyond, it has been claimed.

The British Insurance Brokers' Association (Biba) has suggested that British engaged couples are looking abroad for their wedding ceremonies - partly because "they cannot guarantee good British weather".

Peter Staddon, spokesperson for Biba, also said that the increased affordability and accessibility of many locations are also having a bearing on many people's choice of wedding destination.

Couples might like to consider holidaying to La Manga Club for their wedding, as the resort has a host of wonderful settings for the big day.

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Rail holiday bookings on the rise

An increasing number of British consumers are planning to travel by train to their holiday destinations, new research suggests.

The desire to save money and to travel in a more environmentally friendly manner than flying is believed to be behind the growing trend towards rail travel.

According to tour operator Travelsphere, next year will see a dramatic increase in the number of Britons getting to their holiday homes or hotel rooms by train.

As with the British population as a whole, holidays in Spain are notably popular with people who choose to make rail rather than plane journeys.

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Summer holidays 'will not be sacrificed'

Summer holidays to sun-drenched destinations will not be sacrificed by British consumers in the name of financial management, it has been claimed.

According to Bob Atkinson, travel expert for, people from the UK are unwilling to forego their summer get away to places like Spain and the La Manga Club even if their finances are being stretched.

However, short breaks to cities across Europe as have become popular in recent years could be taken less often by Britons who are struggling for money, Mr Atkinson maintains.

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River safari trips for kids on La Manga breaks

Sunbathing is not the number one priority for children when they on holidays in Spain, although it might be for parents.

However, for those holidaying to La Manga Club, there are plenty of activities available to keep kids occupied.

In terms of sports, golf holidays to La Manga Club are legendary and there are specific courses and tournaments available for children to get involved in.

As well as junior golf, kids can get stuck into the tennis and football academies while crazy golf is always a hit for parents and children alike.

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Chocotherapy at La Manga Club

If you feel in need of pampering and rejuvenation in between your rounds of golf and tennis lessons at La Manga Club then why not plump for some Chocotherapy.

Plump, however, may be the wrong word to use, as while this rich and smooth indulgent pleasure might go straight to your hips, but it is free of calories.

At Spa La Manga Club, lie back and be covered in the aromatic Chocotherapy treatment during a full body massage.

The treatment uses a unique blend of 100 per cent natural cocoa, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil.

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Mountain biking for the family at La Manga Club

With holidaymakers increasingly looking to enjoy active breaks to La Manga Club could be of appeal to a growing number of British travellers.

One of the many activities available at La Manga Club is cycling and mountain biking.

There is the option of exploring the resort itself - including the rolling green golf courses and twinkling blue swimming pools - on two wheels or travelling slightly further afield to enjoy other surroundings.

With Biking La Manga, holidaymakers can ride up to the stunning cliffs which overlook the Mediterranean Sea.

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