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Joanna Hall at La Manga Club

Hailed as one of the UKs finest diet and movement specialists, Joanna Hall now runs exclusive Walkactive Training Camps at La Manga Club during the months of October and April (please note that exact dates may be subject to change). A huge hit with women (and even some men), these training camps are 4 night affairs, which come with all the 5 star luxury you would expect from the Hotel Principe Felipe at La Manga. Launched in October 2011, these training camps are specifically not boot camps yet are proving hugely popular and when you combine the celebrity status of Joanna Hall and the luxury of the La Manga Resort, it is easy to see why.

A fitness expert who takes getting fit by walking very seriously, Joanna Halls unique method is hugely appealing, no matter your level of fitness.

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Buying into La Manga Club

If you are someone who is holidayed regularly at La Manga Club and you fancy a piece of the action, it could not be easier, becoming an owner at La Manga is made easy for you from beginning to end. With community and individual property options, buying into a share of the resorts lifestyle is simple and straightforward. Once you have made the decision that you want to investigate further the option of becoming an owner at La Manga and have decided on your budget and the type of property which interests you, you can organise an inspection visit which will enable you to explore in more detail what ownership entails.

In order to organise an inspection visit, all you need to do is make contact with the resort, book your flights, and theyíll do the rest.

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La Manga Club: every WAGs dream

Irrespective of whether or not you are married to David Beckham, every woman enjoys a bit of pampering and there is no better place to do it than at La Manga Club. At La Manga Club, you will live in the lap of luxury, whichever accommodation you choose and you will be able to avail of every type of treatment and spoiling you can imagine at the resort Spa. Focused 100% on health and wellbeing, the spa at La Manga truly is every WAGs dream. No matter whether you are accompanying your very own celebrity footballer who is going to be occupied, honing his game day in and day out at the resorts unsurpassed football training facility, or you are on your own with a group of girls, you can adopt a real WAGs lifestyle here.

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Golfing for guys at La Manga Club

This article tells the story of how a group of guys ended up at La Manga Club, this six strong group of golf mad guys, whose partners do not golf, have no interest in golf and have decided to stay at home for this trip are seeking a bit of time away together. The guys are keen to go somewhere warm and sunny for their 5 day trip and want at least three different and challenging golf courses to keep them occupied. Money is not too much of a problem for them, but they want good value and are keen to combine their golf with a bit of tennis and maybe even a kick around football match or two while they are on their lads jolly. It is for all these reasons that they have chosen La Manga Club, as their destination.

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Botanical body treatments at La Manga Club

No matter what stresses real life throws at you, you can be sure that a botanical body treatment at La Manga Club will wipe them away and leave you feeling on top of the world. A real treat for guys, girls or couples, the botanical body treatment at La Manga truly is a mind and body experience not to be missed. Taking a full seventy five minutes, you risk feeling like you have died and gone to heaven.

The minute you walk into the spa at La Manga Club, you know youíre going to be in for a treat.

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A day in the life of Alfie at La Manga Club

I am Alfie and am exactly 7 and a half years old and am on holiday at La Manga Club with my mum, my dad and my gran and granddad, ee have been here three times already and I just love it. In fact, I think we all do. I do not have any brothers or sisters, but at La Manga, there is tons of kids around for me to play with. Mum says it so so safe, I can even go down to the football academy on my own on my bike.

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Planning your holiday at La Manga Club

If you have decided to spend your holiday at La Manga Club this year, planning your getaway could not be easier, the La Manga website, has been designed to make the planning, booking and run up to your holiday as pleasurable and stress free as it possibly can be. Unless you are already familiar with the resort it is a great idea to spend some time exploring the website.

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Flirting with flamenco at La Manga Club

Flamenco and Spain go hand in hand and La Manga Club is not missing out on this trend. So much so, that they are playing host to one part of the 52nd festival of the Cante de las Minas flamenco foundation. The Cante de las Minas flamenco foundation final takes place in August and the final contestants are in the process of being judged. One of the qualifying galas is scheduled to take place at La Manga Club.

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Fine dining at La Manga Club

If you are a fan of fine dining, you will be completely spoilt for choice during your break at La Manga Club, when you come to La Manga, you dont only get a great choice of outdoor activities, stunning accommodation and a spa, you get a food experience you will not forget in a long time. With a whole host of restaurant options, offering choices to suit even the fussiest eater, La Manga Club truly is a gastronomic heaven. With eight restaurants on site, even if you are taking a two-week break, there is no risk of getting bored. Fine dining or bistro, everything is catered for.

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Your very own X Factor at La Manga Club

If you found yourself sitting on the edge of your seat at the last X-Factor final, you will love the X-Pat Factor at La Manga Club. No matter whether you imagine yourself being judged by Gary Barlow, Cheryl or good old Simon, the X-Pat Factor will give you the opportunity to strut your stuff in front of an appreciative and enthusiastic audience. Girl band or boy star, you will be sure to find a song to suit.

The great thing about the X-Pat Factor at La Manga Club is that, although itís clearly a serious business for some serious participants, itís just great fun, whether you want to join in or just sit back and enjoy the performances, great and not so great! To make it that bit more X-citing (exciting) thereís even roving paparazzi and videographers to capture every minute, so you can enjoy the memories for years to come.

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