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New football stadium planned for Alicante

A new football stadium is set to be created in Alicante – a hotspot for Spanish luxury holidays - as local authorities aim to make the city even more attractive to tourists from around the world.

In addition to a new sporting arena, the region looks set to benefit from a range of new infrastructural improvements over the next few years, with a number of new commercial properties to be developed as well.

British tourists on holiday in Spain could soon be able to take a direct tram from Alicante's main railway station to other parts of the city, while space is also being made for new restaurants, bars and shops.

Furthermore, new hotel complexes are planned to be built in the city, which could lure more families from the UK who are looking to find the perfect luxury holiday in Spain.

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Alicante in carnival season

A trip to Alicante during carnival time could prove to make the visit full of festivities.

Taking place over a three week period towards the start of each year, the event sees the region be overrun with costumes, music and parades.

In 2008, the carnival begins on January 21st and ends on February 10th, with similar dates making up the celebratory period each year.

The event which could prove to be the highlight of any holiday in Spain is the Sabado Ramblero, where the main routes through the city become filled with parades, in which music, dancing and costumes abound.

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Barcelona 'ideal for a winter break'

Barcelona has been noted as an ideal destination for a winter break in a new report.

An article in the Daily Express highlighted the fact that winter is the season when the city "really comes into its own".

Although a popular destination all year round, thanks to its relaxed culture and wide array of restaurants, a trip to Barcelona for a Spanish family holiday over the winter period may be ideal.

The newspaper notes that the city has a range of sites that will cater for all and for those that are interested in architecture, seeing the inimitable work of Gaudi for real could be worth the visit alone.

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"European Las Vegas" for Spanish holidaymakers

A major new development project being dubbed the "European Las Vegas" has been given the go-ahead by regional authorities in Spain, it has been announced.

Plans for what has so-far been named only as "Gran Escala" include two theme parks, a stadium and 32 hotel-casinos, which will all give British tourists even greater incentive to go on a Spanish holiday.

A report from AFP suggests that the development in the Los Mongeros desert region is expected to attract close to 25 million visitors per year and will be open for business before the end of 2008.

British investors are believed to be partly financing the project, while one Spanish backer has claimed that Gran Escala will aim to be a leisure city that can cater for the needs of tourists of all ages.

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Revellers flock to Spanish festival

Revellers from across Europe are booking their flights to Alicante in preparation for the annual Las Fallas festival that takes place in the spring of next year.

The event is inspired by the patron saint of carpenters Saint Joseph and typically involves hundreds of people constructing figures that look like famous individuals from paper and wood.

Benidorm, which has long been a favourite destination for Brits looking to enjoy a holiday in Spain, plays host to the three-day festival that gets underway on March 19th next year.

After parading the ceremonial figures through the streets of the local area, participants in the festivities set their creations alight on a bonfire and watch an often dramatic and spectacular firework display.

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Short city breaks "extremely popular"

The popularity of short city breaks to European destinations has risen since the introduction of low-cost airlines, it was said this week.

According to Sean Tipton, a spokesperson for the Association of British Travel Agents, the reduced cost of flights nowadays has made taking a long weekend to the continent much more convenient.

Before no-frills airlines, travellers faced price tags of £300-400 for a flight to Madrid, making a city break rather expensive, he added.

But now, people can not only jet off at a minute's notice but do it at a much lower cost than in recent years.

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'Taste of Hollywood' in Alicante

Alicante is set for a taste of Hollywood over the course of the next few years after the Spanish movie production firm Tornasol Films announced it is committed to extensive activity at its Valencia-based studios.

Tornasol is scheduled to produce at least five films in Valancia next year alone and the resulting movies will incorporate some of the spectacular local scenery that has attracted so many British tourists to take a holiday in Spain.

Around 16 different feature films are expected to be created by Tornasol's Alicante-based Ciudad de La Luz company before 2011 under the terms of a recently agreed deal believed to be worth millions of pounds, Variety International reports.

Gerardo Herrero, a Tornasol partner, explained to the news provider: "The deal will allow us to work like a studio, laying down shoot dates according to long-term plans.

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Murcia golf courses in development

Fans of golf holidays in Spain will be interested in news of a number of new Murcia golf courses in development.

In total, four courses are planned on the Nicklaus Golf Trail, three of which will be situated at the Condado de Alhama resort, including one Nicklaus Signature and two Bear's Best courses.

The resort will consequently become one of the largest in Europe, Polaris World reports.

"The four courses open by 2008 - Mar Menor, La Torre and El Valle with Hacienda Riquelme due to open in January 2008 - are all within a 25 km radius," the Spanish property firm adds.

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Simplified booking boosts Spanish travel

Travellers are being encouraged to take Spanish holidays as a result of the simplicity of booking online and extra attention given to special offers, it has been claimed.

A recent study from Jupiter Research reveals that the promotion of special offers and stripping down of reservation services should be a top priority for holiday firms, reports.

City and weekend breaks to a range of European cities have shown the largest recent increase in market expansion, it added, with the capital of Catalonia Barcelona a popular choice for those choosing Spain holidays.

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Gift vouchers could pay for flights to Spain

A range of gift vouchers for flights, possibly to the popular Spanish family holiday destinations of Alicante and Murcia, have been offered by one airline.

It has been reported that is now providing vouchers for consumers who may be struggling to find the perfect seasonal gift.

Easier reports that the flight operator is providing consumers with gift vouchers that can be used to pay for holidays to destinations such as Murcia.

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