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Tips for cheaper Spanish holiday

Britons have been offered advice on how to get the most for their money when booking a trip abroad.

Those taking Spanish holidays could save money by following a series of tips provided by the Telegraph, which notes that the guidelines are indicative rather than precise.

In order to save up to 50 per cent on a holiday, the publication suggests travelling on a week long break as opposed to a two-week holiday.

Those considering family holidays in Spain should consider taking flights to Murcia during the May half term rather than during the peak summer holiday period when holidays can be more expensive.

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Brits book flights to Murcia on net

There has been a rise in the number of Britons purchasing Spanish holidays and flights to Murcia on the internet, it has been revealed.

According to the Nielson Company, over 85 per cent of people use the internet to make goods and services purchases, representing a 40 per cent in the past two years.

Meanwhile, one of the most popular purchased goods on the internet is airline tickets, accounting for 24 per cent of online purchases.

"The internet is no longer a niche technology - it is mass media and an utterly integral part of modern life.

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Odd souvenirs recovered at airport

Straw donkeys, novelty T-shirts, perfume and wines are all items that are often brought back to the UK as souvenirs from Spanish holidays, however, it has been revealed that holidaymakers travelling through the UK's Aberdeen Airport have attempted to bring some unusual items with them.

Customs officials at the hub have been recounting the weird and wonderful - and occasionally frightening - goods that travellers have recently tried to get through security channels.

Animals are a popular keep sake, with one official discovered a dead tiger in a suitcase, while another member of staff was baffled by a passenger trying to take a tarantula on a plane.

The same cheeky traveller tried to smuggle another pet in a shoe box who.

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Alicia Keys to sing in Madrid

Brits taking Spanish holidays to Madrid this March could choose to see soul singer Alicia Keys in concert.

The US R&B singer shot to fame with her debut album Songs in A Minor and, in particular, the single Fallin'.

Other hit songs for the artist have included A Woman's Worth, My Boo - a duet with Usher - Diary and Karma. Also, Keys has worked with top names Christina Aguilera, Mary J Blige and Jamie Foxx.

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Caldereros Fiesta in San Sebastian

Those on Spanish holidays within easy reach of San Sebastian should pay a visit to the region this weekend for the Caldereros Fiesta.

Celebrating the Hungarian gypsies who used to pass through San Sebastian in the olden days, locals dress up in traditional gypsy clothing and mimic the tinkers in their method of advertising their services.

Holidaymakers too can get into the spirit of things by banging hammers against pots and pans or simply by being somewhat raucous.

According to Entertainment in Spain, the festival is "quite an event", while the Tinkers' Parade which is used to announce the carnival is "peculiar".

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Romantics pop the question on beach holidays

Couples taking flights to Murcia next month may be interested to know that the beach has been listed in the top five most romantic places to propose marriage.

According to Travelzoo, on the beach at sunset is the second most romantic place in which to propose to a loved one.

Tips have even been given to amorous Brits taking Spanish holidays over Valentine's Day, including that a sunset walk on the beach can be the perfect place in which to pop the question.

"The number of marriage proposals always spikes around the holidays with Valentine's Day being the most popular," Travelzoo.

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Travel insurance 'is all different'

Brits looking to take Spanish holidays should not only remember to take out insurance, but also be aware that one size does not necessarily fit all.

According to STA Travel, insurance deals vary depending on the type of holiday that Brits are taking.

A spokesperson noted that each travel insurance policy is different and offers consumers different levels of cover and inclusions.

"It is important for a customer to assess their needs when it comes to travel insurance, for instance assessing the overall value of the items they are travelling with," she continued.

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New flights to Spain launched

Holidaymakers wishing to take flights to Spain and from the Spanish mainland to the Canary Islands will have more options after Spanair reaffirmed its commitment to the Canary Islands.

In what is a 17.4 per cent increase on passenger seats available in 2007, the airline is making nearly 3.5 million seats available to travellers who wish to journey between the two Spanish holiday destinations in 2008, Easier reports.

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Cutting edge cuisine in Spanish food show

Michelin-star winning Spanish chef Ferran Adria presented a high-tech cookery show at the Madrid Fusion 2008 earlier this week, it has been reported.

The chef, who earned his three Michelin stars for his El Bulli restaurant near Barcelona, was performing as a guest speaker at the annual international culinary conference, according to the AFP.

The news provider reports that the Spanish chef offered "a dozen" new ideas to an audience of chefs and international food specialists.

"Everytime you see him, it's like getting smacked in the face.

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Benidorm in tourism incentive

The popular Spanish holiday destination of Benidorm is set to target new travellers, it has been reported.

According to Typically Spanish, Benidorm tourism officials are planning on promoting the region as a top spot for holidaymakers at the Madrid international tourism fair later this month.

The fair begins on January 30th 2008 and lasts until February 3rd.

Typically Spanish reveals that officials have invested € 400,000 (£299,000) on a 270 square-metre stand which will distribute thousands of T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan "I Love Benidorm".

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