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Brits fly to Spain for nips and tucks

British holidaymakers are taking flights to Murcia for more than paella and sangria, one commentator has revealed.

According to the Times, many UK consumers travelling abroad to enjoy Spanish holidays are coming back with more than a sun kissed glow to their cheeks.

The publication claims that Spain is becoming the cosmetic surgery capital of Europe with travellers from all over the continent taking Spanish holidays with a view to improving on their pout or reducing their waistline.

"Large numbers of Brits, ostensibly on holiday, are coming home with a new set of breasts and a wide-eyed pout which wouldn't look out of place on Desperate Housewives," the newspaper reports.

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Be stylish at Valencia Fashion Week

Thousands of tourists have been enjoying Spanish holidays of a more stylish kind in Valencia this week as the fourth Valencia Fashion Week got underway.

From January 29th to 31st a host of talented designers were showcasing their latest creations and competing to win prestigious prizes in a number of fashion parades

Each was dedicated to a different category of designer, from the elite to the emerging, including one for young fashion hopefuls who displayed their autumn-winter collections.

While those who were able to make it to the exhibition site sipped champagne and engaged in trendy chit chat others who could not attend were able to watch all the action on a giant screen in Fashion Square on central Colon Street.

Parades were broadcast live allowing locals and holidaying visitors alike to witness some of the exciting shows as they were passing by, while highlights of the event were relayed on the screen across the three days.

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Murcia councillor makes plans for new airport

The regional councillor for public works, housing and transport in Murcia, is meeting with tour operators and airlines to discuss plans for a new airport in Corvera.

Jose Ballesteros will be taking to key global industry players including Iberia, Ryanair, Air Europa, Air France and TUI, according to Typically Spanish.

Murcia International Airport will be built and managed by the operator Aeromur and will have a passenger capacity of around 1.5 million, the news website reports.

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Free exhibition now at Espai Cultural Caja Madrid

A free exhibition has been launched in Barcelona highlighting the fiery passions that football can evoke.

Football fans on a Spanish holiday may wish to visit the Espai Cultural Caja de Madrid where over 400 photographs are on display as well as many other items documenting the social and cultural phenomenon that the sport has become.

Entitled Pasion en las Grandas, the display illustrates both the positive and negative effects that football has given rise to, with team loyalty often spilling over into violence.

In particular, one of the most moving parts of the exhibition documents the hatred and violence that has been associated with the sport including a collection of items that have been thrown at players in times of fury.

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Set-jetting in Spain

Set-jetting has become the latest travel sensation according to

Founder Tom Griffiths indicated that many holidaymakers are now travelling around the world to see famous film sets.

He highlighted that films like The Beach and Lord of the Rings had made their film locations - Thailand and New Zealand respectively - extremely popular to tourists wishing to take in the sets in all their glory.

Spain is also becoming a budding set-jetting location with a number of movies taking advantage of the idyllic scenery to give a fantastic backdrop to both romantic comedies and thrillers alike.

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Hidden Spain 'contains bears'

Britons with a keen sense of adventure opting for a Spanish holiday may find themselves rubbing shoulders with bears, if they travel to the Costa Verde in Asturias.

The Independent reports that the Costa Verde is a "relatively" unexplored region of north-west Spain.

Holidaymakers can enjoy quiet family beach holidays in Spain in the "hub of eco-friendly tourism".

Expect to see Celtic traditions and a large population of western European bears, the publication reports.

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Mushroom man loses argument

Brits taking flights to Alicante who then venture into the countryside should learn the lesson of what not to eat from a local mushroom collector who recently went to extreme lengths to win an argument and ended up in hospital.

Typically Spanish reports that Jose Manuel Hidalgo got into a disagreement with locals in regards to the lethality of wild mushrooms, as he displayed his recently collected mushrooms at a village open day in Fuentes de Leon.

He argued that it was permissible to eat 20 grams of poisonous mushrooms without suffering fatal consequences, a claim disputed by fellow locals and posters on the walls.

Mr Hidalgo proceeded to take bites out of the fungi before displaying symptoms of alcohol inebriation.

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Canary Islands "brace for revellers"

Thousands of holidaymakers are expected to arrive in the Canary Islands in the coming days as the archipelago gears up for its annual February carnival.

Pre-Lentern celebrations take place across the islands at this time of year and earthtimes reports that the island's largest towns are "bracing themselves" for an influx of partygoers.

In particular, it is anticipated that Tenerife, the biggest Spanish holiday island, will see the lion's share of the tourism and celebrations.

The Spanish tourism office in Munich anticipates that Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife will see several thousand tourists arrive for the celebrations which last from January 30th until February 10th.

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Spain chooses Travel Spike

The Spanish tourist office alongside Portugal has selected to partner with Travel Spike in a bid to develop their North American website.

It is hoped that the site will act as a "one-stop resource" for the education of travellers wishing to enjoy Spanish holidays as well as holidays in Portugal.

Travel Spike has created a "virtual journey" mini-game called Exploria which allows potential travellers to capture the "essence" of Spain and Portugal.

"We selected Travel Spike to be our interactive agency and partner because their team has a substantial amount of travel industry and online experience," Javier Pinanes, director of the tourist office of Spain commented.

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Spain is 'one of world's top holiday destinations'

Further evidence of the popularity of Spanish holidays has been revealed thanks to figures from the Madrid-based World Tourism Organisation (WTO).

According to the Spanish-based body, the number of tourists around the world reached a record level in 2007.

The WTO reports that the number of travellers exploring foreign regions hit 898 million last year, a rise of 6.2 per cent compared to the figure in 2006.

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