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Improve your golf skills at La Manga Club

Those considering an active holiday in Spain may be interested to learn that La Manga Club has launched a new unlimited golf package.

Ideal for those who want to cram as much time on the course as possible into their break, four and seven-night stays are available, which include unlimited golf on each day – except arrival and departure days – and a daily breakfast buffet at the resort's Amapola Restaurant.

Guests opting for this deal are also entitled to a ten per cent discount at the resort's Pro Shop.

Home to three championship courses, La Manga is renowned for the quality of its sporting facilities and also boasts its own golf academy, which offers tuition to guests.

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Enjoy 'Starbucks on a flight to Spain'

Brits taking flights to Spain with easyJet will soon be able to enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee while onboard.

From May 1st, passengers travelling from airports including Gatwick, Newcastle and Stansted will have the opportunity to purchase Starbucks VIA Ready Brew on their flights.

Rob Pickering, easyJet's in-flight content manager, said the introduction of the coffee is a significant step for the airline's product range.

"It coincides at the exciting time when our fresh food range has been transformed to suit local country markets.

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Last-minute bookings 'on the increase'

Those thinking about booking holidays to Spain may be leaving it until the last minute in order to secure good deals, it has been claimed.

Figures compiled by Visa showed there was no significant rise in holiday bookings during January and February – which is usually the case – and suggested that this could be down to people exercising more caution than in previous years.

Fiona Wilkinson, senior vice-president at Visa Europe, also speculated that there could be concern over the weak pound.

"Holidaymakers could be either waiting until the last minute and hoping to find cheap deals, or are willing to stay at home this year instead," she added.

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Chancellor urged to 'rethink flight tax'

Chancellor Alistair Darling is being urged to rethink his plans to increase air passenger duty (APD) on the eve of the 2009 Budget.

British Airways chief Willie Walsh has criticised the government's plans, saying that the cost of flights could rise significantly for families, particularly for those taking long-haul breaks.

A rise in flight tax will have a negative impact on the economy and will mean that the UK is at a competitive disadvantage with other countries, the airline said.

Speaking at a City of London conference, Mr Walsh noted that APD was doubled in the UK just two years ago and said authorities seemed intent on piling "more misery" on passengers.

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Travel insurance 'a must' for holidays to Spain

Brits taking holidays to Spain must remember to pack their travel insurance policies, as well as their bikinis, it has been claimed.

In a recent report by, several insurance experts expressed their concern after a poll found that millions of Brits could be putting themselves at risk.

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Malaga Film Festival begins

Brits taking holidays to Spain may be interested to hear that the annual Malaga Film Festival is now underway.

Now in its 12th year, the event will run until April 25th and will feature 14 films, as well as several documentaries from national and international filmmakers.

Some of the main features competing in the film category include The Forst by Ferran Audi, Trash by Carles Torras and Pagafantas by Borja Corbeaga.

It is also thought that Spanish actor Antonio Banderas will be presenting a lifetime achievement award to fellow actor Juan Diego.

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Holidays in Spain 'still popular'

European destinations that are close to home are still proving popular with British holidaymakers, it has been claimed.

According to travel site Expedia, the strength of the euro has not deterred people from taking holidays in Spain and city breaks elsewhere on the continent.

Jonathan Cudworth, head of product marketing at the site, said recent data indicated that seven out of ten most popular destinations are less than three hours away from the UK by plane.

"If properly researched and booked using the correct tools, savvy travellers are still able to find great value accommodation, activities and places to eat, whatever their budget," he added.

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European hotels 'still good value'

European hotels still offer good value for British holidaymakers, despite the euro having strengthened against the pound.

Figures from accommodation provider show that the average London hotel comes in at £111 per night, compared to Lisbon, where the average is £89.

Nigel Pocklington, managing director of the site, said that with a little research, people can still find some excellent deals.

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Brits 'fight for holidays'

Over half of Brits (60 per cent) plan to use their full holiday entitlement this year, despite increased pressures at work, it has been revealed.

Research carried out by Expedia found that 45 per cent of people feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a holiday abroad, while 29 per cent believe it improves their productivity.

However, despite the benefits that holidays to Spain and other destinations can bring, one in five people have cancelled a break in the past on account of work commitments.

Jonathan Cudworth, head of product marketing at Expedia, said that it has never been more important for people to take time out and recharge their batteries.

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Spain is 'most popular destination' for Brits

Official figures have revealed that Spain is still the most popular destination for British holidaymakers.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), holidays in Spain accounted for 27 per cent of overseas breaks in 2007, with over 12 million visits to destinations such as Alicante and Murcia.

ONS figures also show that Brits are taking more holidays abroad than ever and that trips overseas have risen by 56 per cent in the last decade.

"The volume of expenditure by UK tourists abroad has also risen over the years.

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