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New bullet train for Spain

Britons taking flights to Spain will be able to explore more of the country in a shorter period of time after it was revealed that the country's first high-speed trains linking Madrid and Barcelona made their debut on Wednesday.

National train company Renfe announced that they have now made their first complete journeys following years of construction.

The high-speed bullet rail line will reduce travel time between Madrid and Barcelona by two hours to 2.38 hours.

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Spanish holidays on Costa del Shop

A new shopping mall is set to open in the popular Spanish holiday resort of the Costa del Sol, it has been reported.

According to the Manchester Evening News, property and investment company Peel Holdings is to develop a Spanish version of the UK's Trafford Centre on the popular Spanish holiday coast.

Following years of negotiations with Spanish authorities, Britons could soon be taking flights to Alicante for a weekend shopping trip.

The centre, to be called Trafford Centre Espana will feature on an 80-acre site in Torremolinos and could become an attraction for Britons enjoying holidays in La Manga.

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'Research flights to Spain' parents told

Parents taking children on family holidays to Spain have been issued with advice on how best to keep their children happy while travelling.

According to Tesco Travel Insurance, researching the flights to Spain before booking could prove useful, as airlines can offer children's meals and arrange for raised seats for babies.

Also, the organisation notes that regional airports can sometimes offer better entertainment facilities for children.

"Ensure you take a bargaining tool for critical situations - a new game, book or snack that will calm them down," the travel insurance provider recommends.

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Spain produces diet-friendly wine

Britons taking flights to Spain this summer need not overly worry about their alcohol consumption affecting their waistlines if they stick to locally produced brews.

According to Typically Spanish, a vineyard in the wine producing region of Jumilla, Murcia has invented "vino light".

The wine - Altos de la Ermita - has an alcohol content of 6.5 degrees - half the normal amount for traditional wine.

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Ferry travel for Spanish holidays

Britons taking Spanish holidays may consider reaching their destination by means of ferry travel.

According to the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta), such travel offers a greener method of travel.

The Shipping Times revealed that over 235,000 passengers passed through the Port of Dover over the four days of the 2007 Easter holiday weekend - seven per cent more than the amount that passed through on the 2006 holiday weekend

"It offers customers and families another choice, really. It's just a different type of holiday that you get - it's a very different experience," Frances Tuke, spokesperson for Abta.

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Low-cost flights to Spain make country "accessible"

The expansion of low-cost airlines has made traditionally hard to reach areas in Spain "very accessible", it has been reported.

According to, these Spanish holiday areas have been "opened up" by low-cost flights to Spain.

The news comes as British Airways prepares to launch its new short-haul routes from Heathrow, Gatwick and London City airports to Malaga and Alicante from March 30th, 2008.

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Brits taking Spanish holidays by car 'should check insurance'

Britons looking to drive on the continent for their Spanish holidays this year have been urged to check with their insurance provider prior to setting off.

According to the AA, although people with UK car insurance will automatically be covered third party when driving in Spain, they will not necessarily be insured comprehensively.

The news comes after the RAC Foundation reported that three million British motorists travel on the continent by ferry and the channel tunnel annually.

"Some insurers do provide … up to 90 days free comprehensive cover for your vehicle anywhere in Europe.

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Flight to Alicante bags groom "dream wedding"

A lucky groom has won a "dream wedding" in a competition, after boarding a flight to Alicante from Doncaster Airport, it has been revealed.

Thomsonfly reports that Andrew Wagg has been announced the winner of the Ram FM Getaway Groom endurance competition.

Mr Wagg had to get as far away from the radio station in Derby as he could in a 24 hour period.

"The flight to Alicante .

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Proposal takes place on flight to Alicante

This Valentine’s Day one couple’s romantic Spanish holiday began while on a flight to Alicante, with a proposal of marriage.

While flying through the air on the way toward a luxury holiday in Spain Mick Hill proposed to his girlfriend Sharalyn Anderson.

The couple were taking a flight to Alicante from Luton when 52-year-old Sharalyn of Leigh on Sea received a special Valentine's Day card and a marriage proposal from her boyfriend.

Cabin crew then announced the couple’s engagement to the rest of the passengers as they shared a bottle of champagne.

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Austrians plump for Spanish holidays

Spanish holidays are in demand among Austrian tourists, according to newly released figures.

Wiener Zeitung reports that a leisure-time and tourism poll by research institute IFT showed that 60 per cent of Austrians took holidays amounting to at least two days in 2007.

And among the favourite holiday destinations for Austrians were luxury holidays in Spain, the publication reveals.

According to the figures, the average holiday was 11 days long and six per cent of holidaymakers took flights to Spain.

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