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Murcia "has a huge amount to offer"

With news this week that more Britons booking flights to Murcia could head inland when they get there, one article has pointed to the popularity of the Lorca region.

The popularity of the area, which may be of interest to those considering luxury holidays in Spain, was recently highlighted in a survey that placed it as the third most popular place to visit in Murcia,

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Brits motoring on Spanish holidays should not neglect insurance

UK holidaymakers taking Spanish holidays should remember to give their car insurance provider a call before travelling, it has been reported.

According to AA, it is also important for holidaymakers to check with their car insurance company well in advance of travelling abroad so they can check that they will be comprehensively covered.

The news comes after the RAC Foundation revealed that three million British motorists travel to the continent by ferry and channel tunnel each year.

"Before driving outside the UK, check with your car insurer that you will be comprehensively covered.

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Better road access for those on Spanish holidays in Murcia

Britons taking flights to Murcia can look forward to a smooth transfer between Murcia International Airport and their resort hotel, after it was revealed that three new access roads are to be built.

Typically Spanish reports that the new road access to Murcia Airport is designed to allow three million vehicles a year travel to and from the hub.

The three access roads will see the development of two from the north and one from the south.

Murcia's regional councillor for public works, housing and transport, Jose Ballesta revealed details at a press conference on Thursday, Typically Spanish reports.

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Monarch Airlines to partner A Place In The Sun

Monarch Airlines has announced that it is to partner hit television property show A Place In The Sun Live.

The live events show is to take place as a series of overseas exhibitions which are expected to draw up to 70,000 attendees over the four weekends they run.

Featuring exhibitors from 40 countries from around the world the events will include expert seminars which will offer advice on overseas properties.

"We are delighted to be working with A Place in the Sun Live.

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High-flying romantic is fan of Spanish holidays

A man who recently proposed to his girlfriend while on a flight to Alicante is a frequent visitor to Spain, it has been revealed.

According to Easier, 53-year-old Mick Hill, who popped the question to girlfriend Sharalyn Anderson aged 52 on Valentine's Day, owns a sailboat in the region and regularly takes flights to Alicante for weekend holidays.

Ms Anderson reported that she was at Luton Airport when she first met Mr Hill, who was waiting for his usual flight to Alicante.

"I thought that as we met at the airport it would be very fitting to propose mid-flight and when better than Valentine's Day! I was nervous of what Sharalyn's reaction would be," Mr Hill recounted.

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Travel agents "back" Spain

Spain has being tipped to do well in 2008 by travel agents, according to one commentator.

Research carried out by travel marketing company The Network shows that flights to Spain feature in the "short-haul popularity stakes" for travel agents this year, Easier reports.

On the whole, travel agents are optimistic about the forthcoming holiday season, with 38 per cent of independent agents predicting holiday bookings to rise by between five and ten per cent in 2008.

"The prospects for 2008 holiday bookings through the trade are hugely encouraging [the] survey demonstrates the value of talking directly to travel agents to gain up-to-date market intelligence," commented Paula Lacey, business development director at The Network.

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Rain in Spain falls mainly where it's needed

Spain has received some much-needed rainfall, it has been reported.

Typically Spanish notes that a heavy rainfall on the normally dry Costa del Sol this week has helped to partially fill the reservoirs in Malaga.

The publication reports that the rainfall deposited the most amount of water seen by the reservoirs since autumn 2007.

In terms of sunshine, the absence of precipitation has been great for those taking flights to Alicante for Spanish holidays, but adds to the period of extended drought currently taking place in Malaga.

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Britons 'want Spanish holidays'

Flights to Spain are top of the list for the majority of sun-seeking Britons, it has been revealed.

According to is the most popular destination for British holidaymakers.

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Costa Blanca 'boasts breathtaking beauty'

Spain's Costa Blanca is home to "breathtaking" and beautiful beaches according to one commentator.

Those taking flights to Alicante can be met with delightful coastal towns and large sandy beaches, reports.

In particular, the huge limestone rock above sea level located between Denia and Xabia is impressive, it is claimed.

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Open Skies could mean 'cheaper flights to Spain'

The recently settled Open Skies Agreement between the United States and the European Union could mean cheaper flights to Spain.

According to the Air Transport Users Council (AUC), when Europe was liberalised, the e-market allowed low-cost airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair to operate, meaning a drop in airfares.

AUC industry affairs manager James Fremantle added that this liberalising the air transport market is "good" for consumers as it draws down prices and offers more choice.

"I can't think of anything bad that can come of it from a consumer point of view.

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