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Eco-issues 'will not stop Brits taking Spanish holidays'

UK travellers remain more concerned about the price of their Spanish holidays than the impact of their travels on the environment, it has been asserted.

According to the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta), sustainable tourism is viewed by many holidaymakers as "more expensive".

A study by TNS Online Omnibus recently showed that 65 per cent of Brits would not change their travel plans in order to alleviate the environmental impact of their holiday.

"If you ask someone if they are concerned about the environment it is unlikely they will say 'no', [but] from a customers perspective it is price that's driving them," Abta's Sean Tipton commented.

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New flights to Alicante announced from Edinburgh

Taking luxury holidays to Spain will now be even easier for Scottish travellers as Ryanair announces new flights to Alicante from Edinburgh.

The no-frills airline is launching flights from the Scottish capital to Alicante as part of a considerable extension to its operations from Edinburgh Airport – increasing its routes from two to 19.

Those wishing to take a Spanish holiday this year will welcome the news which arrives following a significant expansion to the services at the Scottish airport.

David Johnston, managing director of Edinburgh Airport, confirmed: "Developing Scotland's direct connectivity with the world has been a key priority over recent years and we have invested £95 million in bringing in new routes.

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Easter holidays in Spain 'great for families'

Families planning a springtime holiday in Spain may find that there are still affordable flight deals to be found over the Easter weekend, the Telegraph reported today.

Because Easter falls early this year, it may be an ideal time for families to fly to Spain, particularly as the holiday does not coincide with most UK half-term breaks.

The newspaper claims that this places "less pressure than normal on flights … so the prices for family holidays are more reasonable".

It added that as "this spring looks like a great time to travel", mums and dads may wish to investigate a range of resorts to see which may be most suitable for their family.

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Cycle tour takes in the sights of Alicante

The third stage of the Volta a Valenciana cycle tour took in the sights of Alicante with the stage's start and finish line located in the nearby town of Ibi.

However, according to VeloNews the stage ended with controversy as a misdirected peloton split confused some riders who took the wrong direction at the crucial final 5km.

The two leading cyclists managed to take the correct exit and it was Ruben Plaza who claimed first place, stealing the leader's jersey from previous stage victor Jose Ivan Gutierrez.

Cycling enthusiasts interested in going on a Spanish holiday may wish to continue following this remarkable race which is set to deliver more drama as the stages continue.

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Spain 'proving popular destination'

Spain is proving to be a popular holiday destination in 2008 thanks to services offered by budget airlines, it has been reported.

Other countries popular for package deals look to include Turkey, Egypt and Morocco, Frances Tuke, a spokesperson for the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) observed, according to the BBC.

Ms Tuke added that despite the looming threat of a credit crunch, Abta members have reported a "very busy" January and February in terms of holiday bookings.

"People will find a way to pay.

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Shorter breaks 'reduce stress'

Britons are swapping the traditional two-week getaway for shorter Spanish holidays, it has been reported.

According to Holiday Inn, 52 per cent of Britons will not be opting for a fortnight's holiday overseas in 2008, instead preferring to take a selection of three to four-day breaks throughout the course of the year.

Research by the organisation showed that the average family takes in the region of four short holidays a year.

Consumers claimed to feel that a long weekend's break taken every three months can prevent stress from building up in everyday life.

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Pregnant flyers 'should be treated as individuals'

Pregnant women wishing to take flights to Spain should be treated on a case-by-case basis, it has been asserted.

According to the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), a trade union and professional organisation run by midwives for midwives, it is impossible to create a comprehensive set of guidance for pregnant flyers because "you never know what can happen to a pregnant woman once you take off".

However, in certain cases, women should not travel, for example if they have a low-lying placenta or high blood pressure.

"Some airlines say they will admit pregnant women up to a certain number of weeks and usually they want the midwife or doctor to give confirmation that she is fit," Janet Fyle, professional policy advisor for the RCM commented.

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Tie me kangaroo down sport

Those taking Spanish holidays in Alicante may have found themselves face-to-face with a creature better associated with the land down under than the popular European holiday destination they had travelled on holiday to.

A young kangaroo was discovered in a field near to Elda. Measuring 30 centimetres in length the antipodean creature was reported to have been neglected.

Think Spain reports that Esther Esquembre from the Animal Protection Society's centre in Villena noted that the kangaroo "shows signs of not having been looked after correctly" due to lumps of fur falling out.

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Creamfields festival to take place in Spain

One of thirteen confirmed Creamfields festivals will take place in Spain in 2008, it has been reported.

According to Gigwise, organisers have confirmed that the global extravaganzas will follow a tenth anniversary of Creamfields' flagship festival in Daresbury, Cheshire during August.

"It was the perfect time to take Creamfields to new territories," James Barton, chief executive officer of Cream was quoted as saying by Gigwise.

Last year, the UK event was headlined by The Chemical Brothers and a full line-up for Creamfields UK 2008 is scheduled to be announced on BBC Radio 1 next month.

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Alicante Esplanade's 50th year celebrations

If you're lucky enough to have taken a Spanish holiday to Alicante in the past week, you may have witnessed the amazing 50th anniversary celebrations for the city's historic and iconic wavy esplanade.

The esplanade was laid on February 19th 1958 and is a popular place for tourists to visit during their holiday in Spain, featuring many restaurants and shops, as well as being a favourite place for elderly locals to indulge their love of cards.

The marble tiles are presented in the three traditional colours of the Spanish holiday province - cream, black and red, contrasting wonderfully with the seven kilometers of sandy beaches the esplanade has to offer.

Alicante's esplanade is a mainstay of Spanish holiday postcards and guidebooks, and long may it continue – for at least another fifty years!

Alicante, on the beautiful Costa Blanca, was formed as a trading point by the Greeks and the Phoenicians in the tenth century, but was at later points in history developed by Carthagian, Roman, Gothic, Moorish and Christian hands, all of who's influence can still be seen in the city today.

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