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Translation help for Brits on Spanish holidays

Britons enjoying Spanish holidays in the coastal resort of Mazarron can now benefit from a new translation system.

Typically Spanish reports that Mazarron Town Hall is now offering linguistic assistance for visitors and town residents - 46 per cent of whom are non-natives to Spain - by use of a headset.

The system utilises a mobile phone and two types of headsets which provide a simultaneous translation in a variety of languages, including English, French, German and Arabic.

The pilot scheme will also be available in Puerto de Mazarron in the near future, according to La Opinion de Murcia, typically Spanish reports.

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Russians prefer villa holidays in Spain

The traditional stereotype of British holidaymakers racing German tourists for sun loungers first thing in the morning on Spanish holidays may soon be a thing of the past, one commentator has suggested.

According to, middle-class Russian holidaymakers are increasingly choosing to spend their holidays - and their money - at Spanish holiday resorts typically favoured by the British.

Indeed those staying at Spanish villas with pools may find that the rush for the communal sun beds is over, as lastminute.

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Spanish holidays 'have competitive edge'

Spanish holidays have a competitive edge in terms of attracting tourists, it has been revealed.

A study from the World Economic Forum has shown Spain to have the fifth most "conducive environment" for developing the travel and tourism industry.

The Global Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report also listed Spanish holidays as in the top-ten for environmental sustainability.

"Customers increasingly demand green tourism services and global private travel and tourism players have a growing need to pick up this opportunity and promote destinations that follow a long-term environmentally sustainable strategy," Adrian Foster, vice-president Booz Allen Hamilton said according to TravelMole.

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Those taking flights to Spain 'should be clear about travel insurance'

Britons taking family holidays in Spain should be sure not to confuse overseas credit card protection with travel insurance, it has been noted.

According to the UK trade association for payments, Apacs, the overseas credit card protection offered by the Consumer Credit Act is not something that works as a form of travel insurance and should not be treated as such.

The comment comes after a landmark ruling by the House of Lords last year confirmed that as part of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, Britons will be protected when purchasing goods on their credit cards when overseas.

"Section 75 covers everyone, by right, through the 1974 Consumer Credit Act, but customers should not confuse this with travel insurance," Mark Bowerman, a spokesperson for Apacs commented.

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Tourism 'supports economies'

Spanish holidays may not only benefit those taking flights to Spain for sunshine, sea and sangria, but also those living in the local communities, it has been asserted.

According to the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta), although it is argued that tourism may have an effect on the environment, it also plays a "vital" role in supporting countries' economies.

The comment comes after TNS Online Omnibus' "Environmental issues when choosing a holiday" research undertaken in February 2007 revealed that 65 per cent of people would not change their travel plans to reduce their holiday's environmental impact.

"Any kind of activity which involves moving is going to have an environmental impact.

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Welsh travellers choose Spanish holidays

Residents of Wales rated Spanish holidays as their number one international destination in 2007, it has been reported.

According to the Western Mail, Spain dislodged France from the top spot in terms of the number of people taking flights to Spain from Cardiff airport last year, figures from the Welsh Assembly government's 2007 digest of air transport statistics show.

The top-ten list sees Spanish holidays in the number one position, followed by Portugal, Turkey, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, the US and France.

Scheduled flights to Spain were particularly popular last year, a factor which the Western Mail claims reflects the popularity of booking flights and accommodation online.

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Take flights to Alicante for a lower cost of living

Those on Spanish holidays may find that the money they spend on a day to day basis is lower than the sum they would part with if in the UK.

The results of the Cost of Living in Spain survey, from, showed that the cost of living is lower on in Spain on average than in the UK, Homes Worldwide reports.

And those who up-sticks and take flights to Alicante for a life on the Spanish coast could find their costs cut considerably, like one expat already living there.

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Spanish holidays to be 'hot' in 2008

Spanish holidays are likely to be very popular in 2008, according to one commentator.

According to, Spain is "expected to do very well" in the coming summer months.

"We are expecting Greece to do very well this summer as prices are particularly competitive.

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New summer routes to Spain for bmibaby

The airline bmibaby has announced it is starting new flights to Spain this summer, with flights from Manchester Airport to Madrid and Barcelona opening in June and September respectively.

Those wishing to travel on a Spanish holiday will welcome the announcement which sees the airline introduce the Madrid flight on a Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday on June 16th 2008.

Meanwhile, the Barcelona route will run four times a week on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday from September 8th 2008.

Crawford Rix, managing director of bmibaby, expressed his delight that the airline was offering these destinations, highlighting that the Manchester to Madrid route was not currently served at the airport.

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Students 'looking for more than a tan'

Students taking off on their gap year travels are looking to get more than simply a golden glow, it has been claimed.

According to STA Travel, such holidaymakers are looking to take more than "fantastic memories" and a sun tan home with them.

Many students taking flights to Spain could be doing so in order to learn the language, after a spokesperson for the company revealed that picking up a new language is top on the list of gap-year travellers' priorities.

"Twenty-four per cent hoped this would be a new language, while 11 per cent of respondents said they hoped to learn to cook the cuisine of a new country," she added.

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