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Bonfire night in summer on Spanish holiday

For Alicante's main fiesta, take flights to Spain this summer for a Spanish holiday you are likely to remember.

Each year the Fogueres de Sant Juan, or Saint John's Bonfires festival, takes place in Alicante.

The Costa Blanca comes to life on June 24th in a celebration which has its roots in pagan rituals. In modern times the festival has become part of the Christian calendar.

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Flights to Murcia for baby-jumping

A bizarre sounding festival though it may be, take flights to Murcia this May to witness the Colacho - or baby-jumping - festival.

Each year in the village of Castrillo de Murcia, a traditional baby-jumping festival called El Colacho is held on the weekend of its Corpus Christi celebrations.

The event sees adult males dressing themselves up as the devil and leaping over small babies in the street.

Dating back to centuries, this bizarre tradition is sure to attract intrigued tourists on Spanish holidays away from their sun loungers.

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Flights to Alicante for Santa Faz Pilgrimage

Britons taking flights to Alicante this month may be interesting to learn of a unique event that takes place in the region each April.

Events site What's On When reports that each year roughly 200,000 people make the pilgrimage to the Monasterio de Santa Faz on April 3rd.

The Santa Faz Pilgrimage, it claimed, is the second-largest pilgrimage in Spain, travelling for eight kilometres from the town hall in Alicante to the Santa Faz monastery.

Pilgrims make the trek at this time of year to the location of the veil with which Veronica was reputed to have touched Jesus Christ's bleeding face with as he carried the cross to Calvary.

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Flights to Spain: Tag your baggage

In the light of the recent Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 debacle, travel tips have been offered to holidaymakers in order to make flights to Spain for Spanish holidays as smooth as possible.

According to Direct Line, travellers taking flights to Spain should tag their baggage clearly with their name and contact details.

It is also important that they read their airline's baggage policy to make sure that baggage is within size and weight limits for a flight to Spain.

Brits taking Spanish holidays are also advised to take out travel insurance in case of lost baggage - as "extra peace of mind".

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Tips offered to Heathrow travellers

Britons taking flights to Spain who were recently inconvenienced by the delays at London Heathrow Airport's new Terminal 5 have been issued with advice from one commentator.

During delays at Terminal 5, thousands of passengers were delayed and around 200 flights were cancelled. Additionally, more than 15,000 bags and cases have been lost or misdirected.

More Than has therefore issued advice on how to move forward, including tips such as asking your airline for a refund or to be booked on to an alternative flight to Spain.

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Spanish holidays 'popular by sea'

It is not only flights that provide access to luxury holidays in Spain, with many holidaymakers cruising into Spain's harbours by ship.

And according to Cruise Critic, the Spanish holiday city of Barcelona is one of the most popular cruise ports in Europe.

A study by the online resource for consumer-oriented cruise reviews revealed that 20 per cent of holidaymakers preferred cruises to the western Mediterranean and the port of Barcelona.

"According to our survey, Europe is a draw because cruisers can experience a variety of different cultures and attractions in one trip," Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor-in-chief of Cruise Critic, commented.

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Popularity of Spanish holidays 'is due to accessibility'

The enduring popularity of Spanish holidays is down to accessibility, it has been argued.

According to Casas de Lorca, since the 1960s, Spain has built up a network of airports across the country that are frequented by aircraft throughout the year, Easier reports.

Its open skies agreement and investment into infrastructure such as roads and rail links also helps create an accessible country.

Flights to Malaga and flights to Murcia are also benefiting from upgrades at the airports such as new access roads to handle increased visitor numbers, Casas de Lorca notes.

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Holidays in Spain 'popular among lone youngsters'

Younger adults and teens are becoming increasingly keen to take flights to Spain on their own to enjoy holidays away from home, it has been reported.

According to the Student Youth Travel Association, the top ten international destinations for youth travel includes Spain, China, Peru, Brazil and Australia.

Other destinations include France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Greece.

Student Youth Travel Association spokeswoman Debbie Gibb claimed that youngsters now want a "notch on their belt" in terms of travel.

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Spanish holidays 'rose in February'

The number of people taking flights to Spain for Spanish holidays rose in February this year, it has been revealed.

According to Forbes, a Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism statement reported that the number of tourists visiting Spain in February 2008 rose by 6.5 per cent on the previous year.

Compared to 2007, the number of tourists visiting Spain rose by this percentage to reach 3.

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More people take Spanish holidays on Costa Blanca

A large proportion of holidaymakers took "irregular" Spanish holidays last year, it has been reported.

According to a study by the La Caixa savings bank an estimated 85 million so-called irregular overnight stays were made by tourists on the Costa Blanca in 2007, Typically Spanish reports.

Higher numbers were reported to have been staying in accommodation not controlled by "the correct authorities".

According to Typically Spanish, foreign tourists taking Spanish holidays in the Costa Blanca brought in € 2.

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