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Homes and Gardens Exhibition in Alicante 'a success'

Last weekend Britons taking flights to Alicante may have had the good fortune to come across the Homes and Gardens Exhibition, which was held in the IFA Centre next to Alicante airport.

Round Town News reports that the three-day event featured 165 stands from businesses all around the Coast Blanca with a range and diversity that was "testimony to the creativity, drive and determination of the predominately expatriate business people represented".

In addition to goods and wares, a more interesting and unusual service was on hand, clairvoyant readings.

"Soothsayer" Kenny Corris offered spiritual readings to those attending the event which proved a successful stand.

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'Golden oldies' take short-break Spanish holidays

There has been a growth in the number of older Britons who take shorter holidays in Spain, it has been revealed.

TravelMole reports that according to a survey by Holiday Inn, three out of four couples over the age over 50 intend to take four or more breaks in 2008.

And this is compared to the one holiday to Spain per year they took when they in their forties.

"While people in their 30s and 40s are tied down with debts and family life, the over-50s are packing their bags and heading off for romantic weekends, with great big grins on their faces," Chris Hale, a spokesperson for Holiday Inn noted.

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Package holidays to Spain 'still popular'

Spain is still a popular holiday destination for package holidays, it has been revealed.

According to comment from the holiday travel manager at, the Costa del Sol, Majorca and the Canary Islands in particular are popular destinations for such holidays.

Kayte Williams added that package holidays in Spain are popular among Britons who want to get away from it all.

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Family holidays in Spain

There are a number of benefits in taking package deals for family holidays in Spain, it has been argued.

According to, package holidays actually offer a "host of benefits" to families taking Spanish holidays.

Research from Halifax Travel Insurance recently revealed that 2.

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T5 Spanish holiday travellers 'should check with insurer'

Britons who encountered problems while taking flights to Spain from Heathrow's recently opened Terminal 5 should check with their insurer to see if they are covered, it has been reported.

According to a spokesperson for the Association of British Insurers (ABI) it is important that those who had flights to Spain booked from the Heathrow terminal check with their insurer as to whether the policy was taken out before or after the problems began.

Spokesperson Malcolm Tarling told BBC Radio 4's The World at One: "If you've taken out a policy before Terminal 5 opened and the problems obviously became apparent, then that policy will continue - there will be no problems there."

Mr Tarling explained that the Montreal Convention international agreement would allow holidaymakers to claim for compensation against lost or damaged baggage direct from the carrier.

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Currency pointers for those taking flights to Spain

As the euro gains strength against the pound sterling Britons have been offered tips on how to get the best out of their currency.

John Nicholas, director of Travelex - a worldwide money business - remarked that holidaymakers are becoming more "savvy" when it comes to fluctuating exchange rates.

Earlier this month, Post Office revealed that the pound sterling currency is now worth almost 17 per cent less against the euro than in April 2007.

"However, if people have already booked their trips to Europe there are ways to make sure they get the most for their holiday cash - one way is by pre-ordering their holiday cash to guarantee the best price foreign currency commission-free," Mr Nicholas advised.

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Brits 'can be carbon-friendly on villa holiday in Spain'

UK travelers can extend their eco-friendly ways while enjoying a luxury holiday in Spain, it has been noted.

According to Carbon Footprint, there are a number of measures travellers can take when on Spanish holidays to keep their harmful emissions to a minimum.

Founder of Carbon Footprint John Buckley commented that taking the train could be one way of minimising your carbon footprint on a Spanish holiday.

"Look at the most efficient way of getting there in terms of the carbon emissions," Mr Buckley advised, adding that "if you can get around on a bike then certainly do that, or walk.

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'Good time' for all-inclusive holidays in Spain

There has 'never been a better time' to book a Spanish holiday, it has been argued by one commentator.

According to Thomsonfly, the best way to make the most of the weakened pound sterling against the stronger euro is to book onto an all-inclusive holiday.

The remark follows comment from the Post Office in April 2008 which revealed that the sterling is worth almost 17 per cent less against the euro than in April 2007.

"As additional costs in European destinations - food and beverage, for example - would be paid in euros exchanged from pounds, there has never been a better time to book an all-inclusive holiday," Alan Pugh, head of planning and trading at Thomsonfly, observed.

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Ticket booking advice for travellers taking flights to Spain

Britons booking family flights to Spain this summer have been issued advice on how best to go about doing so.

According to the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta), parents booking family holidays to Spain with small children should look at more than simply the headline price in relation to their flights to Alicante.

Press officer for Abta Sean Tipton claimed that so-called budget airlines may not prove to be so when examined in closer detail.

Parents are advised to check whether such airlines offer discounts for children on flights to Spain and whether they are in the city centre and accessible.

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"Promising" cricketers train at La Manga Club

Famous for its tennis, golf and football facilities, La Manga Club also attracts sporting stars from other categories.

Isle of Man Today reports that two young cricketers from the Isle of Man have been invited to attend the tenth annual ICC European Centre of Excellence at La Manga Club this week, beginning April 14th 2008.

The men, Alasdair Slack of Cronkbourne Cricket Club and Bradley Marshall of Castletown Cricket Club, arrived at La Manga Club on Monday April 14th.

At La Manga Club they will engage in practice sessions and training from top coaches

La Manga Club is famous for its tennis and golf facilities but it also boasts two cricket pitches with artificial wickets and a four-bay net area.

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