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Online trend for Spanish holiday bookings

New research has found that nearly one in three Spanish holidays is now booked via the internet.

Of all Spanish holidays booked last year, 31 per cent were reserved online - a figure Google Spain's Javier Gonzalez-Soria predicts will increase to eclipse travel agents as the most popular form of booking by 2010, according to

Mr Gonzalez-Soria is reported by the website to have commented that UK holiday bookings are expected to follow the trend set by US figures, where online sales outnumber agency sales, with a majority of 40 per cent.

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Explore La Manga by hiring a quad bike

Adventure-seekers looking for a racier alternative to car hire in La Manga on their Spanish holiday may want to consider taking to the roads on a quad bike instead.

Quad bikes are legal on the roads in Spain - providing the appropriate safety equipment is worn - and are a great way to take in the scenery. Those looking for a little more excitement however, should take to the many trails available for a muddy good time.

The bikes are available at several locations in La Manga and can be enjoyed by families with older children, with those over the age of 14 allowed to ride as long as they have parental consent.

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Explore La Manga's beauties on foot

Holidays in La Manga can be as relaxing or as active as one likes - but one way to combine the two is to enjoy some of the magical walks that are on offer.

With golf, tennis, diving and car rental in La Manga all available, some holidaymakers may not have considered adding walking to their Spanish holiday itinerary. However, some of the local beauty demands the closer and more leisured inspection that only walking can afford.

For example, the Calblanque Nature Reserve and the neighbouring salt lake of Mar Menor provide the perfect backdrop for long summer strolls.

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How to make the most of car rental in Murcia

So, you have decided that car rental in Murcia is the best way for you to explore this beautiful region. How do you now make sure you spend as little of your time in your vehicle as possible?

The good news is that Murcia is a place relatively untroubled by traffic problems. According to's Road Travel in Spain guide, only the rush hour and the areas around Ikea and the football ground (particularly on match days) are likely causes of congestion.

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Tips for those looking for car hire in La Manga

Car rental in La Manga is a great way for many tourists to make the most of their Spanish holiday.

However, those looking to take the independent step of car hire in La Manga should be aware of the rules of the roads to get the best out of their luxury holidays in Spain.

Spanish holiday drivers need to be 18 or over to secure car rental in La Manga, for which a valid photographic driver's license will also be required - with those looking for car hire in Spain also advised that they will legally require third-party coverage.

Drivers should also be aware that seat belts are compulsory, as are keeping lights on in tunnels and beeping a horn in the daytime, or flashing your lights at night, in addition to signalling an intention to overtake.

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Advice for over-55s on Spanish holidays

Older customers planning their Spanish holiday adventure this summer may want to take heed of new advice regarding insurance.

The Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) is warning over-55s not to go on holiday without sufficient insurance to cover the activities they will be undertaking while on their Spanish holiday, following revealing research.

Spokesperson for Abta Sean Tipton comments: "The present generation do not like to think that they are part of a certain age where they have to be cliched or go on old-style holidays."

He added that many people in the age group are willing to risk travelling without insurance because they believe pre-existing medical conditions will lead to a higher premium.

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Abta defends the use of travel guides on Spanish holidays

Travellers seeking information about where to go and visit on their Spanish holiday should not be put off travel books following recent revelations, it has been claimed.

A recent book by Thomas Kohnstamm, entitled Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?, has alleged that travel writers often 'run roughshod' over details, however, the Associated Board of Travel Agents (Abta) believes they are still a useful tool.

Spokesperson for Abta Sean Tipton states: "I think they have been a great help and a boon to the travel industry and travellers in general.

"Of course, mistakes will creep [in] - the very nature of any publication means that it
can become out-of-date very quickly, things can change.

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Brits to tighten their belts on holidays this year

Cash conscious Brits will not be put off taking their annual holidays in Spain according to My Child, however one commentator has claimed that they will tighten their belts and reign in their holiday spending.

According to FairFX, almost three in five Brits plan to reduce the amount of money they spend on their holiday.

More than half claim that their intentions to retrain their holiday spending stems from an increased cost of living and higher costs of outgoings.

Stephen Heath, chief executive of FairFX.

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Foodies 'to take Spanish holidays'

There could be a surge in the popularity of flights to Spain as epicureans opt for Spanish holidays.

According to the Olive Press, the Spanish have been voted the best cooks in the world, while the country is also home to a number of restaurants that feature in the world top-ten list.

The publication notes that El Bulli - run by chef Ferran Adria - placed at number one in the top Restaurant magazine list while Mugaritz and Arzak in San Sebastian placed in fourth and eighth place respectively.

"Adria offers such an extraordinary eating experience in his restaurant and what is also important is the service and the setting are top notch," Paul Wootton, editor of Restaurant magazine, said.

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Money worries 'won't dampen holiday spirit'

Consumers are unlikely to be putting off taking their traditional Spanish holiday because of concerns over the state of the economy, it has been reported.

According to Travel Weekly a study by search engine revealed that two thirds of consumers refuse to cancel or alter their holiday plans for this summer.

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