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Spanish holidays set to be Bank Holiday favourite

Spanish holidays have been revealed as the top choice for British tourists travelling abroad on bank holiday weekend.

Approximately 1.9 million tourists will be packing out Spanish holiday destinations, according to figures from the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta), including those heading for golf or tennis excursions in the sun.

President of Abta Justin Fleming told travelmole.

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More Brits heading abroad

The number of Brits going on vacation this year has increased by two per cent in the first three months of the year, according to figures released by the Office of National Statistics.

Up to 18 million people are expected to go on holiday in the next three months. However, visits to Europe fell by one per cent in the first quarter.

Overseas tourism increased by six per cent in the UK in the first quarter of the year, however, visits to the UK from the US fell by six per cent during the same period.

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Brits planning to spend on Spanish holidays

One in three people in the UK are planning a holiday abroad despite the stretched economic climate at the moment, according to research by American Express Traveller's Cheques.

The company interviewed 2,000 Brits about their holiday plans and finances and found that 38 per cent would not forgo their summer getaway despite their finances being tight.

Holidaymakers are expected to spend on average £773 while abroad, not including flights and accommodation, with many people planning a Spanish holiday or otherwise.

Across the UK, the study found that 13 per cent of people are putting off a major purchase, such as a TV, sofa or new garden furniture, to go on holiday this year.

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Brits 'looking to drive on Spanish holidays'

Car rental in La Manga may become an increasingly popular option for Brits looking for the freedom of the road on their Spanish holiday.

New research by the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) has found that driving holidays are proving a popular option among UK families, with one in ten now adopting the mode of travel for their European break.

Head of American Express Insurance Services Chris Rolland states: "The trend appears to be taking a return to family drive holidays."

Additional findings of the research included 32 per cent of Brits stating they would consider a caravan holiday and 27 per cent agreeing they would be happy campers if it meant they could take their car.

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Cante de las Minas Flamenco Festival

The Cante de las Minas Flamenco Festival attracts thousands of people on Spanish holidays each year to the mining town of La Union.

Combining the best of Spanish music, singing and dance, the festival brings the small mining town to life, with celebrations taking place into the early hours of the morning.

Those considering car rental in Murcia might find that having a vehicle makes getting to this party a lot easier.

Taking place in August each year, the festival is predominantly held in the historic market building with its quirky modernist architecture.

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Arrange your car rental in La Manga in advance

Those intending to take advantage of car hire in La Manga are able to do so in advance, thanks to La Manga Rentals online booking service.

Customers using the online tool to arrange their car rental in La Manga can compare rental prices and make their booking with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Car hire in La Manga is an excellent idea for those seeking the freedom of the open road, with many stunning drives available in the immediate area.

South-eastern Spain's Aguilas, 103 kilometres from Murcia, offers 28 kilometres of coastal roads, accompanied by thrilling mountain trails for some truly unforgettable scenery.

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Spanish holidays are 'most affordable for half-term'

Research by a leading UK bank has named Spanish holidays as the cheapest option for families holidaying abroad during half-term.

According to data collected by Abbey Credit Cards, Spanish holidays still represent the best value for money for families taking a break from it all, despite the pound's recent weakening against the euro.

Head of Abbey Credit cards Callum Gibson comments: "There are a number of ways to keep costs down on foreign holidays such as booking in advance to get the best deal [and] shopping around for the best price on foreign currency."

A half-term stay at a four-star establishment in Spain was shown by the research to cost an average £348 per person, compared to £439 for an equivalent hotel in Cyprus and £553 for the Algarve.

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Drivers told: Check your cover before heading abroad

Tourists seeking car rental in La Manga may wish to check their overseas insurance cover following advice from a leading consumer website.

Car rental in La Manga is a popular choice among independent travellers; however, for those not properly insured, overseas driving can prove a financial nightmare, reports.

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What type of driver will you be on your Spanish holiday?

Those planning on car hire in La Manga may want to ask themselves if they are a Planner, a SatNavvy, a Freewheeler or a Road Signer.

The distinction could make all the difference to a Spanish holiday this year, following the identification of the specific driving types by UK psychologist David Moxon, according to Easier Travel.

Chief executive officer of Bill Jones tells the website that "a bit of forward planning can help make sure your road trip is stress-free", which may suggest he is type A - the Planner - along with 38 per cent of the UK population.

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Car hire in La Manga - motorists reveal driving fears

Almost half of British motorists are hesitant about getting behind the wheel on foreign shores according to figures released by Norwich Union.

The most common fear among UK drivers was that they would be involved in an accident while they were abroad, with 49 per cent sharing this worry.

Other concerns included having their car break down while they were on holiday and getting to grips with rules and regulations which were unfamiliar to them.

Erik Nelson, a spokesperson for Norwich Union, commented to easier.

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