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FSA protection for Spanish holiday insurance customers

Those investigating Spanish luxury holidays for 2009 may be pleased to learn that they are to gain extra protection from one UK financial regulator.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has stated that it plans to implement new rules from January 1st that will guarantee travellers are treated fairly by their insurers.

Under the new regime, those jetting off on flights to Murcia to enjoy holidays in Spain can do so safe in the knowledge that should anything go awry, they will be able to obtain redress.

Dan Waters, director of retail policy and themes at the FSA, said: "Our rules are designed to put in place a proportionate, risk-based regulatory regime for these sales of travel insurance, securing protection for customers.

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Hear leather on willow in La Manga

La Manga has long been renowned as a great place for professional athletes to train and now the Spanish holiday resort can accommodate cricket teams for the same reasons.

The sound of leather on willow is more commonly heard in English villages than on Spain's south-east coast but such are the facilities at La Manga Club that cricketers will be hard pressed to find more idea surroundings for their sport.

A pair of cricket pitches have been specially laid in order for teams from the around the world to follow in the footsteps of those who come to La Manga to experience the quality of its golf and tennis facilities.

Naturally, one of the major attractions about La Manga and of Spanish holidays in general is the expectation of sunshine all year round, which make it possible for sporting visitors to improve their game without interruption.

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Try a Spanish holiday for your dream wedding

Couples planning to tie the knot might like to consider the potential for a dream ceremony offered by the La Manga Club in the south-east of Spain.

Many thousands of people take Spanish holidays each year and the scenery and climate that draws them in can make for the ideal back drop to a spectacular wedding ceremony.

A full range of reception facilities, including a terraced area where guests can take in the breathtaking panoramic of the surrounding areas, are on offer in La Manga and the food on offer will come from an "exquisite choice of wedding menus".

One aspect that La Manga can offer prospective brides and grooms and their guests that few other resorts around the world can compete with is the golf courses that are among the finest in Europe.

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OFT warning for those heading on Spanish holidays

Officials are advising tourists heading on Spanish holidays to be on the lookout for bogus holiday clubs.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) reports some scams involve the handing out of scratch cards by bogus holiday club touts.

'Winners' among those using the cards end up getting nothing more than a trip to a lengthy sales presentation which encourages them to pay thousands of pounds for a bogus club membership.

Mike Haley from The OFT said: "Every year thousands of holidays to Spain are ruined when holidaymakers fall for the high-pressure selling techniques of bogus holiday clubs.

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Tips for those considering car hire in Murcia

Holidaymakers thinking of hiring a car in Murcia have been given top rental tips from a motoring expert.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) said tourists should inspect for damage before signing and also check the car's tyres and oil and water levels.

Experts from the organisation said people hiring a car while on a Spanish holiday should also ensure a spare tyre is in the boot before driving off.

The IAM said: "Make sure you are comfortable with the brakes and steering: don’t feel pressured to throw the case in the boot and be on the road in 30 seconds.

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Boost family bonds with a Spanish holiday in La Manga

Family relationships could be boosted by a simple holiday abroad, experts have said.

The Family Holiday Association (FHA) claimed breaks make for happier, healthier family units as relatives bond and relax.

A break involving a Spanish holiday could be the ideal method of improving family ties, according to the organisation's advice.

FHA director John McDonald said: "From the family's perspective, the single biggest improvement is simply spending time together and bonding.

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Make your Spanish holiday permanent, Brits advised

Many UK residents are feeling the pinch of living in a country with such inclement weather and a yob culture that makes them afraid to walk the streets, according to a member of the Spanish Property Owners Guild.

Paul Bradley, of the Guild, believes that many Brits would be far happier if they made their Spanish holiday permanent and left behind the dreariness of the UK.

He noted that Spain is a quintessential example of how life used to be in the UK, but with better weather.

Mr Bradley said: "The country is full of interesting places to visit, rich in history and landscapes.

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Tips for driving abroad

UK motorists are being advised to take a number of precautions before heading off on Spanish holidays.

The Daily Mail has published a list of things the UK driver needs to take into account when driving on the continent, including checking with insurers as to whether they are fully covered to drive overseas.

Also, drivers are advised to make sure you are carrying the correct documentation with them whilst driving as being stopped without the proper papers could be hazardous.

Making sure home contents insurance covers belongings when they are in the vehicle abroad is also recommended, in case the car is broken into.

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The soundtrack to car hire in Murcia

Drivers wondering what to listen to following car hire in La Manga might like to take note of a latest motoring musical survey.

Contemporary pop anthem Mr Brightside by rock band The Killers was voted the number one driving song in a survey of over a thousand motorists.

The results of the questionnaire, conducted by insurance experts

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Value seekers told to book Spanish holidays

Bargain-hunting Brits have been advised to book themselves a Spanish holiday this year, following research rating the destination as the best for those of a budget.

With an increasing number of people keeping an eye on the purse strings due to the credit crunch, news of Spanish holidays representing excellent value for money will be music to the ears of those unwilling to sacrifice their dream holiday, the Mirror reports.

Spanish holidays were found to be the cheapest short-haul option for Brits by the research, which showed that holiday essentials such as food and drinks could be up to £200 per week less expensive in Spain than in Italy, Turkey, Greece and the Algarve.

Further good news for cost-cutters is that car rental in Murcia may also prove a money-saving choice, with the research showing that car rental in Spain is on average £100 per week cheaper than in rival destination Greece.

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