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Brits look for sandy solitude this summer

British holidaymakers are reportedly looking for a golden beach and isolation on their summer breaks this year.

According to Abbey, the ideal holiday for British citizens in 2008 would be somewhere in Europe that has sandy beaches and no other Britons.

Research from the company reveals that the average amount spent on holidays by Britons is £1,650, with Brits having saved up cash for months in order to treat themselves to their ideal holiday.

Abbey claims that 62 per cent of Brits have saved up for holidays to Spain and other destinations, while 23 per cent pan to use their monthly wage to pay for their trip.

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Holidaymakers 'should check charges before travel'

Those taking holidays in Spain this summer should check with their bank to find out about charges for withdrawing money overseas before travelling, it has been advised.

According to MoneyExpert, such costs differ between providers and can cost an average £4.12 for debit cards and £4.33 for credit cards.

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Advice for Brits renting hire cars in Spain

Britons taking flights to Spain for a holiday by the sea have been issued with a few pointers in case they wish to drive a hire car abroad.

According to Sheilas' Wheels, 4.3 million motorists plan to drive abroad this year, however 67 per cent worry about being involved in an accident.

A further 49 per cent have concerns about driving on the opposite side of the road while 46 per cent fear they will be unable to ask for directions in a foreign language.

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The Coles enjoy romantic Spanish holiday

Celebrity couple Ashley and Cheryl Cole have been pictured enjoying a romantic Spanish holiday, it has been reported.

According to the Mirror, Girls Aloud singer Cheryl was spotted wearing a straw hat as she enjoyed a holiday on the south coast of Spain with her footballer husband Ashley.

The Spanish break will be a welcome opportunity for the Geordie singer to relax before she takes up her new role as an X Factor judge later this year.

Cheryl will replace Sharon Osbourne as the second female judge on the reality television show, alongside Australian singer Dannii Minogue and pop moguls Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh.

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Brits abroad 'don't understand currency conversions'

Many Brits who travel overseas, including those who take holidays in Spain, are at a loss when it comes to converting their pounds sterling into euros, it has been claimed.

According to Abbey, 38 per cent of travelling Brits would prefer to pay for their holiday treats in pounds.

However, the bank notes that holidaymakers will not be saved from paying foreign exchange fee if they pay in pounds while abroad.

Research by the company's credit card division reveals that 92 per cent of Brits are unaware of dynamic currency conversion with 40 per cent of people thinking they can avoid foreign exchange fees by paying in pounds.

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Flights to Alicante for 'best beaches in Spain'

If you are looking for the cleanest beaches in Spain this summer, flights to Alicante might be the best option.

According to 10 Minutos newspaper, Alicante has the best blue flag beaches in Spain, Typically Spanish reports.

Britons taking flights to Alicante for family holidays in Spain can sunbathe on of 527 blue flag beaches, so designated for their excellent water quality and beach amenities.

In Alicante, blue flags were given to the beaches of Denia Les Bovetes, Denia Marineta Casiana, Sant Joan and Saladar.

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Brits 'forget about money on Spanish holidays'

A number of Britons get so caught up in the excitement of being on their annual holiday that they fail to think about money, it has been claimed.

According to National Savings and Investments, 30 per cent of holidaying Brits get swept away while on holiday in Spain and elsewhere and don't consider the financial implications, resulting in overspending.

Meanwhile, the research revealed that almost half of those questioned overspent on holiday because they feel they work hard all year and want to treat themselves when they go on holiday.

"There is no doubt that holidays and spending while abroad are costing Brits a lot more than many bargain for, but people need to think past simply enjoying themselves and to plan their finances so there are no nasty shocks when they get home and face the bills," Dax Harkins, senior savings strategist at National Savings and Investments, advised.

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Birthday celebrations for the Queen in Spain

The Queen has been the focus of special birthday celebrations in Spain this week, it has been revealed.

According to Round Town News, had Her Majesty taken a flight to Alicante on Wednesday she could have enjoyed the party at the British Consulate in Alicante held in her honour.

However, despite the absence of the birthday girl, a good time was reportedly had by all who celebrated on her behalf.

The party was held at Alicante Castle and the theme was British music - highly appropriate as it was recently reported by Chris Evans that the Queen enjoyed dancing to Abba at a dinner dance event in Windsor Castle.

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Frank and family enjoy Spanish break

Frank Lampard, famous Chelsea and England footballer, was spotted enjoying a beach break on the Spanish holiday island of Majorca.

Lampard - whose Chelsea team mate John Terry was spied enjoying a holiday in Miami recently - was pictured enjoying the sunshine with finacee Elen Rives and her mother by the Daily Mail.

The couple's two daughters, two-year-old Luna and 13-month-old Isla also accompanied them on the holiday.

And Majorca was not the first stop on the famous footballer's family holiday to Spain as he had previously been spotted on the holiday island of Ibiza, where his daughters played in the sand and the midfielder was seen enjoying an ice lolly.

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Family holiday arguments revealed

The most common arguments that families have while on holidays in Spain and other countries have been revealed by one commentator.

According to American Express, 65 per cent of Brits manage to fall out with their family before they even arrive at their destination, with arguments breaking out about everything from packing to money.

Younger travellers were proven to be the most argument prone while older travellers aged above 55, arguably the age group more in need of a relaxing holiday, are the more pacifistic when it comes to arguing.

The top argument is how much is packed in a suitcase while 40 per cent of arguments are related to getting to the airport on time.

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