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Holidaymakers issued EHIC warning

Holidaymakers from the UK have been warned that they should not confuse their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with travel insurance.

According to American Express Insurance Services company, there is a chance that some people travelling for a holiday in Spain will set off with the mistaken belief that they are fully insured.

An EHIC entitles Britons to cut price healthcare while on holiday in Spain or in another European Union member state but cancellations and curtailments are not covered, the insurance firm has made clear.

"With so many Brits planning a summer holiday in Europe this month, travellers should be careful not to rely on EHIC," said Chris Rolland, head of American Express.

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Sun-seekers offered health tips

Sun-seekers who might be heading off on holiday to Spain this summer have been advised to take care and avoid unnecessary health problems.

Dr Prasanna Kerur has explained to the Telegraph that failing to use protection against the sun's raise can leave British tourists feeling seriously unwell when they should be enjoying themselves most.

The doctor advises that sun-cream be used when out in the sun, ideally of a high factor and avoiding the midday sun altogether when in a famously hot climate like the one travellers find when on holiday in Spain.

It is also important for holidaymakers to avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water and to take insect repellents to places they might be needed, Dr Kerur maintains.

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Report highlights 'holiday envy'

A recent report has suggested that there are millions of British children suffering from what might be described as holiday envy.

Figures compiled by the cruise company Ocean Village have shown that close to one in three children from the UK feel that their friends enjoy their holidays more than they do.

The research could impress on parents the importance of making sure their children have plenty to do while on holiday in Spain or another part of the Mediterranean.

There are a wide range of activities for children to do at the La Manga Club, which could help parents make sure that their sons and daughters are not among the 28 per cent who describe their holidays as boring.

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Don't get caught out, holidaymakers warned

Holidaymakers have been warned to plan ahead before setting off to their chosen destinations.

According to the information firm Defaqto, it is very important for travellers to familiarise themselves with the details of any relevant insurance policies they may have and to only take as much foreign currency as they are likely to need.

Travel insurance policies tend only to cover loss of cash up to a certain value so it is advisable not to carry any extra above this limit, the company maintains.

Thousands of families will be looking forward to their holiday in Spain this summer and anyone leaving the UK should make sure their credit card payment situations are in order.

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Holiday in Spain helps film star recover

A holiday in Spain appears to be helping the movie-star Rhys Ifans recover from his break up with fellow celebrity Sienna Miller.

Ifans has been spotted enjoying the company of an as yet unnamed beauty in the Spanish sun while on holiday in the Balearics.

According to a report from the Mirror, the actor's friend, superstar Kate Moss, has been encouraging him to return to Ibiza despite reminding him of the times he shared there with his former girlfriend.

The newspaper jokes that the star of Notting Hill and the 51st State has effectively replaced his old partner with "Sienna Mk II" because of his new girlfriend's apparent resemblance to the actress.

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Kate Moss hits the beach in Spain

Supermodel and headline-grabber Kate Moss has been spotted enjoying a day on the beach while on holiday in Spain.

The star, perhaps showing that Spain can be a great place for family holidays, was with her five-year-old daughter Lila Grace and her mother Linda.

Naturally, Moss was holidaying in Spain with other well known faces, in this case those of fashion designer Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend Lorenzo Martone.

She was spotted on the island of Formentera and in all likelihood has been enjoying luxury accommodation while soaking up the Spanish sun.

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Luxury travellers still heading to Spain

Consumers planning luxury holidays in Spain are likely to go ahead and set off to the sun, it has been suggested.

There are a number of holiday sectors in which demand for services and accommodation has dipped in recent months but luxury Spanish holidays remain popular, according to Sebastian Escarrer, co-vice president of the Sol travel company.

In light of the global economic slowdown, many people from the UK and from Europe have been unable to afford a holiday in Spain this year and the same could be true again in 2009, Mr Escarrer told the El Mundo newspaper.

"We companies have to prepare ourselves to face the deceleration in our two principle markets: the Spanish and British," he is quoted as saying by Reuters.

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Holidaymakers 'aiming to cut costs'

Families across Britain are aiming to find holiday deals that are as easy on their pocket as possible, one expert has suggested.

According to Elizabeth Young from the Travel for Kids publication, the economic downturn has meant millions of Britons are looking for inexpensive ways to get away.

Holidays in Spain remain popular in the UK and many people are keen to make sure that financial constraints do not mean they miss their annual trip to the Mediterranean.

"When families have less disposable income, they take cheaper vacations and this involves planning shorter holidays, lower travel costs or staying in places that have self-catering," Ms Young remarked.

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Picasso exhibit coming to a close

An exhibit of photographs of the great artist Pablo Picasso is set to close in a few weeks' time.

Art lovers planning a holiday in Spain are advised to head over to the Picasso Museum in Malaga before August 20th if they want to get a glimpse of the unique photos that depict the artist in action.

The exhibit is designed to give an insight into the ways in which Picasso worked and the aspects of life that surrounded him as he painted some of the greatest works of modern art.

Anyone with a taste for the artistic who is enjoying a tennis or golf holiday at the La Manga Club could take the time out to head over to Malaga and check out the exhibit before it draws to a close.

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Murcia to host flamenco festival

Murcia in south-east Spain is set to host one of the year's biggest celebrations of flamenco traditions later this month.

The historic area of the country, which is already popular as a destination for people taking holidays in Spain, is to host the Cante de las Minas Festival from the 7th until the 16th of August.

A variety of venues, including spectacular halls will be alive with the unmistakable sounds of Spanish flamenco guitar and dancing feet.

Everything on show will be authentically flamenco as the locals and visitors enjoy the ambiance and celebrate with a range of exhibitions, dances and wine-tastings.

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