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Travel insurance is 'vital' for holidays in Spain

Britons taking sporting holidays at La Manga Club and other destinations this winter have been warned to purchase comprehensive travel insurance before leaving.

According to, holidaymakers should also read the "small print" on their policy and make ensure that they are covered for all of the sporting activities that they intend to partake in.

Peter Gerrard, head of insurance research at the site, commented: "Brits that save their hard earned cash for a snow filled adventure must ensure they are adequately insured; it is important to scour the small print before travelling to avoid any nasty surprises.

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Spain home to 'some of the world's best vineyards'

Those who love a glass of sherry might like to combine their tastes with a holiday among the sherry-producing vineyards in Spain.

One such location is Andalucia, which is packed with fields dedicated to the production of the fortified wine.

Visitors to the Jerez region in particular will marvel at the white, chalky soil that is so crucial to the growth of its grapes, writes wine expert Oz Clarke in the Independent.

"You'll never have seen such white soil.

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Brits spend 'thousands' on holidays in Spain

The worldwide economic picture may not be looking that great, but it seems as though Britons are not yet feeling the pinch when it comes to holidays.

A recent poll by travel company Holiday Extras revealed that 35 per cent of consumers spend between £500 and £1,000 per year on holidays in Spain and other foreign destinations.

"Brits still value their holidays and are prepared to spend significant sums on them," the company noted.

The research also revealed that luxury holidays to resorts such as La Manga are also as popular as ever, with 20 per cent of people spending between £1,000 and £2,000 on their holiday flights and accommodation.

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Luxury airport goods 'still popular'

Holidaymakers still enjoy treating themselves to luxury items bought from airport shops, according to one retail expert.

Nick Gladding, lead analyst at Verdict Research, said that despite the credit crunch, Britons taking flights to Spain and other destinations, still enjoyed treating themselves before travelling.

"In general, luxury goods are holding up well. In the luxury sector, people are treating themselves," he commented.

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Puppeteers perform in Alicante

Britons travelling to Alicante next month will have the chance to see some of the world's finest puppeteers in action when Festititeres takes place.

A festival dedicated to the art of puppetry, Festiteres features impressive acts from all over the world, with performers from as far away as Russia.

According to events website, the festival takes place throughout November and December and promises to be an event that the whole family can enjoy.

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Holidays are 'essential'

The economic climate may be less than rosy; however, a majority of consumers still consider holidays in Spain and other foreign destinations as essential, one organisation has claimed.

Dermot Blastland, managing director of TUI Travel UK, suggested that despite the credit crunch, Britons were unwilling to sacrifice their hard-earned holidays, with many consumers vowing to continue travelling abroad

"Over half of our customers agree that even if they had to cut back on spending, their main holiday abroad would be the last thing they would give up," he explained.

A recent survey commissioned by the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) revealed that 83 per cent of people that took a holiday this year intend to travel abroad again in 2009.

Mr Blastland added that for many people holidays are simply viewed as a "necessity", rather than a luxury.

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Online booking growth for holidays

The majority of people in the UK book their holidays online, it has been found.

According to figures compiled by the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta), 57 per cent of Britons booked their last trip abroad via the internet.

It was also discovered that many people no longer approach travel agents to book their villa rentals in Spain and other breaks, with only 35 per cent choosing this method, TravelMole reported.

Abta also asked holiday bookers what their main considerations were when choosing their time away.

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Increase in holidaymakers visiting Marbella

The number people enjoying holidays in Spain is on the increase, it has been revealed.

According to fugues from the Andalucian local government, the number of people holidaying in Marbella has increased by 8.1 per cent in the last year.

More than 900,000 tourists stayed in hotels in the resort between January and June 2008, indicating that despite the economic doom and gloom, holidays in Spain are as popular as ever.

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'Top tips' for family holidays in Spain

Travelling with children is never easy; however, parents can make their holidays in Spain as relaxing as possible by following a series of 'top tips' compiled by the Rough Guide group.

According to the Rough Guide to Travel with Babies and Young Children, parents can improve their holiday experience by packing clothing that is light and easy to wash and by ensuring that bulky items such as dolls and teddy bears are left at home.

The guide also recommends that parents opt for the best accommodation they can afford, as families tend to spend a lot of their holiday time "at base" relaxing around the pool and engaging in sporting activities.

Families are also advised to plan their days carefully and ensure that any 'must-see' attractions are visited early in the holiday.

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Travel insurance is 'vital'

Taking out a travel insurance policy before going abroad is "vital", it has been claimed.

John Boyles, account manager at Endsleigh Insurance, said holidaymakers would be foolish to try and save money by cutting back on insurance.

"It's vital. If you travel abroad without insurance than in my opinion you must be crazy.

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