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Baggage charges 'should be reduced'

The cost of taking baggage on holidays to Spain and other popular family holiday destinations should be reduced, it has been claimed.

According to Co-operative Travel, many families, particularly those with small children are being adversely affected by the restrictive baggage policies imposed some airlines.

Ruth Evans, head of marketing at Co-operative Travel, commented: "It is a bit of a shame because obviously a holiday is a very nice thing for a family to look forward to a holiday but it is a shame when they get to the airport and get stung by these baggage charges. They've got particularly worse since all the security problems.

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Overworked Brits should 'take time out'

Overworked Britons should "leave technology at home" when going on holidays to Spain and other destinations, it has been suggested.

Carmel McCarthy, PR manager for More Th>n, said that Britons work longer hours than the majority of their European counterparts and should try to take time out and enjoy their holidays without interruptions.

"The advice would be to take your time out and enjoy your holiday, leave the technology at home if you can. If you can't, try and keep it [work] to a minimum so that your family won't be disrupted on holiday and you at least get some sort of a break while you're away," she commented.

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Costa Blanca beaches scoop top award

Two of the Costa Blanca's most popular beaches have been awarded for their quality and cleanliness, it has been revealed.

The beaches, in Teulada and Benissa, have been awarded the Ecoplayas 2008 flag, Euro Weekly reports.

Judges singled out the beaches due to their outstanding facilities and environmentally friendly surroundings.

To date, just four of the country's beaches have received this prestigious award.

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Spending a honeymoon in La Manga

For those undertaking one of the most important occasions in their life, everything must be just right for the wedding. But beyond the ceremony, the reception, the car, the dress and the suits, not to mention everything going smoothly on the day, there lies the honeymoon.

La Manga could be just the place to spend those first days or weeks of wedded bliss.

Staying in the Hyatt Regency resort, those enjoying their nuptials will be able to gaze out on the scene of mountains, lush scenery and the sea while staying in an executive Suite or even the luxury Royal Suite.

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Holiday sales 'look strong'

Holiday sales for this August were down just seven per cent on the previous year, suggesting that despite the economic doom and gloom, hard-working Britons are reluctant to sacrifice their holidays in Spain.

According to Ascent Market Intelligence's Leisure Travel Monitor, the slight drop in numbers is due to tour operators and carriers reducing their capacity, rather than a fall in demand.

Figures show that an increasing number of holidaymakers are opting to stay in catered accommodation to cut costs, Travel Weekly reports.

Ascent chief executive Sarah Smalley commented: "This is not the sign of an industry in a terrible state.

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Winter holidays to Spain 'on the increase'

The miserable British weather has led to a surge in holiday sales, with more people than ever preparing to jet off to sunny destinations such as Spain.

Figures from Ascent Market Intelligence show that winter holiday bookings are up by one per cent on last year, despite the ongoing credit crunch.

Furthermore, the number of people jetting off to mid-haul destinations such as Spain is up by four per cent, suggesting that although money is tight, consumers would rather cut back on day-to-day luxuries than sacrifice their holidays, Travel Weekly reports.

Sarah Smalley, chief executive of the research firm, commented: "Winter is looking more rosy and this will reverse expectations for a lot of people.

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Mobile phrasebooks 'offer security'

Mobile phrasebooks, which can be downloaded on to mobile phones and mp3 players, help to give holidaymakers an added sense of security, it has been claimed.

Bas Jaburg, technical officer at phrasebook developer Steape, suggested that by having translations at hand, holidaymakers could better deal with emergency situations.

He said that mobile phrasebooks were ideal for those taking holidays in Spain and other foreign destinations where locals may not speak English.

"In an emergency or even if you just need to get to the airport and have no idea how to get there it could be a lifesaver," he explained.

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Holidaymakers are 'still spending'

Holidaymakers are still prepared to splash their cash on luxury airport items, despite the credit crunch, it has been claimed.

According to Nick Gladding, lead analyst at Verdict Research, holidaymakers still enjoy treating themselves to luxury goods when travelling.

"In the luxury sector, people are treating themselves more to luxury brands. What we've seen is a polarising in spending, people are trading down and buying value items and at the same time, safeguarding on premium products as well," he explained.

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Holidaymakers leave 'strange items' on flights to Spain

Next time you're taking a flight to Spain or else ware, you may wish to check that there aren't any dentures or chickens around.

A recent survey carried out by revealed that live animals and false teeth are just some of the strange items which have been left behind on flights.

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Travel insurance is 'essential'

Holidaymakers have been urged not to travel without insurance, even on short breaks and domestic trips.

John Boyles, account manager at Endsleigh Insurance, described travel cover as "vital" and said that those failing to purchase a policy were "crazy".

"People are under the impression that they'll be covered under any reciprocal health arrangements which in truth go some of the way but they don't protect you for all of the things that might happen," he commented.

Failure to take out a policy could result in enormous costs and no one is immune from something untoward happening to them, Mr Boyles warned.

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