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Spain among older travellers' favourite destinations

Spain is the second best-loved destination for a holiday among older tourists, a new survey has found.

A report into the favourite European holiday destinations among the over-55s has shown that Spain was still highly rated as a holiday hot spot for the older generation.

The study of 2,000 UK adults, conducted by Saga Holidays, found that Italy came top of the list among the over-55s, followed closely by Spain. France was next, cited by respondents as the third most popular place to go on holiday.

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Environmental damage from flights to Spain 'exaggerated'

Damage to the environment caused by the growing number of flights to Spain and destinations worldwide has been "exaggerated," according to the European Regions Airline (ERA) association.

Passengers heading out to take luxury holidays in popular destination such as Spain should be able to make an informed choice about what sort of transport they take, with the freedom to use air travel where necessary, an ERA spokesperson said.

"Our view is that ultimately the consumer should be able to decide which mode [of transport] he takes..

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Brits support environmental taxes on flights to Spain

As many as a third of UK holidaymakers would support proposed new "green" taxes on flights to Spain and other popular holiday destinations, if the money raised were spent on addressing environmental problems, a new survey suggests.

One in three British travellers would rather offset the carbon emissions caused by flights to Spain, rather than cut down on their holidays, according to a report commissioned by Hyder Consulting.

Even more said they would flat-out refuse to give up their golf holiday abroad or family holiday in Spain, with 59 per cent saying they would never consider switching to a UK holiday just to reduce their carbon footprint.

"It would appear that while many more adults are aware of the environmental damage that air travel can do, and are willing to pay to offset the damage created by flights, they are not prepared to stop flying or give up the travel opportunities that this form of transport offers," said Chris Evans, head of environmental solutions at Hyder Consulting.

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Spanish holidaymakers better insured than ever

More holidaymakers than ever before are taking out travel insurance, a new report has shown, meaning that visitors taking holidays in Spain are better protected and more secure.

Datamonitor, a market analyst, says that with more Britons taking ever more holidays each year, the value of the travel insurance market in the UK had grown to a value of £709 million by 2006 - and could be worth as much as £838 million by 2011.

"The UK travel insurance market continues to benefit from the desire of the British public to travel abroad," commented Andrew Haslip, the author of the report.

According to Datamonitor, the growth in the travel insurance market has been caused by a trend for people to take trips additional trips abroad, on top of their traditional summer holidays.

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Car hire discounts offered for golf holidays in Spain

Holiday car hire company CarDelMar is offering its customers a special deal this autumn with a promotion designed to make golfing holidays in Spain even easier and more enjoyable.

Golf enthusiasts and holidaymakers visiting Spain can get a ten per cent discount on all car hire costs on rentals of seven days or more before November 30th 2007.

The special promotion promises to make getting around the best golf courses in Spain even simpler. It applies to all holidaymakers renting any type of car from CarDelMar in Spain, California, Florida and Mallorca this autumn.

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CAA: Holidays in Spain still reign

Spanish holidays are still the most popular for travellers and visitors overseas, new figures have shown.

Over the course of 2006, more holidaymakers flew out to Spanish holiday destinations than any other, with flights to Alicante, Malaga and Palma among the most popular, according to statistics from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Moreover, the rise in the number of low-cost airlines flying from airports outside of London appears to have played a large part in the boom in Spanish holidays, the CAA figures indicate.

Over the last two years, passenger numbers at Heathrow were shown to have fallen by 3 per cent.

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Cheaper flights mean more family holidays

Growth in the availability of cheap flights to Spain and other holiday destinations mean that families can now go on more holidays, according to a spokesperson for holiday website Take the Family.

A report conducted by OAG showed that in January 2007, there were two million more seats on low-cost airlines than in the same month the previous year.

And with more regional airports being served by low-cost airlines, family holidays have also become more convenient as well as cheaper, the spokesperson continued.

The Take the Family spokesperson said: "Cheap flights have made travel more accessible for a lot more families and we do get many requests for short city breaks or parents wanting accommodation only so that they can take advantage of the budget airlines.

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More choose value flights to Spain

People seem to be getting more cheap flights to Spain to visit their Spanish holidayvillas if new figures are anything to go by.

According to the Spanish Industry Ministry low-cost airlines flew 2.7 million passengers to Spain in August, up 42.9 per cent from the same month last year.

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Freedom Direct: Book early for best holiday deals

Many holidaymakers are unaware that last minute deals on holidays do not always offer the best deal on flights and accommodation, according to online travel agency Freedom Direct.

Booking earlier can often result in a better deal than booking at the last minute, since the travel industry often sets the price of flights to Spain and other destinations at a cheaper rate when they are first scheduled.

By booking a holiday early, travellers can ensure that they get the most for their money, leaving extra spending cash for when they arrive at their destination.

"The last minute holiday booking culture has become popular for a good reason – there are a lot of great last minute holiday deals available from Freedom Direct and other travel websites," said Nick Jackson of Freedom Direct.

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Halifax: Cheap flights fuelling weekend break boom

Halifax, the high street bank, has identified a rise in the number of cheap flights offered by low-cost airlines as a major factor behind a trend toward numerous, shorter holidays throughout the year.

A spokesperson for the bank added that with people taking more holidays to places like Spain each year, it was more sensible for holidaymakers to take out annual travel insurance rather than a number of policies for each trip.

"There is a trend towards more short breaks rather than one long summer holiday," said David Bruce, a spokesperson for Halifax Travel Insurance.

This was "partly due to cheap airlines making it a lot easier and more affordable for weekend breaks abroad," he explained.

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