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Renovated Prado museum to open this week

Although a family holiday in Spain often includes sun, sea and sandcastles, those looking for a fascinating and educational opportunity may want to visit the Prado museum in Madrid.

Housing around 1,000 works of art, the beautiful building has recently been refurbished and is set to reopen this week complete with a new "ultra modern" wing, according to AFP.

The new section is to showcase some 400 paintings that were previously not on display due to a lack or space.

Of the new red brick building, deputy director of Prado Gabriele Finalde said: "It is the most important extension the Prado has ever had.

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Online check-in praised by AUC

Checking in for a flight online is good for passengers in terms of practicality and convenience, it was suggested this week.

James Freemantle, industry affairs manager for the Air Transport Users Council (AUC), said checking in via the internet can often enable travellers to arrive later for their flight and avoid the queues inside some airports.

The comments may be of interest to those who take family holidays, as children can often become restless when travelling but online check-in can minimise extra fuss.

In addition, Mr Freemantle said it was cheaper for airlines to enable its customers with this type of service and may therefore make plane tickets less expensive.

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Spain among 'least stressful' countries

Many people book flights to La Manga for luxury holidays in Spain and now it has been reported by Bradford and Bingley that the number of those aged over 50 travelling overseas is growing year-on-year.

According to Bradford and Bingley 57 per cent of Britons owning a property abroad are now over the age of 55 – and a recent report from Saga suggested that one in ten people over the age of 55 are considering moving abroad permanently – with Spain being the number one destination.

For those who are considering elongating their luxury holidays in Spain, new research from HiFX listing the country as one of the least stressful destinations to emigrate to will be pleasant news.

Spain, along with the surrounding Spanish islands, was listed by swiftcover as the top European destination for holidaymakers this year.

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Travel to your luxury Spanish holiday in style

Britons taking flights to Murcia may find their travelling experience "enhanced" if they fly onboard Virgin Atlantic's new Airbus A380, it has been reported.

According to Anna Knowles, head of PR at Virgin Atlantic the vessel will allow passengers to enjoy an "enhanced" experience while they travel to destinations such as La Manga in Spain.

Ms Knowles added that a new Dreamliner aircraft will also offer passengers an "improved onboard experience".

The double-decker Airbus A380 is the largest passenger airliner in the world and its first commercial flight is scheduled for October 25th 2007.

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Couples look to marry in Spain

For a holiday and a honeymoon in one, many couples are now looking to marry in overseas countries like Spain, it has been reported.

According to a spokesperson from Confetti, there has been a "huge growth" in couples getting married abroad.

It was reported in September that a growing number of British couples are marrying on luxury holidays in Spain.

Father Manuel Torres, parish priest of Benalmadena, told Sur that couples enjoy luxury family holidays in Spain "with all their friends, staying together in a hotel for a few weeks of celebrations".

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Holidaymakers 'enjoy Spain in their own way'

Britons heading out for luxury holidays in Spain are increasingly doing so in a manner of their own choosing, it has been reported.

According to Think Spain, thanks to the internet and low cost airlines, DIY trips in which the flights, transfers and accommodation are booked separately are becoming more popular.

Earlier this year, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) reported that traditional package holidays were in decline as Britons looked to enjoy luxury holidays in places like Spain of their own construct.

According to Sean Tipton, a spokesperson for the ABTA, Spain is a popular location for people who look to enjoy holidays before occasionally buying property there and travelling out on luxury holidays regularly.

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More airports using self check-in

Britons enjoying luxury holidays in Spain are doing so while enjoying a quicker and easier check-in prior to departure, it has been revealed.

A new survey from travel technology supplier SITA revealed that half of 100 airlines questioned now use self check-in services over the internet.

The study revealed that 89 per cent hope to offer the service within the coming two years in order to help passengers travelling on luxury family holidays to Spain avoid busy airport terminals.

"Airlines are increasingly using web check-in because they want to make travel easier for their passengers.

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Green issue 'not deterring travellers to Spain'

An increase in environmental awareness is not deterring people from booking luxury holidays in Spain, it has been revealed.

Travel Weekly reports that during a debate on global warming at the Elite Travel Conference in Jerez, Spain, it was reported that holidays to locations such as Spain would be unlikely to be adversely affected by concerns about carbon emissions.

"I have a client who is a pheasant farmer and has had his crops ruined by climate change. He is still willing to fly, though.

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Spanish tourist numbers "up"

There has been an increase in the number of people travelling abroad to enjoy luxury holidays in Spain, it has been revealed.

According to AFX News figures from the Spanish ministry of industry, commerce and tourism show an increase in the number of tourists heading for luxury family holidays in Spain.

The figures show that 6.1 million tourists travelled to Spain, perhaps to enjoy luxury holidays in La Manga, in September.

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Celebrate Saint Sebastian in Spain

Travellers this January may wish to book luxury holidays in Spain to join in celebrations for Saint Sebastian - which take place on January 20th.

Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of Mallorca and those enjoying Spain holidays on this island in January will be able to enjoy the Aiguafoc fireworks celebrations which commemorate his martyrdom.

Another saint to be celebrated during this period is Saint Anthony - one of the founders of Christian monasticism.

Celebrations honouring this saint include parades outside Menorca Cathedral, What's On When reports, when the statue of Saint Anthony is paraded around Ciutadella.

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