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Don't travel without insurance, says Ryanair

Budget airline Ryanair is urging passengers taking flights to Spain and other destinations to take out a travel insurance policy before leaving.

Speaking last week, the carrier said that passengers should buy insurance for peace of mind and to avoid any unpleasant mishaps.

Sinead Finn, a spokesperson for Ryanair, pointed out that travel insurance covers everything from medical treatment to lost luggage.

"By purchasing the right level of cover, holidaymakers can enjoy their holiday and can count on insurance experts to take care of the rest," she added.

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Grown-up children turn to parents for holidays

Grown-up children are turning to their parents to pay for their holidays in Spain and other destinations, it has been suggested.

Research carried out by Travelsupermarket revealed that almost half of people aged 18 to 34 have been on holiday at their parents' expense, the Daily Mail reports.

Around 25 per cent of those polled admitted that they didn't contribute at all to their trip.

Further results show that people in Northern Ireland are the most likely to take a holiday subsidised by the Bank of Mum and Dad.

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Costa Blanca offers 'perfect Easter getaway'

Those considering a holiday in Spain this Easter should opt for a trip to the sunny Costa Blanca, it has been claimed.

Writing in the Daily Star, Christ McHugh said there is more to resorts such as Benidorm than egg and chips.

"Benidorm has three stunning beaches and is overlooked by the Puig Campana, one of the most impressive mountains in the Costa Blanca," he commented.

With temperatures of 26 degrees C in the summer and 15 degrees C in the winter, the Costa Blanca is a year-round destination and could be the ideal place to escape the doom and gloom this winter.

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Travel insurance 'vital for credit crunch'

Purchasing a good travel insurance policy has never been so important, it has been claimed.

Holiday add-on firm Essential Travel warned that the airline industry is experiencing difficulties at present and advised consumers to protect themselves by taking out travel cover.

Stuart Bensusan, insurance director at the firm, said that what is also worrying is the fact that many travellers fly with a scheduled airline which means they may be unable to get compensation if their carrier goes bust.

"Most insurers offer cover for chartered airline collapse, but very few cover in the event of scheduled airline failure.

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Books are 'essential' for holidays in Spain

Brits like nothing more than a good book to read while they are soaking up the sunshine on holiday in Spain.

A survey carried out by flight search engine Skyscanner revealed that 24 per cent of holidaymakers consider books as an essential item when travelling abroad.

It seems that we even prefer a trusty paperback to hair straighteners, MP3 players and mobile phones.

Rob Innes, head of marketing at Skyscanner, said the humble book can be carried from beach to bar with no fuss and is a low cost source of entertainment.

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Holiday demand 'looking stronger'

The number of people booking holidays to Spain and other popular destinations is on the increase, it has been claimed.

According to TUI Travel, which owns Thomson and First Choice, low interest rates and lower food and energy bills are encouraging people to reach for their suitcases.

Peter Long, the company's chief executive said that holidaymakers who delayed booking earlier in the year are now beginning to look for deals.

"Many of our customers now are feeling slightly better about life in terms of disposable income," he told the Telegraph.

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London Luton launches fast track security lane

Passengers taking flights to Spain through Luton Airport can now shave time off their journey by using the new priority security lane.

For £3 passengers will be able to take the fastest route to security and reduce queuing times.

Passes can be purchased online or through kiosks at the airport.

Steven Millar, who flies frequently through London Luton, said the priority lane provides an "excellent service".

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Costa Blanca has 'plenty to offer'

There is more to the Costa Blanca than beaches and high-rise hotels, it has been claimed.

Writing in the Times, Alex Robinson said that beyond Benidorm holidaymakers will find the Costa Blanca's Spanish heartland, where "paellas reclaim their culinary sovereignty over curry and chips".

With its excellent network of roads, holidaymakers can explore the area by hiring a car and visiting places such as Orihuela and Alicante, with its spectacular architecture and open plazas.

"All around are rugged mountains, shadowed by pine forest and home to soaring wild eagles, as well as scrubby heath that's fragrant with wild herbs and grazed by Barbary sheep and boar," she commented.

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Malaga is 'ideal for Easter'

The Spanish city of Malaga has been described as an ideal destination for the Easter holidays.

According to travel site Skyscanner, Malaga is the second most searched for destination by British travellers, suggesting that millions of people are eager to escape the gloom and take a holiday in Spain.

"Easter is big in Spain and especially in Malaga; Semana Santa (holy week) sees huge processions and parades that stream through the streets as the Trono," the website said.

Rob Innes, head of marketing at Skyscanner, said that Easter is a great time to get away, with the beaches of Europe beginning to warm up nicely.

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Holidaymakers 'delay essential treatment'

Millions of Brits have delayed seeking medical treatment when abroad, it has been revealed.

Research carried out by the Department of Health found that 50 per cent of Brits have been ill or sustained an injury when on holiday in Spain and other destinations.

However, 35 per cent of those polled said they had delayed visiting the doctor until they returned to the UK.

Dr Hilary Jones, resident GP at GMTV, said that by waiting to receive treatment, holidaymakers are putting themselves needlessly at risk.

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